how to make fake snow

How to Make Fake Snow That Looks Real?

how to make fake snow

Transform the inside of your home into a winter wonderland by making fake snow with natural ingredients straight from your cupboard.

There’s something about the look of snow that’s so wintry. And festive. Too bad you can’t bring snow indoors, right? Well, you can if you use fake snow, that is.

There are plenty of non-toxic artificial snow products on the market, but that’s not as fun and whipping up some fake snow at home, for free, with items you already have in your kitchen cupboard!

Fake Snow Recipe #1

My favorite recipe for the fake snow is a mixture of salt and baby powder. I like to use Himalayan salt because the grains make the flakes look more realistic. Mix equal parts Himalayan salt and baby powder together in a bowl and sprinkle your homemade snow on Christmas tree branches, window sills, mantels or anywhere you want to add frosty flair. When the holidays have passed all you have to do is vacuum the mixture up. No muss, no fuss!

Fake Snow Recipe #2

Soap flakes are another good substitute for snow. Just sprinkle plain soap flakes around your display for an authentic look. A note of caution on the soap flake method: Make sure that you don’t use them in an area where they could get wet. Like any other soap, add water, and you’ll have suds, not snow!

Fake Snow Recipe #3

If you’re a parent, you probably have a few clean disposable diapers on hand. Pull out the fluff from the inside of the diaper and place it in a large glass bowl. Slowly add water until the diaper filling is drenched up and turns into the little moisture beads. The more water you add, the slushier the “snow” will look. Now, when you’re using this type of fake snow in an indoor display, I recommend first covering the surface with clear plastic wrap and then building your display on a plastic tray so that you don’t damage the underlying surface.

There you have it! A few easy and inexpensive ways to make faux snow for your holiday displays. It’s just that simple!

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