ninja turtle party ideas

Semi DIY Ninja Turtle Party Ideas For Teenage Mutants Fans

ninja turtle party ideas

If you are looking for fun and interesting ninja turtle party ideas, you can look no further. TMNT are universally loved characters that have crept their way into the heart and soul of ’90’s children and pop culture in general. The four main characters, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael, have a coolness factor to them that is ideal for both children and adult-themed parties. You could do a costume theme, which is the more quintessential idea, but why not build upon that on a much larger scale.

Ninja Turtle Toys That Rocks

ninja turtle bounce house

Ninja Turtle Bounce House – $33.98

You could create an outdoor experience by having an inflatable bouncer fully equipped with eye-popping illustrations of each ninja turtle, along with a multi-colored, outer surface consisting of blue, red, orange, and purple; the colors of each ninja turtles bandana.  Factor in this bombastic playset for the kids along with the ninja turtle dress up theme and you’ve got an extreme extravagance that can be ideal for summer.


tmnt glow in the dark led lights

TMNT Glow In The Dark Led Lights – $42.99

Or if you wanted to experiment with a nighttime party, you could try something different yet still useful: a swimming pool party. If you already have a pool, this will be easy. If not, go out and buy you one. Then go out and purchase yourself an underwater pool light show. This little device floats upon the water surface while it shoots out LED colors. And to top it all off, you get yourself some blue, red, orange, and purple balloons filled with glow sticks. Let this baby float around for added scintillation. This is just a few ideas that can really make your party fun for the entire family, while at the same time adding depth and originality. It’s a nice change of pace from the more traditional party setting.

Cool Ninja Turtle Party Supplies

For ideas about party supplies, you can go about it countless different ways. It isn’t hard finding Ninja Turtle-related supplies, but what if you wanted to think outside the box; come up with your own homemade approach. The really cool idea is to make your own plates and cups with neat little designs, and there are ways to master this. You’ll need a few items to achieve this. You’ll want to get some ceramic plates, decal paper, clear acrylic spray, rubbing alcohol, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle images that you want; additional tools also includes a bowl of warm water and paper towels.

DIY ninja turtle party supplies

The first thing you will want to do is to wash your plates in a very thorough and detailed manner. Then you’re going to rub a large amount of alcohol to rid away the dirt, grime, and other bacteria so it’ll be easier to apply the decal paper.

Now it’s time to find some Ninja Turtle images. Using your decal paper, print out the most visually appealing you can find. Cut them out so they can fit inside the nucleus of the plates. Then gently spray a few coats of the clear acrylic spray upon the cutouts until they’re completely covered; let the images dry after the application. Drop the images into the bowl of warm water and let them sit for a couple of minutes; the decal should begin to slide off the backing paper, depending on how hot the water is.

Finally, slide the decal Ninja Turtles onto the plate and smooth out the wrinkles until you’re presented with your very own embossed plates. Just remember not to place any food on the plates unless they’re adequately covered; you don’t want anything edible touching the plate in any way. This creative method will inevitably bump your convivial gathering up to consummate proportions, so give it a try.

TMNT Party Gifts

When it comes to gifts, they can be presented for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or your typical party in general. But when it’s about the Ninja Turtles, well, there are endless options to choose from. What you really want is a party gift that’s easily attainable; something that can apply to any circumstance. Well, here’s where it gets incredibly fun and cute: Ninja Turtle pillow pets.

TMNT Pillow Pets

TMNT Pillow Pets – $25.60

These little stuffed toys work two ways: as a stuffed toy and a pillow. They fold out into a comfortable pillow for you to lounge upon when you’re feeling in the mood just to relax or doze off into a peaceful slumber. And of course, they’re obviously a great gift to give to a child because they can play with it while still enjoying the added benefit of a sleep-related accessory.

Ninja Turtle glovesNinja Turtle gloves – $24.99

Another really useful gift would be a pair of Ninja Turtle gloves for when it’s cold outside. They not only make for a great gift for your loved one or a friend, but they can be quite a fashion sense too. The color green goes well with just about any dark color, and these little hand warmers are not only a conversation piece, but just another everyday article of clothing that can be worn with no problem; plus, how can you not like the fact that their faces are pasted on the gloves? These gift ideas are just a few of many that can be ideal for any birthday party or even an anniversary if you wanted to spice things up a bit.

Ninja Turtle Party Decorations

Of course, when you have a party, you’re going to need decorations of some kind; it’s what livens up the atmosphere, people. Since it’s most likely going to be for a birthday party, going for a different approach is key; it’s all about absorbing an eclecticism of ideas. This is an essential process to creating a party that’s both pleasing to the eyes, and semi-original; you build around the scope of what’s been done before, and you expand upon it.

ninja turtle maskNinja Turtle bandanas & mask – $15.98

So to make this explanation as comprehensible as possible, I’m going to break this down into two categories: use party decorations that are both store-bought AND homemade. You get the best of both worlds here. Here are a couple of conceptions to run with if you’re in need of thinking outside the box. The first idea is a homemade Ninja Turtle-style paper lantern that’s ideal for setting a scintillating mood that’s both visually vibrant and appealing. You’ll need some paper lanterns; it’s best to find them in the color green, but if you can’t, then grab yourself some green paint and go to town on them. Then get you some red, blue, orange, and purple ribbon of any quality to wrap around the paper lanterns; this will act as the Ninja Turtle bandanas.

Ninja Turtle paper lanterns

Ninja Turtle paper lanterns – $21.95

Finally, grab yourself some googly eyes and glue them to the ribbons; how cute is that? Now it’s time to make this homemade décor pop. We’ll now be heading into some uncharted territory. Gather up some Christmas garland and some blue, red, orange, and purple beads. Hang them around where you’ll be putting your Ninja Turtle paper lanterns, and you’ll really be the life of the party; I mean, come on, Christmas decorations at a birthday party? Talk about a postmodern approach.

To adequately prepare and maintain these decorations, of course, you’re going to need the necessary tools. Even if it’s for décor that’s simple or complex, these tools are the fabric that holds everything in place. This goes without saying, but without these contrivances, you wouldn’t have any way of bringing these decorations to life; they would cease to exist. So here are a few tools of very valued importance:

Adhesive Pad Tape

Adhesive Pad Tape – $12.62

This one here is a fairly obvious choice if you’re in need of holding several decorations together. It’s not recommended for walls, floors, and windows because of its strength and durability that leave these surfaces extremely vulnerable to damage. An example of proper usage would be the Ninja Turtles paper lantern project; that’s something you’d use adhesive pad tape on. Just think of it as heavy duty duct tape on steroids and try to be as practical as possible with it.

Balloon Decorating Tape

Balloon Decorating Tape – $13.99

Here’s another useful item. This is used to create a personalized structure of balloons; needs no further explanation.





Banner Bungee Cords

Banner Bungee Cords – $32.95

These are perfect for hanging up birthday banners and other adornments, most notably the garland concept referred to earlier.



Hot Glue Guns

Hot Glue Guns – $4.45

This is probably the most used instrument there is when it comes to crafts and décor; nearly %85 of your decorations are going to need glue, so this is definitely an item to investment in.



Flame Retardant Spray

Flame Retardant Spray – $19.80

If you’re in need of making sure your material is properly secured and less likely to become flammable. Apply it to whatever it is you’ll have displayed and let the coating settle for a few minutes.

Ninja Turtle Costumes

AA ninja turtle party can’t be complete without costumes. There are reasonably priced costumes that range in size, with a myriad of different styles to choose from. If you’re looking for a costume with the whole package, then you’re going to want to spring for the deluxe edition package of Leonardo that comes complete with a molded chest jumpsuit, elbow and knee pads, belt, and mask. You can also purchase the costume with the Leonardo Katana and Raphael Sais sword. Then there’s the deluxe edition of the muscle-chest Raphael costume that comes with a padded jumpsuit, injection-molded mask, and do-rag; this style is a lot more detailed and intimidating-looking.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe Costume – $19.93

The Michelangelo and Donatello are pretty much the same; the Donatello design being the more appealing. These all, of course, come in a size medium. The smaller set costumes are bit more cheaply, but they still get the job done; I mean, your main goal is to dress your child up in a costume that looks the part. And there’s also adorable baby costumes for the munchkins as well; these particular tailors are so cartoonish and rudimentary that they don’t look so much like the Ninja Turtles as they do any regular ole turtle; the costumes seem like if Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo were toddlers.

And if you’re a full grown human being, there are a couple of costumes to choose from; whether it’s for a costume party, Halloween, or cosplay. For women, the most notable style is the spandex jumpsuit, and for the men, there’s the Halloween Sensations Shredder costume. And there’s also the Ninja Turtles tee shirt and mask combo if you’re more accustomed to the formal look.

If you’re not about throwing down money for a readymade costume, then going down the path of “doing it yourself” is the right way for you; plus it’s more exciting scrounging up your own last minute costumes with everyday household items. This method is reserved for all of you currency conservers who just don’t feel like spending money on an expensive costume. The principal aspect of this approach is to come up with a design that doesn’t just resemble every other generic costume people wear; you want a little razzle-dazzle.

green robeTMNT Green Robe – $29.79

Take for example a green robe or dress; you can turn something like that into a work of pastiche. To accentuate the outer exterior of the Ninja Turtles through a little of minimalism, take a silk scarf that’s red, blue, orange, or purple and wrap it around your head. And put on a yellow undershirt to give off the proper illusion of the turtles’ belly. Then take two more of the scarves that you used for your headwear and adorned them around your thigh region so they’ll act as the color-coordinated kneepads. This DIY method isn’t really a full-blown costume, so just keep that in mind; this would work better an outfit that follows a party theme.

But if you wanted to throw caution to the wind and create something so casual that it takes the term “DIY” to a whole other level, then grab yourself a green shirt. Get some yellow paint and draw up a turtle chest six pack. Find a belt with a “D,” “M,” “R,” or “L” buckle, throw on a blue, red, orange, or purple headband, and find a pair of black pants. Sometimes being economical can bring out the creativity in a person. It’s really about conserving funds and being restrictive with what you can make do with; that’s the way to go, especially in this day and age.

TMNT Party Crafts

Making your own party crafts can be fun for the children if you’re trying to make a birthday party, that’s impressionable but easygoing. You can either make your own or buy some; it’s up to you. This brief guideline will help you to plan everything out with confidence and grace; since these party crafts are exclusively for birthday parties, you’ll want your child to be the envy of his peers.

TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Favors

TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Favors – $12.99

Start by making your own party favor bags. You’ll need green paper bags, construction paper of any of the four Ninja Turtles’ colors that you’ll want to cut into a bandana mask, and you’ll need googly eyes that always come in handy. These are extremely simple yet highly effective. The next project will be to gather up all of that construction paper so you can have your kids make something; cutout heads of each Ninja Turtle. This is a fun little exercise to keep the kids occupied from all of the hardcore fun they’ve been having; it’s good to mellow out and make some arts and crafts.

ninja turtle invitations

Ninja Turtle Invitations – $4.39

And what better way to make cake time more enjoyable than to have the right kitchenware for it. All you’ll need is green napkins, plastic forks and knives of the four TMNT colors, strips of ribbon of any of the four colors that will act as the seal that holds the utensils in place, and more googly eyes to glue onto the ribbons.

You can also go for a cute gimmick if you’re serving up candies and sweets. Get some glass jars of any size, bright fabric that will again serve as any of the four colors. Draw a pair of eyes into said fabric or pull out your googly eyes, and fill them to the brim with green candy of any texture; green gummy bears, green M & M’s, Hershey’s kisses in green wrappers, green gumballs, etc. Or if you wanted to switch up the menu a bit, then you could always balance out the caloric and sugar intake by serving up oranges, strawberries, blueberries, and purple concord grapes; see where I’m going with this theme? And if you really want to keep the excitement going, then why not show the kids a really stellar life hack: how to make glow-in-the-dark slime!

Glow in the Dark Slime Science Kit

Glow in the Dark Slime Science Kit – $9.99

Your ingredients will consist of green food coloring, glow-in-the-dark paint, and some Borax. Prepare a bowl with half a cup of warm water and your tablespoon of Borax; this will help the minerals to dissolve better. Then you mix in your glue and food coloring and stir it all in until it’s thick ectoplasmic perfection.

Sometimes you need party games that keep everything Zen in the midst of the explosive blowout you’re most likely having; any TMNT party isn’t complete without a few games. And what better online retailer to find a few good ideas than Amazon. You’re bound to luck out and spot yourself a game or two that’s perfect for grownups and kids alike; it’s all about enjoying an active form of unity through materialistic recreation.

ninja turtle pinataTNMT Piñata – $36.47

The “Feed the Pizza to Mikey” game offers a modern take on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” You basically have to pin a slice of pizza to the mouth of Michelangelo; additional items include the blindfold, a large poster, and eight pizza slice stickers; it’s an affordable gimmick for everybody. The Ninja Turtles Piñata is something else to invest in; who doesn’t love piñata’s filled with candy? It’s designed with twelve pull strings, that way it’s easier for the children to operate without being a hazard to their health.




TMNT Games

And if you’re looking for other online businesses that deal in TMNT games, then Party City is another place to browse; the name goes without saying. A particular game that’ll surely have the young ones wearing themselves out would have to be the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bean Bag Toss Game.” It comes with a wooden board a neat illustration of all four Turtles with point values posted in various spots where you throw the bean bags at. These are just a few suggestions you wouldn’t regret spending your money on; the kids will love you for it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Game

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Game – $4.99

And what is the party with socially interactive games without the imperturbable enjoyment of virtual contests? The great thing about the TMNT franchise is that if you’re looking for a video game, don’t fret, because they have a myriad of all kinds, and for all systems too. If you go Amazon, which will probably be the best place to find affordable ones, you’ll notice quite the conglomerate of suggestions to choose from.

Video Games For A Full Featured Fun Party

teenage mutant ninja turtles video games

PC, MAC, PS3/4, Xbox, Nintendo Games – Prices Vary 

If you’re on the hunt for a video game that’s available for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, then go with “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan. It’s equipped with stylized graphics that expand all the way from the sewers and streets of New York to the lair of Krang. “Danger of the OOZE” is another game available for every system, including the Nintendo 3DS. And there’s the self-titled “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” that can be played on every system mentioned above. The graphics are pretty decent, and the storyline is easy to follow; perfect for the children to get into without being too difficult to master. What party would be complete without video games?

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