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How to Stay Safe During the Holidays

Taking precautions to stay safe and healthy is the best way to ensure a fantastic and fun holiday season. A little preplanning and a bit of self-control are all it takes.

Hold Back on the Sweets and Alcohol

If you want to stay healthy, don’t binge on alcohol and sweet things during the holidays. While it is unrealistic to think you can make it through to New Year’s without indulging a little, it is essential to hold back. Alcohol is best enjoyed in moderation. Limit yourself to only a few drinks each week. It allows you to appreciate a good drink or cocktail at the occasional party or dinner without overindulging. Keep in mind that there can be plenty of sugar and calories hiding in alcohol. When it comes to sweets, less is best. Many of the desserts we eat during the holidays are bite-size, which makes it all the easier to absent-mindedly overeat. A plate of cookies or a dish of candy setting out on a table can destroy all your hard work when it comes to sticking to a healthy diet. Saves these treats for special occasions like parties, dinners, or other festive gatherings. Limit yourself to only one or two small items. When the sweets are a part of your daily home life, it is easy to add on the extra pounds.

Let Your Neighbors Know When You Go On Vacation

If you are going on a vacation during the holidays, take precautions and let your neighbors know that you are going away so that they can keep an eye on your place. Unfortunately, the holidays are a prime time for thefts and burglaries. Thieves know that most households have plenty of expensive jewelry and electronics wrapped up and sitting under the tree. Just like all of us, they are swamped at this time of year, trying to take advantage of these beautiful gifts. Leaving for any length of time is like going to an open invitation to help themselves to the contents of your home. Luckily, one of your best defenses against an unwanted robbery is readily available, free, and quite useful. This defense is your neighbors. By letting them know you plan on being away from home, your neighbors can keep an eye out for any strange activity around your house. They will notice if a stranger is snooping around or if there are unusual lights on inside. Their phone call to the police can be the best protection you can have when it comes to keeping your home safe. 

Keep the Local Police Notified

Notify your local police department that you are out of town so they can circle your home to make sure everything is okay daily. In addition to your neighbor’s watchful eye, it can deter many thieves. Something as simple as the presence of the police in your neighborhood can keep you and others safe during the holiday season. Criminals are smart. They will think twice before trying anything in a neighborhood that is being routinely patrolled. 

Be aware that even with these precautions, there could still be a robbery. If your home does suffer from a break-in, your next step will be to repair any damages immediately. Thieves can be destructive when they break into a house. You don’t want to have a broken door or window that could threaten your family’s health and safety. If you’re like most people, you might not have enough extra cash lying around to handle this type of emergency. In these scenarios, you can consider personal installment loans online as a solution to get you the money you need to handle the unexpected short-term expense. Once you have repaired the damages to your home, you can once again feel safe and continue to enjoy the holidays.

Holding back on the sweets and alcohol during the holidays will keep you healthy while taking the time to ask others to check on your home while you travel will keep you safe. The result of all of your hard work will be a relaxing, fun, and memorable holiday season you can look back on fondly. 

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