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The Mystique of Masquerade Mask Parties

In 15th century Renaissance, Masquerade Balls were an extremely popular form of entertainment with the nobility of Venice; and arguably, Masquerade was popular long before that, possibly even as far back as the 1300s. Now, when we think of a Masquerade Ball or Party, our imagination is immediately set to overdrive. There is the notion of luxurious fabrics ornately decorated with jewels and lace and ribbons (and not only for the women!) along with elaborate hairstyles, dancing and music and of course, the ever-alluring Masquerade Mask.

carnival mask

It is astounding how the mystique of these outrageous parties has retained its attraction to the current day, and it doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. We are still drawn to the ostentatious costumes and outlandish behavior of the Masquerade culture, with a sense of excitement and seduction that no other type of party has to offer. The sheer opulence of Venice in those times when the nobility went out to ‘play’ is simply quite staggering and today we are still enthralled and excited when we imagine the lavish and extravagant parties they once had.

So this party season, if you are hosting or attending a Masquerade party, you will no doubt be on the hunt for a mask that truly reflects the grandeur of that bygone era. We did a little research, and you will be happy to know that fortunately, at the range of truly gorgeous Masks available is staggering! Whether you opt for a full face, half face or eye mask, the choice is overwhelming. Leather, papier Mache, filigree, bejeweled, painted, feathered, ornate or classic and simple – there are masks to suit all persuasions.


You can even color match these stunning pieces with your costume, and one of our favorite ranges is the beautiful white masks. If you cannot decide on your color or you want a truly regal effect for your costume, these little treasures will delight and surprise you. They come in plain white leather and filigree or trimmed with gold and silver, painted in Harlequin style, and of course, there is always the classic ‘Phantom of the Opera’ black with white. If you wish to go incognito, you can choose a traditional Zanni style (full face with a long beak), or you may prefer just a little flirtation with the half face filigree. In fact, there are so many to choose from you will no doubt want more than one just in case you change your mind and also because they are absolutely irresistible.

Once you start browsing, we can guarantee, you will not want to stop. So this holiday season, if you are looking for a theme for your party, Masquerade will please the whole crowd and get those creative juices flowing!

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