How To Make A Personalized Clock?

Personalized ClockI’m excited to present this super-easy and totally doable craft that you can personalize to your heart’s content: custom clocks!

Yep, you can make a clock out of virtually anything. All you need is a simple clock kit which includes the hands and the movement (the case that houses the clock’s mechanism). Check out the easy (and affordable!) project after the jump, complete with a tutorial and a few ideas to get you started.




Stuff You Need

  • Clock kit (I used this model from Amazon, which came with handy instructions and a few spare parts)
  • Power drill
  • 9/64″ drill bit
  • Item to drill the clock onto. Feel free to get creative here! Think of an object that represents something your Valentine is particularly fond of.



1. Pre-drill a small hole into the surface of your item. It will keep your drill bit from wavering along the surface when you make your hole. Next, using a 9/64″ drill bit (and safety goggles!), drill a hole into the surface.


2. Begin to assemble the clock. Your kit should come with instructions, but generally, you should first mount the shaft on which the hands are mounted on the object. Then apply the hands in this order: the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand.


3. After making sure each washer and the mounting nut have been tightened, place the batteries in the clock’s movement, set the time and bask in the glow of your latest DIY project!


Not sure what surface to make into a clock? Look around your home for inspiration, or peruse a few of our favorite ideas below:


For a sporty girl, grab a spare shoe and turn it into a timepiece!








Have an art lover in your life? Prints are inexpensive, easy to hang and make for an interesting clock background. Or, if you have a fashionable man in need of a gift, try stealing his favorite hat for the project.



Here are a few ideas for custom clocks based on your Valentine’s interests:

  • If he’s a computer geek, turn a circuit board into a clock.
  • If he loves to hang out in his workshop, turn a circular saw blade into a clock.
  • If he loves movies, turn a vintage film spool into a clock
  • If she’s into fashion, make a stiletto clock.
  • If she adores music, turn a vinyl record into a clock.
  • If she loves to paint, turn an old-school paint palette into a clock.


Personalized Maple Wall Clock

For the not-so-courageous DIY-er, Uncommongoods offers custom wall clocks.

With DIY clocks, the possibilities are indeed endless. Isn’t it high time you tried this project yourself?

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