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How to Stage a Kid’s Bedroom When Selling Your Home?

Are you planning to sell your home soon?

If yes, there are some things you should know aside from making sure that it looks great on the listing, including the staging process.

Doing a staging is not always necessary, but it will help you a lot in adding more value to your property.

A common question is which rooms need staging in particular?

Technically, it could be all.

But, in this article, let us focus on staging your kid’s bedroom physically and virtually.

How should you start staging a kid’s bedroom?

First, you should understand that this requires time and attention, just like staging other rooms in your house.

If you think you want to go through this without any hassle, it is best to choose the virtual staging process rather than hiring a group of people specializing in traditional home staging.

Yet, if you are still unsure, here are some helpful tips for you.

Create a theme

 Most potential buyers out there may look for a striking feature in your kid’s bedroom.

You do not want to miss that, so we recommend you create a theme.

Since it is intended for children, you start with a colorful and cute cartoon theme.

As much as possible, we encourage you to stay neutral in terms of the color without losing the aesthetics.

You can also try these additional decorating tips:

  • Always declutter. Make sure personal items are nowhere to be seen.
  • Use neutral, bright colors like white, beige, light green, or blue.
  • Choose abstract paintings that are child-friendly
  • Balance out the bright wall colors with minimalistic fixtures

Make sure there is natural lighting

In real estate photography, it is necessary to utilize the best natural lighting available. So, photographers need to ensure there is enough natural lighting in the room.

However, there are times when it is impossible to get much lighting in the area, prompting photographers to use artificial lights.

In this case, you will also need a skilled real estate photo editor to retouch your final images. Companies like got you covered with your editing needs, so you remain at ease.

We recommend you highlight good lighting in kids’ bedrooms because it naturally helps them fall asleep faster and better.

Make a large space

It is given that home buyers always look for a large usable space in the rooms. As parents, they would want a space enough for their children and all the things they need.

When you stage the room, make sure that everything is organized. You can have some storage boxes that can be kept under the beds to give the room more space.

Play area

A big room guarantees more space for your child.

In this case, consider adding a play area inside the room. You can make this another prominent highlight of your home for sale.

Again, it does not have to be an entire playing area because your staging editor can always add one during the post-production process.

Final touches

After a day of the home photoshoot, try sitting down together with your staging editor and personally giving instructions on how the final images look.

Make sure that the images are well-edited. Impressive photos always capture buyers’ attention.

The key is to retain the pictures’ natural look as if it is not virtually staged.

If you opt to do traditional staging, check with the coordinator of all the used materials and furniture are already returned to prevent any accountability on your end.

Moreover, remember to follow these fantastic tips in staging your kid’s bedroom to help you sell your home fast and easy.

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