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High Style: Make the most of soaring ceilings with oversized cabinets and an eye-catching chandelier.

3 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Inviting

A kitchen is a special place in the house, where you not only prepare your daily meals but also enjoy quality time with the family. However, due to time limitations we face increasing responsibilities and workloads, more and more people are losing their interest in the art of cooking. The rise of fast-casual restaurants and ease of delivery services has further taken us away from our kitchen. In 2016, Forbes published that Millennials in the U.S. were spending 44% of their food budget annually on eating out. Eating out once in a while is good, but can take a toll on your health when done on a regular basis.

So, what do people hate most about the kitchen? Disorganized stuff, spilled food, dirty utensils after eating? However, the thing that takes the most toll on our nerves is the clogged kitchen sink, often the result of liquid fats, emulsified by warm soapy dishwater, which is then carried through the drainpipes. On cooling, the water moves down, the but fatty deposit remains on the pipe walls. This greasy layer attracts food products like egg shells, coffee grounds, etc., which stick to the fat, clogging the pipe. It is advisable to seek the help of professional plumbers to combat such stressful situations, that offers 24-hour emergency plumbing services in surrounding areas.

Other than dealing with clogged drains professionally, here are three changes you can make to your kitchen that will tempt you to cook more.

3 Ways Your Kitchen Can Tempt You to Cook More

  1. Give it an Industrial Look: In 2017, styling the kitchen in industrial design, inspired by factory spaces, is predicted to be the hot trend. To give your kitchen an industrial feel, take lights down from the ceiling to hover over the kitchen work areas, incorporate an exposed brick wall and pipes, keep the furniture minimal, and expose the ductwork and beams in the ceiling. Incorporate a countertop made of tile, marble or granite, and wooden cabinetry below the countertop. This spontaneous work environment in the kitchen will make the space more inviting.
  2. Bring in More Technology: Cooking today is not about spending excessive amounts of time, preparing food items by hand from scratch, but about smartness in bringing the best recipe to life quickly on the plate. You can incorporate digital innovations to make your kitchen and cooking style much more sophisticated. Appliances such as pop up sockets for phone charging, color changing lights, integrated speakers with Bluetooth functionality, an app controllable smart iKettle and coffee machine, can all extend a modern twist to your traditional kitchen, attracting family members.
  3. Invest to Keep the Kitchen Clutter Free: A cluttered countertop is a big no-no when you are trying to make the space more inviting. Upgrade your laminate countertop to one made of natural stone to add a feel of luxury to the kitchen design. Make sure you wipe the surface and place the food items and jars back to their original place to keep kitchen ready for the next meal preparation. For storage, invest in in-drawer sorting systems that keep the kitchen decluttered and organized.

After dinner, don’t forget to run hot water through the pipes to prevent grease buildup and hard water deposits. If you still face clogging problems, make sure you keep the contact details of professional plumbers in Chicago handy for 24 hour emergency plumbing services.

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