gifts for drummers

69 Unique Gifts For Drummers

Don’t ask what to give them. Here is why!

Talented musicians require a myriad of different items to keep them at the top of their game. Drummers are no exception. Drummers need equipment and tools to keep their instruments pumping and pounding out the sound. However, knowing this does not make the search for gifts easier. What would a drummer need? What would be useful that they didn’t already have? Our list is for people who are looking for unusual and unique gift ideas for drummers in their life, whether it is for a birthday, graduation, Christmas, or any other occasion where you can exchange gifts.

gifts for drummers

Surprise your favorite with these gifts for drummers and they will be ready to Rock N Roll!

Bucket-Banger Gifts For Drummers

Drumstick PinDrumstick Pin – $14.25

The drumstick pin is the gift to get any band member, but with an emphasis on the high school band. It is made from pewter, silver in color, and depicts a set of drumsticks. It looks elegant, and can really accent any outfit.




Wood Drumstick KeychainWood Drumstick Keychain – $6.59

The two wooden drumsticks on the keychain are made from real, natural wood and are threaded on a high-quality keyring that is durable and long lasting. Give this to your band student to attach to anything, from keys to carabineers for safe keeping.
66 unique gifts for drummers

Drumline Barricade TapeDrumline Barricade Tape – $36.22

This tape is a must have for anyone who is involved with drumlines. This tape is classic yellow, just like the caution tape. It reads ‘Drumline – Do Not Cross.’ It efficiently keeps people away without having to chase them off always with the intensity of your drumming.



Drummer Wall ClockDrummer Wall Clock – $26.35

This wall clock is different from any others. Though it has the standard style, it also has a heavy metal theme. The face is illustrated with a skull and drumsticks, giving it a killer look. The clock is made from acrylic and only needs one battery before it will keep time, just like your drummer.



Drum Charm NecklaceDrum Charm Necklace – $17.00

This charm necklace is cute and simplistic. The main charm is a silver drum set, paired by a disk that holds the wearer’s initial. The charm and the findings are silver plated, giving it a unique shine and long lasting color.



DRUMS KeychainDRUMS Keychain – $17.55

With the stylized lettering on this keychain, it will be noticed by anyone who loves the drums. This keychain is made from high-quality metals and a solid brass keyring, guaranteeing that it will last.



Drummer Evolution SweatshirtDrummer Evolution Sweatshirt – $19.99

This sweatshirt combines attitude with humor. The front of the sweatshirt features the classic depiction of the evolutionary chain for humans, but instead of ending with modern man, it ends with a drummer complete with the set.




Drum Kit Patent Wall ArtDrum Kit Patent Wall Art – $60.00

This is one of the most unique items on this list. These high-quality wall decorations show the blueprints for four pieces of a drum set. They are hand made on matte white paper and drawn with archival inks.



DrumMonster T-shirtDrumMonster T-shirt – $19.98

This t-shirt will be a great gift for the drummer in your life. It lets them show their passion without having to keep the beat. This shirt is 100% cotton with a high-quality graphic print on the front of a skull and drumsticks.




Rock Band DrumsticksRock Band Drumsticks – $17.55

These drumsticks feature full-color graphics of your favorite bands onto a pair of drumsticks. The graphic completely wraps around the stick, so that no part is left uncovered. These sticks are meant to be displayed in any room.




Drum CufflinksDrum Cufflinks – $12.09

These drum cufflinks add a bit of pizzazz to any wardrobe. They are handmade, giving them that unique look that makes them dazzle. They come in a gift box, easy to present as a graduation or anniversary gift.



Personalized Flame DrumsticksPersonalized Flame Drumsticks – $22.99

These drumsticks will display the passion of your drummer. They are designed with a full-color graphic of flames that wrap around the entire stick. The tips are made from hickory wood.




Girl Power DrumsticksGirl Power Drumsticks – $14.95

These drumsticks are perfect for the female drummer who wants to strut their skills. They are furnished with nylon tips and are made from durable wood. The high gloss pink and purple colors are guaranteed to last.



Drumstick GripsDrumstick Grips – $12.79

These grips have a built-in vibration reduction system, helping to maintain stick sensitivity on cymbals and drums. This is made from firm rubber, making them reusable, ergonomic, and lightweight.




Mouse and Practice PadMouse and Practice Pad – $14.25

This mouse and practice pad is made entirely in the USA. The mouse pad is also designed to double as a practice pad and features the 26 Standard American Drum Rudiments.



Color Changing DrumsticksColor Changing Drumsticks – $14.98

These drumsticks will add new life and spice to a drummers show. With ultra bright LED lighting, these drumsticks are virtually indestructible. They change seven different colors, making sure that the presentation is a bit different each time.


Tech EarplugsTech Earplugs – $19.95

These tech earplugs are high quality. They reduce noise from the background while preserving the quality of any sound filtering through them. They fit flush in the ear while staying completely comfortable. It comes in a convenient, portable case for protection.



Drumstick WaxDrumstick Wax – $7.68

Give this to your drummer for any gift giving occasion. This simple wax can be applied only once to the drumsticks of their choice, as it reactivates with normal heat. It has a tropical scent and comes in a convenient 2oz tin for easy storage.



Wooden Practice PadWooden Practice Pad – $10.95

This unassuming wooden block is actually one of the best real wood practice pads. It is precisely formatted for natural drum rebound and has a rubber pad to make standard drumming easier. With this practice pad, the drummer you know can take it anywhere.



Pink DrumsticksPink Drumsticks – $12.99

These drumsticks are a great gift for the drummer who likes to add color to their drumming supplies and accessories. These pink sticks are equipped with nylon tips and come in a set of four pairs.



Desktop Drum KitDesktop Drum Kit – $12.04

The desktop drum kit is a neat way to pass the time. It is sized just right to fit on a desktop but actually works as if it were full sized. This is a fun skill game and comes with two drumsticks.




Drumstick HolderDrumstick Holder – $12.99

This holder can carry up to eight pairs of drumsticks. The C-shaped mounting clasp comes with nylon tipped screws and adjusts to fit any standard size microphone stands. The sling sits at a 45-degree angle, making it easy to move and remove.



Drum SlingDrum Sling – $16.78

This drum sling comes with 2” cotton straps. These straps are adjustable, comfortable, and come with heavy-duty hooks and buckles for durability.




Drummers LeashDrummers Leash – $27.45

This twirling stick grip comes in a set of two. These work to elevate drumming performance with a hard plastic housing that holds speed ball bearings that enable a smooth spin. One strap wraps around a finger while the other one has a sticky backing for the sticks themselves.


Carbon DrumsticksCarbon Drumsticks – $60.49

These remarkable drumsticks are made of aerospace-grade polymer, giving it a cool and unique look while in the hands of the drummer. It also has an anti-vibration design, reducing a drummers fatigue so they can play faster and longer.



Drum WalletDrum Wallet – $29.99

This simple contraption is made of the snare drum. It slips on, muffling the sound of the drum to make crisper, clearer, warmer, tighter, and more controlled sounds. Once it is on, all your drummer has to do is use one of the sticks to lift it up and down.



Quick Release Drum KeyQuick Release Drum Key – $15.95

This little device makes tuning a drum with a key even easier. You can attache to a lanyard or a carabineer, making it the perfect grab and go drum key. It also has a knurled grip for getting a better handle on it.



Drum Tips DVDDrum Tips DVD -$32.95

The Drum Tip DVD helps anyone learn how to create an amazing and exciting drum solo. This 90-minute video features some of the most famous and talented drummers giving tips and advice on how to take your drumming skills to the next level.




Drummer Music StandDrummer Music Stand – $51.57

Music stands are a must have for any musician. This stand allows the desk to be located above the hi-hat cymbal, right where it should be. The dual clamp/dual swivel mounting system and double curved shaft make it very easy to adjust to just the right location.



Drumstick HolderDrumstick Holder – $50.00

This is one of the coolest drumstick holders on the market. This one allows you to mount the drumsticks anywhere, attaching them to the stand or the drum itself. You can even hang the sticks completely upside down.



Tambourine Drumstick AttachmentTambourine Drumstick Attachment – $32.95

This innovative attachment makes it much easier to play the tambourine while working on the drums. The attachment is lightweight, and durable, directly attaching to the drumstick with a firm and secure hold.



Drummer Time KeeperDrummer Time Keeper – $149.95

This simple device is designed for any level of drummer. Just by drumming a beat on the surface, it can efficiently measure drumming accuracy and speed, as well as count the individual strokes, helping to improve drumming and timing.



Drummer Virtual Drumkit SoftwareDrummer Virtual Drumkit Software – $179.99

The Drummer 2.0 is a virtual drum kit, giving your aspiring drummer all the sounds and options of a real drum set. It has an internal mixer featuring bass capabilities. It is easy to use and works great as any anytime gift.



Drum Set Dust CoverDrum Set Dust Cover – $39.95

This seems like such an easy gift to get, but it is definitely something your drummer will need, if not now, then definitely in the future. It keeps the set covered and protected. It is perfect for on-stage sets. Made of heavy-duty nylon, it protects against water and UV rays.


Bass Drum Mounted Microphone StandBass Drum Mounted Microphone Stand – $41.80

This microphone set is a top rated item. It is robust and durable and accepts any standard microphone. The complete setup instructions are easy to read, allowing your drummer to sound better and louder with a few easy steps.



Drum Plug WrenchDrum Plug Wrench – 66.80

This multi-purpose tool can come in very handy for your drummer. It works on both standard and non-standard bungs, along with a variety of other things. The angled handle makes it easy to use without scraping their knuckles on the drum.


Mesh Head PackMesh Head Pack – $67.91

This simple contraption can make playing the drums a lot quieter, without having to disturb the practice you are trying to achieve. It provides a realistic response and sound while producing low volumes, keeping everyone happy.



Drum TunerDrum Tuner – $12.13

Make sure that your drummer gets the best when you decide to get him a gift. This is one of the pieces of equipment they will use all the time. This device measures tympanic pressure, giving the user more accurate tuning.



Hard Core Gifts For Drummers

Drum Microphone KitDrum Microphone Kit – $499.00

The quality of these microphones will guarantee anyone love it who is serious about drumming. It comes with seven pieces, including the mounts and the windscreens needed to keep the quality of your sound at its best. All of this comes in a foam lined carrying case. Make them happy with the best kit out there on the market.


Bass Drum Lighting KitBass Drum Lighting Kit – $299.99

Give the audience the show they want with this LED lighting kit. It comes equipped with 16 different preset colors, four flashing and fading presets, a power supply cord, and a remote control, so there is no fumbling with the buttons during the show.



Acrylic Drum ShieldAcrylic Drum Shield – $500.00

This drum shield can work as both a barrier and an enhancer. When placed in front of a drum set, it can isolate the beat, reducing the drum volume. However, if placed behind the drum set, it reflects the sound back to the audience. It comes with five flexible hinges and has mouseholes for any cables needed to make noise.


Electronic Drum SetElectronic Drum Set – $499.99

Electronic drum sets are perfect for those aspiring drummers who just don’t have the space to keep the full sets in their home. It comes with 175 different sounds, 15 drum sets, LCD display, and other features. It also comes with an easy to assemble drum rack.



Drum BreaksDrum Breaks – $39.99

These nifty little devices take away a lot of a drummers aggravation. These little ‘shoes’ attach to a kick drum stand, creating a grip between it and the floor and stopping the stand from sliding, shifting, and moving.



Classic MetronomeRhythm Watch – $89.99

This is the device that has helped many, many drummers in the past and present keep the time of their beats. This small but useful device comes in very handy. All you need is a single nine-volt battery.




Drum Head Replacement SystemDrum Head Replacement System – $74.99

This system is made of a clear, reinforced polycarbonate disk, solely designed for visibility and strength. It also has a folding handle for easy storage, and ten chrome plated keys for convenience and use.




Throne ThumperThrone Thumper – $289.82

This is a neat device that is placed on the throne. It works great to pick up low-end vibrations and pump it directly into your seat. It is powered by a 200-watt amp, allowing the vibrations to be in perfect sync with your rhythm.



Snare Drum Piece14” Snare Drum Piece – $25.79

This is designed for those who want to make or replace the tension piece of their snare drums. It has the amazing snare drum sound and comes equipped with a thumb cut for quick removal as well as a rubberized gasket for weight, balance, and stability.



Super Cymbal PackSuper Cymbal Pack – $1099.00

This is the greatest cymbal set money can buy. It comes with six cymbals, made of the best materials and designed with all the care to make them the best in their line.



Junior Starter Drum SetJunior Starter Drum Set – $164.95

This is a perfect gift for the aspiring drummer. It has everything anyone would ever need to start drumming. This is a five piece set and comes with cymbals, stand, a pair oof drumsticks and the seat to sit comfortably in as they crank out the beat.



Drumhead Repair KitDrumhead Repair Kit – $13.15

This kit saves a lot of hassle when it comes to repairing damages done to drumheads. The kit has several patches that can fit into any drumhead. It is made of real mylar, proving that it is durable and long lasting.




Bass Drum HarnessBass Drum Harness – $32.95

The drum harness is useful for any drummer who has problems with their foot slipping off the pedals of their bass drum. It uses velcro to attach to the bottom of the pedal, while the harness itself anchors to the throne, keeping slipping to a minimum.


Isolation HeadphonesIsolation Headphones – $49.61

These headphones are amazing for anyone who loves their tunes but hates the flow of outside noise. Designed by a studio drummer, they reduce sound by 28 decibels. It has a standard plug in, making it useful for almost everything. It also folds up for easy storage.



Bass Drum EnhancerBass Drum Enhancer – $44.99

This is the gift to get any bass drum player you know. The tuned port is designed for the bass drum. It helps extend low-end frequencies to give the bass an extra boom. It comes in white, helping it blend with the set.




Accessory BoxAccessory Box – $22.40

This useful and practical box is fantastic for drummers who can’t step away from their sets for too long. It sits right on the music stand desk for easy access. It has a built-in drink holder, as well as various compartments for their needs.



Stick HolderStick Holder – $32.95

This unique holder keeps the drumsticks as close to the drummer as possible, making it easier for mid-change moments. It is fully positionable and is easy to attach to a standard tension rod of a drum.





Hand Drum Tool KitHand Drum Tool Kit – $38.45

Anyone who plays the hand drums will find this gift extremely useful. It comes with a compact ratchet and a bottle of lube, allowing the user to keep their instruments in tip-top shape. These items are in a durable black pouch for easy storage.



Drum Mat Marker SetDrum Mat Marker Set – $27.41

Giving this gift makes setting up a drum set a breeze. This set comes with 44 pieces, each one dedicated to letting your drummer alleviate the stress of finding the perfect set up.




Drummers Multi ToolDrummers Multi Tool – $32.95

This is the gift that any drummer would love to get. It is an 8-in-1 multi tool that has all the basics. It has an adjustable box wrench, a two-inch knife blade, two screwdrivers and a few other items, one of which is a full drum key.



Sampling Percussion PadSampling Percussion Pad – $799.00

This is one of the best sampling pads on the market. It has 2gbs internal memory, nine velocity sensitive rubber pads, and it also shows the pad status and the audio-level activity so your drummer can get the beats they want and fine tune them.


Glow-in-the-Dark DrumsticksGlow-in-the-Dark Drumsticks – $32.95

One of the major issues with most glowing drumsticks is that they either require batteries, or the paint on them chips off after prolonged use. With these, neither will occur. They are charged with regular or black light, keeping the glow last as long as is needed.



Drummers Soft Stick BagDrummers Soft Stick Bag – $153.95

This works best for drummers who have long, fast pace commutes. The bag is made of ballistic nylon and is completely waterproof. It is designed by drummers, for drummers and has a space for everything a drummer will ever need, whenever they are going to need it.



Snare Drum BackpackSnare Drum Backpack – $38.99

Do you know anyone who has to struggle to get their snare drum places? This is the gift to get them for the next gift-giving season. It is light weight and durable. It has a pocket for everything they are going to need, from the stand to the drumsticks.




The Grind DVDThe Grind DVD – $29.99

The DVD has lots of different content, making it a learning experience for any drummer, whether they have been working for two weeks or two decades. It gives many lessons on how to fine tune your drumming skills, narrated by one of the most famous drummers.



Drummer Survival KitDrummer Survival Kit – $12.91

This gift is definitely for the drummers you know who are working hard, instead of hardly working. It comes with a Drumhead repair patch, snare strings, cymbal felts, stand sleeves, and washers.



Drummer's Gift PackDrummer’s Gift Pack – $22.45

This pack is perfect for beginners. It comes with a high-quality pair of drumsticks, and a 3-inch mini pad to let them practice their rhythm on. It also comes with a drinking glass with the logo printed on it.



Sound Suppressor SetSound Suppressor Set – $84.08

If you get a bit worn out after hearing your drummer practice for hours, ten this may be the gift to get for both of you. It has a complete set of drum mutes for the standard sizes, including for bass and symbol.




Drum Tester SetDrum Tester Set – $92.99

Get this practical gift for the intense and hardworking drummer to make their lives a bit easier. Everything they will ever need to test their drum is in the box, along with a set of maple drumsticks, and a balance for perfection.




Drums Photography BookDrums Photography Book – $82.50

An interesting and unique book, it will bring intrigue and inspiration to anyone who receive it. This hardback book has 560 pages of history, facts, and beautiful full-color photos of famous drummers and the world of drumming.




Drum Set Hard CaseDrum Set Hard Case – $284.75

This is the best case on the market. It is a hard case, extremely useful for the drummer in your life. It has a removable top, allowing for extra storage space and has a set of quick release buckles, for easy opening. The entire thing is carpet lined, keeping everything safe from scratches and scrapes.

Drummers are like all other musicians with an artistic spirit. Don’t disenchant them. These are unique and awesome gifts for drummers that devoted their lives to music.

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