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How To Open The Garage Door With Broken Spring

If you have a garage door with a broken spring and wonder if you can still go ahead to open the door, there are high chances you are getting stuck either inside or outside the door. Good news, you can still open the door with a broken spring. Bad news, it won’t be too easy nor safe, and it would be much better if you did not. If you do not have time to read this article and go into nuances, then contact garage door repair in Pitt Meadows.

But how do you know your garage door has a broken spring? 

Try to identify exactly why your garage door won’t open. Other than a broken garage door spring, there are several other reasons, some of these may not even require you to visit a repair shop. There are, however, two main ways to ascertain that your garage door spring has a problem. 

  • Door opener motor is operational, but the door itself is not moving. Or, in other cases, you hear the door opener straining to pull the door. 
  • You get a loud firecracker-like sound. Most likely, that was the garage spring breaking. 

Can I still use opener remote to open the garage door?

If you are certain the garage door problem is a broken spring, do not attempt to use your remote to open it. If you try this challenge on your garage door, you will likely expose your garage door to issues such as:

  • Bending the rails
  • Though rare, the opener may pull off the ceiling
  • Opener gears may strip
  • Opener motor may burn out
  • Cracking the door panels

How do you open the garage door, therefore, without an opener? 

If you must continue your mission to open the garage door without the opener because it has a broken spring, follow the following simple steps:

  • Seek assistance from a second person. This is because the garage door is weighty and cannot be worked on single-handedly. Do not break your back while attempting to carry the door without assistance. 
  • Be very cautious! Be sure not to pinch your fingers, protect your back, and not give the door to fall on your feet. 
  • You are going to open the garage door manually. Because your garage door’s extension springs have been broken, you will have to carry the entire weight of the door, which is why you need help from a second hand.
  • Disentangle the garage door from the opener. To do this effortlessly, handle the rope handing about 18″ from the J-arm, pull it to unlatch the mechanism. Do this more gently to avoid the door falling on your feet. 
  • Lift the door carefully and settle it along the horizontal rails. Remember:
  • The garage door may be too heavy to carry, so we recommend you get help from a family member or a friend, but most effectively, from a technician. 
  • Watch your fingers in the process. The garage door with broken springs may fall suddenly. If your fingers were on the door line, you would be spending much more money and time in the hospital with a chopped-off finger or two. 
  • Do not bend the rails.

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