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27 Father’s Day Gifts Dad Will Appreciate Forever

The Ultimate Green Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we’ve found the coolest eco-friendly gift that you could give to your Dad – a robotic lawnmower! Totally unbelievable yet true, we’ve found this sophisticated outdoor garden tool.

On The Green Grass – Lawn Mover: $900-$1000

Landroid Pre-Programmed Robotic Lawn Mower

Unlike conventional lawn mowers, this pre-programmed robotic lawn mower can cover 30,000 sqft yards while your father watches his favorite baseball team instead. These robot mowers use a double capacity Li-ion battery that’s clean, economically-friendly, and eco-friendly. Conventional lawn mowers can pollute “as much in an hour as 40 late model cars.”

Besides the environment, it also has safety in mind. It has a free floating 360-degree bumper shield that has a sensor that stops the blade when touched. It can also handle slopes of up to 27 degrees, so there’s no fear of tip page.

If money is no object, it would truly be a Father’s Day Gift to remember!


Beer Bottle Glasses : $25-$30

Beer Bottle Glasses

Does Dad love to sip on suds to unwind when he gets home? Go green and fill up these beer glasses that are recycled from bottles. Or, for the experimental dad, how about this starter’s guide, on how to make his brew?


Rechargeable Wireless Speaker : $40

Wireless Bluetooth Home Speaker

With all that time out of the house and on the go, it’s not always easy to find a chance to charge your gadgets. This rechargeable wireless speaker charges in two hours from any USB port and can output up to three hours of audio.


Geeky Father’s Day Gifts

Massaging Bed Rest : $130

Massaging Bed Rest

Treat dad to a massage anytime! The ultra-plush material with a built-in massager is just what he needs to relax and rest after a hard day of work.


Vehicle Diagnostics for iPhone/iPad/Android : $100

Vehicle Diagnostics

For the daredevil dad who loves to put the pedal to the metal, this app connects directly to his car’s engine On Board Diagnostics data and reports some stats directly to his iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


Work Bag : $340

Work Bag Fossil

The working dad will appreciate this masculine, long-lasting bag. Pebbled leather and a touch of canvas lend a ruggedly vintage look to Fossil’s Max Messenger Bag.


Valet Seat Bolt Mount for iPad : $88

Valet Seat Bolt Mount for iPad

Safety and convenience. What more could you ask for? The Valet Seat Bolt Mount allows dad to use his iPad in his car, hands-free. The flexible arm is easy to adjust for any height and angle, which means no more hassling and no more fumbling.


GPS Ski Goggles with HD cam :

GPS Ski Goggles

For dads who are die-hard snow lovers, these are the only ski goggles that records hd video, track maximum, average and current speed, temperature, latitude/longitude, total vertical distance traversed and some runs completed. Make sure he takes you along when he heads to Aspen.


Relax to the Sound Soother Alarm Clock : $49

Relax to the Sounds of The Sharper Image Sound Soother Alarm Clock

Imagine dozing off to the sounds of a crackling campfire or ocean waves crashing on the shore as seagulls fly by overhead. Maybe the noise of the pouring rain is more to your liking. With 20 separate soundtracks, The Sharper Image Sound Soother Alarm Clock is bound to have something you’ll find relaxing that will help lull you to sleep or set the mood of the room.

With its brushed metal finish and large display, it will look great on any table or nightstand. The Sound Soother features an auto-off timer which can be set for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. It also has dual alarm settings which can be programmed to any of the 20 soothing sounds this clock comes complete with.

With the variety of sounds, one man’s tranquility may be another man’s nightmare.   Afraid of Thunderstorms?  Maybe wind chimes are more your speed.  Luckily, with the vast selection, you’re sure to find something to relax your daddy’s right into sweet dreams.


Father’s Day Gifts For Football Fan Dads

You can excite your dad about the upcoming football season and make tailgating a complete blast with these super gadgets. Here are some of the football season gadgets for dads that NBC News claims will make your daddy’s tailgate celebration a success.


Pizzeria Pronto : $150

Pizzeria Pronto

It’s time to stand out from the typical barbecue and grill set-ups by getting yourself a Pizzeria Pronto. This portable pizza oven will be sure to attract new friends to your tailgate. It can reach 700-degrees and is perfect for football fans who want something other than the usual hotdog or hamburger.


The Brauler: $49


Fed up with your beer getting warm and flat? Enjoy the continuous fresh-tasting beer at every game with The Brauler, a 64-ounce stainless steel growler that is guaranteed to keep your beer nice and cold. It fills easily and is dishwasher safe so you can reuse it throughout the season. Plus, the cap keeps your beer from going flat.


UE Boom Wireless Speaker: $145

UE Boom Wireless Speaker

It’s not a proper tailgate without the music. UE Boom Wireless Speaker is a portable speaker that projects music out in every direction. This speaker will make your tailgate the best place to be with music that puts all other tailgaters to shame.


NFL Team Scoreboard Wall Clock : $70 – $160

NFL Team Scoreboard Wall Clock

This wall clock is designed to resemble his favorite team’s scoreboard and an excellent way to demonstrate your appreciation for his appreciation for his favorite team. Although you may not support his game-day role of the couch potato, show him the love by housing some sports paraphernalia.


The Remote Daddy Can Use : $250

Logictech Harmony Elite

There are so many electronic devices and remote controls to go along with them these days that it can be hard to keep track.  With Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote, you won’t have to! Up to 15 devices can be controlled with this single remote which can be programmed to work your TV, DVD player, Xbox (or other gaming devices), audio receiver, even your ceiling fan. Online guided setup walks you through step-by-step to ensure optimum functionality.  Even after setup, this remote continues its ease of use.  Select “Watch Movie,” and the remote will turn on only the devices needed to their correct settings.  If for some reason it doesn’t work, just press the “help” button which will run through a series of yes or no questions until the problem is solved. It’s another great gadget for the football season. An excellent price for a remote even grandma can use.


Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Likes To Grill

Grilling gifts are the usual go-to for Father’s Day — with good reason. While they match that iconic summer vision of Dad at the grill prepping burgers and cooking hot dogs, they also come at the best time. Come June; the grill has gotten its early-season workout, and it’s time to perfect the barbecue process. Out go the old and worn tools, and in come the beautiful array of implements that will make every fatherly grilling experience a spiritual one.

Naturally, the best way to supplement Dad’s grilling collection is to see what he has and what he needs to replace. Stay away from the kitsch items. As impressive as any one-use implement might seem, there’s just no reason to buy gadgets like a stainless steel garlic bread griller. But here are some much handier ideas to get you started:

Temperature Fork : $14

Temperature Fork

Dad might love the grill, but does he know how to use it correctly? Let’s face it — there are those out there who serve up piles of overcooked food rather than barbecue perfection. Instead of grinning and bearing the next well-done steak, buy dad a temperature fork. The fork itself is a handy tool while the temperature gauge will let Pops know when each steak, burger, and another meat is grilled to perfection.


Grilling Basket : $18

Grilling Basket

Skewering veggies take forever and can be a pain to maneuver on the grill. Instead of just suffering through the sticks, buy dad a stainless steel grilling basket. Being wired rather than solid with holes, it will be just like the veggies are straight on the grill, and being stainless steel rather than non-stick, there will be no chipping and non-stick particles in the food. Look for models with deep baskets and handles. It will allow Dad to toss the contents quickly, rather than to flip the bits one by one.


Grill Tool Set : $30

Grill Tool Set

Are Dad’s grilling tools getting worn down? If so, grab him a good quality tool set. Every man behind the grill should have a spatula, tongs, and brush, plus a few other tools to make life easier. A set like this allows Dad to enjoy the tools all summer, and then put them away at the end of the year and store them for winter all in one place.


Barbecue Mitts : $23

Barbecue Mitts

Mitts wear down with use, so it’s always good to have an extra pair of digit-savers on-hand. They can be Dad’s backup pair, his new pair, or mitts for Dad’s barbecue helper. Pick gloves that can withstand high heat and give Dad enough mobility to grab and move things as he needs to.


Covered Containers & Tray : $20

Covered Containers & Tray

When we think of grilling gear, we always think of the spatulas and grill-specific implements, but proper containers and trays can be just as handy. Unless Dad has a kitchen outside with his grill, he’ll have to carry food out. Glass containers allow food to be safe from rain and creepy crawlies, to be stacked, and — most wonderfully — to marinate without staining the container with the sauce’s color and smells. A tray added to the mix makes life even easier as Dad can pile up the food and tools and head for the grill in one easy trip.


Wireless Remote Grilling Thermometer : $55

Wireless Remote Grilling Thermometer

Dads are almost always master grillers — or, at least they think they are. Now, instead of waiting around to make sure he doesn’t overcook the steaks, get him a wireless grilling thermometer, so he is sure his meat grills to perfection.


Cook Book For Mr.Cook : $17

Cook Book

Let the Father’s Day gifting begin:  a genius present for the chef who, like my mom, collects internet and magazine recipes for later use.

Yes, you could also purchase a binder and protective sheets for the same purpose; but then you have to find a stand big and stable enough to steady your book, and by the time you, sweaty and cursing, wrangle the binder into submission, your family has already phoned for pizza.


Father’s Day Gifts For Traveling Dads

Travel Kit & Razor: $120

The Art of Shaving 5 Piece Travel Kit

For the dad who travels frequently, this top-of-the-line shaving kit will help him beat that five o’clock shadow. The Art of Shaving compact Travel Kit & Razor is a necessity for a man on the go!


Cheap Father’s Day Gifts

The Big Lebowski Coasters

The Big Lebowski Paper Coasters

“The Dad abides.” Get Dad these edgy coasters because let’s face it, you don’t want beer stains on your coffee table, and he doesn’t want to make his friends use floral coasters at guys night. It’s a win/win situation.


Rock Star Wallet : $30

Rock Star Wallet

For the rock star dad who, in his spare time, loves to shred, this wallet has a place to keep his guitar pic — you never know when he might need it!

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