Great Gifts For Grandparents

10 Awesome Gifts For Grandparents

Great Gifts For Grandparents

It’s always nice to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but don’t forget about your awesome grandparents! Make it a big celebration by surprising grandma and grandpa with some of these thoughtful gifts for grandparents on their birthday, Christmas or Grandparent’s Day.

Geeky Birthday or Christmas Gifts For Grandpa

Olympus OM-D E-M10 16 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera

Digital Camera – $449.00

Although some grandparents might have kept up with emerging technologies, others may still be inexperienced with the new high tech gadgets. Digital cameras now have advanced features, but the Olympus Mirrorless Digital Camera is a simpler digital device that all grandparents can easily utilize. It has automatic settings for photo or video capturing and it’s one of the best travel cameras in its price range.

Hands-free Drive Speakerphone

Hands-free Drive Speakerphone  – $36.11

Created for safety, this is a speakerphone that is extremely convenient for answering phone calls while driving. It is a great gift for grandparents, not only for in vehicles, but anywhere in general. The setup is ridiculously easy and can connect to two cellular phones by just pushing one big button.

Livescribe 8GB Echo Smartpen Pro EditionSmartpen – $199.00

The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen not only captures everything you write or draw but it records audio too and links them together making note taking a breeze.  Using the special Livescribe dot paper that is required, just tap on your notes or drawings with your Smartpen to hear what was being said while you were writing.  Over 400 hours of audio and 64,000 page of notes can be captured depending on the quality of the audio setting.

Transfer your notes to your computer, organize them and share them.  You can even upload them online and transform them into interactive movies.  500 MB of free online storage space is included.

Livescribe Smartpen Smartpen

Here’s what you get:

• The Pulse Smartpen with anodized aluminum housing
• 8 GB of memory to store up to 800 hours of pen cast
• Livescribe Desktop software for Mac and PC (download)
• 3-D Recording Headset
• 100 sheet dot paper lined notebook
• USB mobile charging cradle
• Smartpen case
• Micro-USB Cable
• Two black fine point ink cartridges
• Interactive Getting Started Guide
• Tips & Tricks Guide

A 8GB Livescribe Pulse Smartpen retails for about $199.

Thoughtful Birthday or Christmas Gifts For Grandma

Digital Picture FrameDigital Picture Frame – $149.99

Grandparents often miss out on big events, especially ones that require much traveling. This Digital Picture Frame makes an excellent gift for grandparents who are unable to attend events or live long distance because anyone in the family can connect directly to the frame via email. Just email your photos to the frame and they will appear in a slideshow on the screen.  It’s an excellent way to keep your grandparents updated on your life!

Sewing MachineSewing Machine – $79.99

Does your grandmother still do her sewing and quilting on the sewing machine that she inherited from her grandmother? Isn’t it time for something easier?

A computerized sewing machine can make her life so much easier. Did you know you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a great machine?

There are so many sewing machines to choose. How can you tell which one is right for you?  If you’ve ever watched Project Runway, you’re probably familiar with the name Brother. With the Brother Free-Arm Sewing Machine, you get a powerful, computerized machine that can make your sewing a breeze and at a price nearly everyone can afford.

Whether you love embroidery, quilting, sewing crafts and home decor, or sewing clothes, the Brother Free-Arm Sewing Machine has just about everything you could ever dream of. Some features include:

This machine is computerized and comes with 60 built-in stitches from the most basic utility to the most beautiful heirloom. It also has seven one-touch button styles.

It comes with automatic needle threading. Just feed your thread into the proper compartment and drop your needle.

Speed control at the touch of a button. You don’t need to use a foot pedal at all. If you prefer sewing with a foot pedal, however, you still can- this machine comes with one. You don’t have to purchase it separately.

Light weight and the easily transportable machine weighs only 16 pounds. It also comes with a snap on cover.

This sewing machine comes with a twenty-five years limited warranty as well.

There are hundreds of four and five-star reviews for this machine available online. It’s very popular with experienced sewers and novice sewers alike. For the price, you’d be hard pressed to find a sewing machine that delivers so many features and is so well made to boot.

Treat your grandmother to the Brother Free-Arm Sewing Machine today. You won’t believe how easy and fun it is using this machine. It’s easy to be creative and sew like a pro with a Brother!


Inverter Microwave OvenInverter Microwave Oven – $188.47

Today, most people use a microwave oven for snacks and easy everyday cooking. But did you know that you can do a lot more with a microwave when it has an inverter oven built into it as well?

The great thing is that Panasonic has created an inverter microwave that is well below the price range of most countertop ovens. So if you are in the market for a new microwave, the possibilities, and convenience of this microwave are surely something you will want to consider.

Conventional microwave ovens have a low-power setting, and this is achieved by pulsing the high-power settings on and off rather than by emitting a regular stream of low-powered energy. Panasonic’s Inverter technology delivers true, variable microwave power. The oven makes it easy to bake cupcakes and other decadent desserts. In fact, some cooks swear by it.

Other than your grandparents, who are excellent candidates for an inverter microwave? They are useful for a wide variety of families and living situations. Here are just a few:

Empty nesters:

With the kids grown up or away at school, you can quickly and conveniently prepare just about every meal you need with your inverter microwave.

Campus Kids:

College students will appreciate being able to cook more than Ramen and microwave popcorn. The versatility of these units makes them an excellent choice for kids away at college.

RV enthusiasts:

Those that love to RV has somewhat limited space in the kitchen. The inverter microwave replaces the stove or oven altogether and uses less energy to boot.

Apartment dwellers and people with small kitchens:

Inverter microwaves are ideal for these living situations for space and energy saving benefits.

Eco-friendly eaters:

Using it saves energy over heating up a large oven. It is a greener way to cook, and that appeals to many people who wish to conserve the earth’s resources in a responsible manner.

People who hate microwave food:

If you never liked the taste or consistency of microwaved food, the Panasonic Countertop Microwave with Inverter Technology is the one for you. Cook chicken, brown meat, bake bread, cookies, even make a delicious tuna melt, all in this handy microwave. No more rubbery bacon or mushy vegetables for you! With the upper and lower heating units, food can retain more moisture and more flavor.

Before you spend your hard-earned money on a microwave (especially when there are so many on the market) you want to know you’re choosing the right one. The best way to do that is to see what people who already own it think!

If you want a microwave that does much more than heat coffee or pop popcorn, get the Panasonic Stainless Countertop Microwave with Inverter Technology today. It is the highest quality microwave oven available at this price point and is extremely versatile as well.

The versatile Panasonic oven is a welcome addition to any busy kitchen.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal – $594.00

Can you imagine what it would be like to have smooth skin without shaving?  Expensive laser hair removal is one solution, but Remington now offers a more affordable option with the i-Light Pro Plus Quartz that can achieve similar results at home.

This handheld device is gentle and easy to use.  It targets individual hairs at the roots and breaks the cycle of growth by heating the hair follicle.  Don’t spend $1,500 to $3,000 for the 3-5 professional laser hair removal visits it takes when you can get the i-Light Pro for around $400.  It uses the same technology as a dermatologist for a fraction of the cost and is twice as powerful as other in-home systems.

The i-Light Pro features a built-in skin tone sensor that helps prevent flashing on skin tones that are too dark for treatment.  Start getting results for less with the iLight and say goodbye to plucking, waxing, and shaving!

Other Gift Ideas For Holiday Season

The autumn season’s cooler weather brings a sense of cozy comfort. Fill your home with warmth this fall and snuggle up! From food to home décor, these appliances will help create a comfortable and loving vibe.

CrockpotCrockpot – $49.00

One of the best ways to warm up after being in the chilly weather is eating delicious warm meals. Crockpots are great for preparing slow-cooked meals that will be ready by the time you get home at the end of the day. They are perfect for busy parents who are exhausted from working a full day then picking children up from school. Check out Over the big Moon for a variety of Crockpot recipes like soup, chili, lasagna and much more.

HumidifierHumidifier – $39.99

Cooler air will surely fire up the use of heaters in every home. One downside of this is how the dry air affects you. Chapped skin and dry lips are quite unpleasant to deal with. Fortunately, humidifiers can help relieve this problem. They release moisture into the air, keeping your skin nice and hydrated. Stay tuned for Dyson’s new innovative humidifier equipped with a germ-killing UV light that will prevent bacteria-ridden moisture from entering the atmosphere.

Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace – $484.95

Many people love to warm up their homes with fire. Homeowners who don’t have fireplaces shouldn’t have to miss out on the coziness of a nice fire. Getting one of these does not have to be an elaborate and expensive construction plan. Electric fireplaces are great alternatives for homes that lack real ones.

Don’t stress yourself for what to get grandparents for Christmas, birthday or Grandparent’s Day. These are great gift ideas even for grandparents who have everything. Get one of these unique gifts for grandparents and make them happy forever.

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