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Must-Have Items To Be Boho Chic

If you rock a carefree attitude and want the fashion style to match, then the bohemian look is for you. This style, which encompasses long flowing dresses matched with flower crowns and a sense of adventure, may have gotten its roots in the early 2000s, but the spirit of boho chic has persisted ever since. There are many modern accessories that you absolutely need if you want to take on this carefree look.

Here’s our guide on how to perfect your new boho style.

1. Denim

One of the most quintessential items in your boho wardrobe is denim. Whether it’s a pair of Daisy Duke’s or jeans with a flared leg, denim is the perfect basis of your new look. You can make this look even better if you pair your denim bottoms with a vintage style top such as an embroidered blouse made from a loose, breathable fabric. You get bonus boho points if your denim is patched or bleached, too.

2. Crochet

When you think about crochet, you might be immediately reminded of your grandmother. However, crochet is a versatile and eye-catching fabric to wear, especially if you’re going for a chic boho look. A baggy crochet sweater is a great addition to any boho outfit and is comfortable and warm to wear, but you’re not limited to just clothes. Additional crocheted wearables, like headbands, belts, and sandals, are a great way to complete your look.

3. Accessorize

No boho look is complete without a great set of accessories. Sure, your flowing hippie-style dress and sandals are looking great, but what will really set it apart is the addition of some boho accessory essentials. For instance, you can get more from your look with a few bohemian bracelets, or you can add a straw bag that can offer you fashion and function. The choice is yours!

4. Rompers

Though they’ve become immensely popular in recent years, rompers have actually been a staple of the boho look since its conception. Rompers are one piece outfits that are supremely comfortable, which can keep you looking and feeling cool when you’re on the go. If the weather is a little brisk, then you also have the option of full-length rompers which are available in a wide variety of styles. Alternatively, you can pair your romper with a long sweater or poncho for an even better look.

5. Flowing skirt

One of the biggest pieces of boho fashion that have stood the test of time is the flowing skirt. Whether it’s of a shorter style or midi length, the flowing skirt offers movement and freedom, which is essential to the boho ethos. Paired with a tank top or an embroidered, loose-fitting top, you’ll be sure to embody the boho spirit. If skirts aren’t your thing, then a dress will also do the job.

The boho look symbolizes a wild, carefree attitude and has been immensely popular since the early 2000s. There are several key items you need in your wardrobe if you want to achieve this popular look that may not be obviously displayed in the women’s department of your local store. By using our guide, you will be able to find the quintessential boho items so that you can achieve your perfect look.

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