How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine?

What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a reproductive technology in which three people participate in a child conception:

  • a genetic father who provides his sperm for fertilization;
  • a genetic mother who provides her egg for fertilization;
  • a surrogate mother who agrees to carry a baby.

In most cases, this method is used when a couple is not able to have a child. Nowadays, surrogacy is one of the greatest achievements of humanity. Thanks to the latest medical technology, people who are doomed to childlessness still have an opportunity to give birth to a baby.

Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine

There are a lot of surrogacy and egg donation centers all over the world that provide the service of surrogate motherhood. However, its price is very high. In Ukraine, surrogacy is allowed at the legislative level and regulated by the Family Code. There is a variety of clinics, such as the IVF group, that provide this service, and the price is significantly lower than in other countries. That’s why Ukraine has become attractive for couples wishing to have a child.

The total cost of a surrogate mother service is affected by several factors. In every surrogacy agency, a compensation amount is discussed with a surrogate mother and legally documented. Payment for services can be different in the following cases:

  • the full success of the program upon the completion;
  • failures in an IVF protocol or miscarriage caused by objective medical reasons;
  • monthly payments if they are made by agreement between the parties.

Usually, surrogacy cost includes:

  • selection of a surrogate mother who meets the requirements of the legislation and an attending physician;
  • comprehensive medical examination of a surrogate mother;
  • formation of a contract between genetic parents and a surrogate mother, taking into account all possible aspects of the individual situation;
  • legal support and legal advice at all stages of the program;
  • organization of the whole process;
  • IVF procedure;
  • pregnancy management of a surrogate mother;
  • monthly payments to a surrogate mother;
  • monitoring the fulfillment of obligations by a surrogate mother;
  • delivery of a surrogate mother;
  • payment of compensation in favor of a surrogate mother after childbirth.

The process of surrogacy in Ukraine is safe and has a legal background. There is a variety of clinics that provide high-quality service of surrogate motherhood. That is why foreign couples all over the world often seek this service in Ukraine.

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