My little pony party ideas

My Little Pony Party Ideas: Friendship is Magic

My little pony party ideas

With these awesome and unique My Little Pony party ideas, your kids will cast a spell on their friends. Just remember; “Friendship is magic!”

Birthday Party Ideas

My Little Pony has been a favorite among kids for decades, and still makes for a great party theme every time. With so many exciting and unique ponies and an emphasis on friendship, there’s a My Little Pony party for every occasion and every child.

Check out the Birthday Party, Slumber Party, and Halloween Party sections below to get party themes, decoration suggestions and simple activity how-to’s that make throwing your MLP party simple and creative. They’re even grouped by different pony preferences, so you can find the right fit for your Pony.

Pinkalicious Party

My Little Pony Cookie Cutter
Click the image to see MLP Cookie Cutter – $6.99

Everyone knows that ponies love to party, but did you know there’s even a pony dedicated to throwing parties? This Pinkie Pie inspired party takes all the fun of a traditional birthday celebration and puts a pink and sparkly twist on them. Pinkie Pie loves baking and, most of all, decorating! Taking a Pony-Shaped Cookie Cutter and making a sugar cookie Pony allows your partygoers to make their own unique Pony.



Artist Pallet
Click the image to see Artist’s Pallet – $1.73

Try using a plastic Artist’s Pallet for everyone’s decorating plates, and put sprinkles where the paint would go- this saves a lot of sprinkle spillage. No Pinkalicious party would be complete without pink balloons and lots of sparkles. There are plenty of easy kids crafts that include both, like the DIY MLP Snow Globe, and you can put all the works into their Goodie Bags.


DIY My little pony snow globe
DIY My little pony snow globe ( Source: )

Off To The Races!

Feathered Wings
Click the image to see Feathered Wings – $6.26

Ponies love a little competition, just ask pony favorite Rainbow Dash. Since Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus, why not let your little ponies decorates their own pair of racing wings? Whether Feathered Wings or Fairy Wings, it’s more fun to run through the air. Or, there are plenty of ways to make your own My Little Pool Noodle Ponies to ride through the racecourse. Ponies also love teamwork, so why not make it a relay race, or obstacle course? That way every pony is a winner and helps each other across the finish line.

Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings – $20.99

Fluttershy soft and cuddly Party

Belled Ribbon Wands
Click the image to see Belled Ribbon Wands – $4.50

Since Fluttershy loves cuddly animals, as all ponies do, why not plan a trip to a local farm or zoo for Fluttershy approved fun? A barn where girls can ride real horses is a great option for older kids. They will learn all about animal care and maybe even feed a pony. Brushing horses can be intimidating, but a really memorable experience for years to come. And an in-yard petting zoo can be reserved for younger girls to hold bunnies and chicks! Staying outside and making music with Belled Ribbon Wands is another great way to enjoy the outdoor garden party, along with picnic treats perfect for the trip.

Birthday Decorating Guide

My Little Pony Cake Toppers
Click the image to see MLP Cake Toppers – $8.99

To go along with your homemade birthday cookies, make a cake together and put on some My Little Pony Cake Toppers. Having a couple extras is always a good idea too since every kid wants a piece of cake with a pony on top.





Character Ceiling Hangers
Click the image to see Character Ceiling Hangers – $3.97

Hanging some Character Ceiling Hangers is also an excellent way to dress up a room and make it look like Equestria (land of the Ponies), whether your party is in a barn or living room!





My Little Pony Tablecloth
Click the image to see MLP Tablecloth – $2.99

Of course, having a set of plates, cups, and cutlery is an easy way to make your party fit for ponies, as is having the My Little Pony Tablecloth.







My Little Pony Background
Click the image to see MLP Background – $5.23

If you really want to bring Equestria into your living room, try setting up this My Little Pony Background on any free wall space.








My Little Pony themed goodie bags
Click the image to see MLP themed goodie bags – $4.32

And of course, don’t forget the My Little Pony themed goodie bags and Thank You Cards both are simple party essentials, and the bags can be cheap if you DIY with a printer!







Games/Activities and Tools for My Little Pony Birthdays

My Little Pony Award Ribbon
MLP Award Ribbon – $4.90

For any of your Pony Competitions, it’s an excellent idea to have these My Little Pony Award Ribbons on hand! Just make sure to get a few, in case you need to settle a tie!






My Little Pony Pinata
MLP Piñata – $17.99

Did someone say piñata? Pinkie Pie will be pleased to make her appearance at your event in a My Little Pony Piñata, which is really adorable and has a pull string for convenience.





Pin the Tail on the Pony Game
Pin the Tail on the Pony Game – $5.95

Another fun pony party game is Pin the Tail on the Pony! It’s a fun classic with a surly Rainbow Dash design and is a great follow-up to the Pinkie Pie Piñata.





My Little Pony For A Slumber Party

Twilight Sparkle Makeup party

Hair Jewels and Braiders
Hair Jewels and Braiders – $12.99

If your little ponies love the more magical aspect of the ponies in Equestria, why not try a Twilight Sparkle Sleepover? Twilight learns early on that the magic of friendship is to be different, so let your ponies try out their own Magical Pony Facepaint! The sleepover hairstyling can be reinvented with Hair Jewels and Braiders, and your ponies’ manes can reflect all their sparkle and shine!

Just-for-Kids Makeup Kits

Just-for-Kids Makeup Kits – $27.88

They can even do their own makeup with Just-for-Kids Makeup Kits, made from safe and organic materials with bright colors! Let each pony explore her unique self with her friends and find her own magic!

Ice Cream Slumber Party

Ice Cream Bowl
Ice Cream Bowl – $12.99

Having a My Little Pony slumber party can be easy and a huge hit by making it an ice cream social! Having the pony partiers each get an Ice Cream Bowl, you can let them decorate their own Sundae with a variety of toppings, even Pony-Shaped Sprinkles! Or, to make your sweet treats healthier, try a Popsicle Maker, and have your guests put their favorite fruits into a pop!


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic DVD
MLP Friendship is Magic DVD – $4.99

Make sure to do this at the beginning of the party, as the pops can take some time to harden depending on your freezer. Everyone can enjoy their sweet treat while winding down to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on DVD (if you don’t have Netflix)! If you know your ponies have seen ever last episode, pop in the original My Little Pony Collection, so your ponies can see the adventures of Princess Promenade too!




Rarity Pageant Party

One of the hallmarks of the Equestria ponies is their eye for fashion and flair, and how much fun they have shown off their individual styles. Take a cue from Rarity, and throw a pony pageant! Let each pony get her cutie mark with these Cutie Mark Temporary Tattoos! Then, if you’re feeling bold and can supervise, let the party guests play with some Glitter Hair Chalk! They can add streaks of bright and sparkling colors to their ‘mane,’ transforming them into regal unicorns or rockstar pegasuses, and it only lasts two to three washes!

Glitter Hair Chalk
Glitter Hair Chalk – $11.99

If your ponies are a little younger, MLP Sticker Earrings are a fun way to play pretend and help your pony get ready to walk the runway! Putting together a trail for your ponies makes it all the more real and magical. Make sure to play some peppy music and take plenty of pictures! They will be fun to pass out to all the other pony parents later.

Slumber Party Decorating & Tool Ideas

The first step to making a magical My Little Pony sleepover is MLP Bedding, for which there are tons of options- I went with the My Little Pony Throw Blankets (which also make a great gift!), which changes the theme of the bedroom enough but doesn’t make the room just about ponies. Another great slumber party option is a Sleeping Bag, some of which come with pillows or backpacks and great to reuse. Every kid needs a sleeping bag, and these are way cheaper than a set of bedding!

pink tutu
Pink Tutu – $24.89

Also, no slumber party is complete without some basic dress-ups! I like these tutus because they’re easy to put on and last forever, but there are a million ways to make your own with tulle and ribbon, which are fun and customizable, and you can reuse once you make a couple.

LED glowing ball lights
LED glowing ball lights – $39.99

Don’t forget a catwalk/runway if you plan to make a pageant party! Finding fabric to tape to the floor will do the trick, in whatever color your child likes best. You can decorate the carpet with stars embossed with the party guests’ names, or confetti and balloons! Light it up with some really cool LED glowing ball lights, and really get the mood set up with some tracks from the My Little Pony album. This is one of my favorite kids CDs and took me by surprise. I highly recommend Make A Wish, track 10, for the pageant music!

My Little Pony Themed Halloween Party Ideas

Apple Jack Harvest Halloween Party

My Little Pony is great for Halloween too! With an Apple Jack themed party, everyone can have Halloween fun without any tricks! Instead, treat your guests to a Candy Apple Bar, with a quick caramel apple kit, and a variety of toppings to choose from diverse topping choices and combos. Pair this harvest favorite with bobbing for apples- or alternatively, an Apple & Tongs game or Apples on a String game to make it safer for young children- and maybe some pony square dancing, and everyone will enjoy the fall and Halloween like Apple Jack and Apple Blossom- what pony doesn’t love apples?

Apples on a string game
Apples on a string game ( Source: )

Ponies and Dragons on Parade

Before your Ponies and Dragons go trick-or-treating, planning a Halloween Parade party is a great and easy get-together to make the most of the Pony/Dragon costumes. An excellent way to start the parade is to incorporate trikes, bikes and scooters into the costumes. And a pro-tip for trick-or-treating, keeping kids off their feet and eventually in your arms.

Because a pegasus pony and dragon can fly, using craft cotton or cotton balls and lights or glow paint make great DIY Clouds on a tricycle! You can keep track of where your kids are, and they can sail through the Halloween night!

LED Bicycle Light
LED Bicycle Light – $14.99

You can also substitute regular bike wheels for Light-Up Wheels, which come in a variety of colors and let your Pony zoom around at racing speeds without you needing to chase after them.

During the first yard parade and before trick or treating, make sure to capture the costumes on camera, and have the ponies and dragons pose as many times as they want (you’ll need a lot of films!)

If you saw the Goodie Bag DIY ideas, feel free to try them out for Halloween Treat Bags too! It’s another fun and easy craft for your party to do together, and can be spruced up with glow-in-the-dark paint, or glow sticks hot glued to the outside!

Rainbow Dash in the Dark Party

Glow in the Dark Face Paint
Glow in the Dark Face Paint – $19.99

The best part about Halloween is dressing up at night. So plan a Rainbow Dash in the Dark Party for your ponies to speed through Trick-or-Treating fearlessly and colorfully! Using Glow in the Dark Face Paint on kids makes the face paint worthwhile, since you can see your kids all night ( another great way to keep track of which kids are yours, click here for MLP face-paint ideas! ), and tying on a helium-filled Glow-Balloon-with a My Little Pony face.

Of course, it is another great and fun way to keep an eye on your group. Once everyone is back home and hyped up on sugar, grab some Glow Sticks and hit the backyard for Rainbow Dash relay races, or make the glow sticks into jewelry that any pony would love.

Halloween Pony Party Decoration and Tool Ideas

For a Halloween party in the style of Apple Jack’s farm family, setting up a square dance floor with chalk on concrete is simple and fast, and checking out that My Little Pony CD gives you options on what to play for dancing. Throwing in a couple of standard western hats, or even making skirt out of bandana gets everyone in the mood for dancing.

Some outdoor lighting simple additions make Halloween parties infinitely better. I liked this DIY Wiffle ball and glow stick combos. I attached a couple of these in the hedges in the backyard and was able to keep track of everyone much easier, but in a colorful, festive way!

Also having treat bags on hand is a convenient way to stay on theme and make your Halloween party a bit more pony-friendly.

My Little Pony Costumes

While there are so many ways to turn your child or even your adult self into a My Little Pony, here are some of the highlights of what is out there.

I’m a huge fan of this Pinkie Pie costume, it’s straightforward and easy to move-in. Perfect for trick-or-treating!

This Rainbow Dash version of the same design is also a great pick! If you’re aiming for more DIY costuming, try out making a tutu in the step-by-step guide above, to fit the colors of whatever pony you’d like, and the tattoo on a cutie mark. I love this Fluttershy wig to add to a DIY costume. It really completes the look, as does this clip-on tail (and you can easily copy in a DIY way)!

The adult Twilight Sparkle Costume and Twilight Sparkle Wig are really fashionable and easy.  Any of these paired with the face paint ideas (above) really pop on Halloween!

The Rainbow Dash Equestria Girls costume is too cute and spunky, while still being perfect for young girls.

Getting the whole family in on it, even your tweens and teens can be comfortable with cute and casual My Little Pony Hoodies (so funny and precious) and knee socks!

There are also some great basics to try, like capes and masks for just about every character, or even just t-shirts. Pony themed headbands are also a great addition to really any My Little Pony party, and there are plenty of DIY versions and ideas!

My Little Pony Party Gifts

If you’re attending any My Little Pony themed party, a gift is sure to be useful! While there are any number of figurines and other toys, some are more creative gift ideas than others. I love the MLP Play-Doh set since Play-Doh can be repurposed to be more than ponies. It is really too cute, making the hair and manes, and avoids all tangles and plastic toy brushes (no one’s favorite).

There are endless MLP story-books to buy for the beginning reader. These come with the reading level guide which is always useful when purchasing a gift for a birthday party.

I think buying the “MLP Ty Beanie Babies” is one of my favorite gift ideas. You can also bring this toy on trips and there’s no obnoxious plastic packaging to remove.

For the MLP lover of the 21st century, these Over-Ear Headphones are a so popular, and make a great addition to the Nintendo DS games, and various MLP themed DS vinyl themed covers!

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