20 Outrageously Feminine Gifts For The Sexy Girl

20 Outrageously Feminine Gifts For The Sexy Girl

20 Outrageously Feminine Gifts For The Sexy Girl

Hot Beauty Products for Spring

As the weather heats up, our beauty routines change. Hair color and makeup gets lighter, and our skincare needs change too.

In the wintertime, most women use a heavy moisturizer. Though you need to moisturize your skin all year round, in the spring and summer you can switch to lighter products. More and more people are turning to all natural beauty products this season. Instead of relying on chemicals, natural beauty products use plant extracts and other botanicals to nourish skin and hair.

Korres Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturizer

Korres offers a great line of beauty products that you will really enjoy. From the Korress Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturizer to their Rice Protein Shampoo, you will find Korres natural beauty products suited to all your beauty needs.

Brown Sugar Body Polish

If you are looking to restore your skin back to a healthy glow after a long, harsh winter, you need a product that exfoliates and softens your skin. Brown sugar body polish is the answer. Using natural brown sugar, along with almond oil, jojoba, and other natural ingredients, this body polish will remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells to revitalize and smooth your tired complexion.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish

After you have polished your body, it’s time to polish your nails! Spring is all about color. When choosing the nail polish, select fabulous spring shades from pale pink to turquoise blue. Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish comes in dozens of wonderful colors. My favorite shade is Drop Dead Gorgeous, a bold dark red.

Crochet Your Way To Summer Style

One of the first crafty things my mom taught me to do besides darning the holes in my socks is the art of crochet. I started out with a spool of string and a crochet hook and was able to make a small doily in no time. I went on to learn knitting from a family friend, but crochet has always been my favorite crafty activity.

So this summer I was pleasantly surprised to see more than a few crocheted clothes and accessories in stores. And they’re hardly like anything your grandmother would ever wear. Before you could find some crocheted beach coverups, but now you can find jewelry like the Daydream Nation Black Tears Crochet Ruffle Necklace for a different way to use the so-called prim and proper technique. Another favorite of mine is the Tibi Crochet Lace Top you can use at the poolside as a cover up or wear with a nude bra for an “is she or isn’t she?” look. There’s also plenty of tops and shirts with some crochet trim for just a touch of the summer trend.

Summer Fashion: Maxi Dresses

A breezy maxi dress is a summer fashion staple as the simple wardrobe piece effortlessly creates a chic and feminine look. Check out the tips below for how to wear this dress style best:


A maxi dress is a statement piece, so go for one with a bright color that suits summer. If you want to make even more of a statement, choose one with a fun pattern that stands out even more. The length of a maxi dress is crucial. Make sure you choose one that shows your shoes—if it drags on the ground, hem it or use a woven belt to shorten it.


Just because it’s long doesn’t mean it’s formal, so keep the accessories casual. Woven belts, bags, and hats go great with your casual summer look. Avoid rhinestones and go with ethnic or funky jewelry instead. We recommend choosing one jewelry focal point such as an armload of bangles or a statement necklace.


If it’s cooler out or you want to cover up a bit more, add a denim jacket, sweater, shrug or cropped cardigan. Avoid overly structured and formal looking blazers and jackets.


Pair your dress with gladiator sandals, ballet flats or wedges. Heels and platforms will look too dressy when paired with a casual summer maxi.

One of the hottest trends for sandals this summer is the extreme platform wedge. Towering above the rest, these sandals are wedge platform styles with a ’70s glam rock star edge. Take your warm weather style to new heights with slingbacks, nude leather and strappy basket weave styles. Look for embellishments such as faux-croc prints, cork wedges, woven leather detailing, rivets and more. Anything goes with this trend! Go ahead and take this fun shoe trend to the extreme!

Get shopping on this wedge platform trend for the season with a pair of chic warm weather sandals and get ready for warm weather days and fun in the sun!

Summer Shoe Trend Alert – Beaded Thong Sandals

One major trend this summer is for the embellished sandal. If you’re going to buy just one pair of casual chic sandals for the summer,  you may as well go with a pair of embellished flats. Darker shades of leather present a beautiful contrast to embellishments including paillettes, to beads, coins, and crystals. So don’t  settle for a pair that is anything less than spectacular.

There are some fantastically embellished sandals out there, but I especially love the variety of beaded thong sandals with a stylish ankle cuff. Many styles zip up the back, so there’s no uncomfortable buckle and the beads are interspersed with rhinestones, so they’re really glitzy and shiny in the sun. Perfect for lounging poolside or at a romantic picnic in the park paired with your favorite sundress.

Summer Beauty Products

Summer requires a regular beauty fit for hot weather. We’ve looked to Elle for some of their favorite summer beauty products listed below:

Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque:

Summer takes a toll on your hair, so giving it extra attention during these hot months is important. The Aveda Sun Care Hair Masque is an intensive, antioxidant-rich cream mask that brings back much-needed moisture to your sun-damaged hair.

Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer:

Keep your skin shine-free with Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer. The moisturizer is ultra-light and provides a smooth and weightless finish that is ideal for summer heat.

Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser:

Remove chlorine, salt and any other residue that is inevitable during summer with the Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser. The color-safe formula is made with organic sunflower seed oil and vitamin E and can be used on both your body and hair.

Avène High Protection Tinted Compact SPF 50:

Protecting your skin from damaging sun exposure is crucial. The matte formula in the Avène High Protection Tinted Compact is made with %100 mineral sunscreen and Pre-tocopheryl ( photo-stable vitamin E ) with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and powerful antioxidants.

LiftLab Lift & Fix High Potency Solution:

Hot weather can be rough on your skin. Give it some TLC with the LiftLab Lift & Fix Solution, perfect for soothing redness or sensitivity. The formula strengthens the skin barrier while calming irritation.

Susan Posnick COLORFLO Bronzer:

Bronzer is a summer makeup staple. The Susan Posnick Bronzer gives your skin a natural looking glow while also protecting it from UVA/UVB rays and absorbing the excess oil on your face.

Paula’s Choice Sun 365 Sunless Tanning Foam: Get a Healthy Glow Without The Sun:

Even though it’s common knowledge that the sun is damaging to your skin and can lead to serious health issues, most people still associate a golden tan with a healthy lifestyle.  Now you can achieve that radiant and glowing look without the side effects with Paula’s Choice SUN 365 Self-Tanning Foam. This lightly tinted tanning foam goes on easily for an even, streak-free tan.

Designer Spotlight: MIKOH Swimwear

Local California girls, Oleema, and Kalani Miller were blessed to grow up in Orange County, with the sun on their cheeks, and sand in their hair, it’s like these beach babes were destined to design superb swimwear. Spending their adolescence swimming, surfing, and sunning, they must already have had an idea of what the ideal swimsuit would have to endure: heat, sand and salt water- of course.  With fashion and function on their side, these twos were able to design the fiercest, sexiest, bikini’s and monokini’s known to the industry at present.

The suits come in all sorts of brazen hues. Some are adorned with flowy fringe while others have a unique triple band bandeau top. The monokini crochet back one piece seems to be the bohemian sexpot look that gave MIKOH Swimwear, the hot ticket name it has today. The Brazilian-esque bottoms are wildly sexy, and definitely, need a certain je ne sais quoi to pull off the look, but so worth it once you pull these skivvies on.

Get your credit cards out ladies, because this beach wear can set you back up to $200 bucks, but don’t delay most colors and sizes are already sold out due to the season’s popularity–and they have only been on the market less than a month!

4th of July Fashion – Celebrate America’s Independence in Style

While Independence Day calls for wearing red, white and blue, looking patriotic without going overboard can be tricky. Check out the 4th of July fashion tips below to find just the right amount of USA.

Patterned skirts or shorts are a fun and easy way to tie in a patriotic color theme without being cliché. Look for a skirt or shorts with a red, white or blue color theme or stars and stripes design and pair it with a top in the missing color. The combo will leave you looking fashionably chic while still showing your patriotism for Independence Day.

Similar to the above look but reversed, look for tops with a red, white and blue color theme or stars and stripes design and pair them with solid white bottoms or jeans. For a more feminine look, search for a dress with a patriotic color theme.

If you want just a hint of red, white and blue, consider showing your USA support through accessories. Look for nail polish, purses, scarves or jewelry in shades of red, white and blue or look for star and stripe designs to add a subtle bit of patriotism to your outfit.

Though it’s not as subtle as the above looks, consider incorporating an American flag pattern into your outfit. Whether it’s on a top or pair of shorts, as long as it’s paired with simple, solid pieces you won’t look like you’re trying too hard.

New Fashion Basic: Little White Dress

Everyone knows that the little black dress is a staple in anyone’s closet. After all, the godmother of fashion Coco Chanel is attributed to the creation and popularity of the little black dress in the 1920s! The LBD can be extremely versatile from work to play. Since we’ve got that covered (in my case, with multiple LBDs), it’s time to invest in a little white dress. Spring and summer are the perfect time to shop for a white dress you can wear for a picnic date at the park or brunch with your family.

If you’re looking for something that’s charming enough to wear to meet your boyfriend’s parents or even just running errands around town, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Eyelet Embroidered Dress is almost saccharine sweet. And I’m always a sucker for dresses with pockets. For something a little more edgy you can always count on designer Alexander Wang to deliver. His Cutout Ponte Dress has all the right combination of sexy cutouts and pintucks in a skintight jersey dress. Sigh.

Oryany’s Sequin Wendy Tote

Simple, eye-catching, and decadently luxurious, Oryany’s Sequin Wendy Tote isn’t just another pretty bit of arm candy. No, she does a lot of work too! The spacious soft-sided design can be carried by either short handles, or on the shoulder (or body) by the long metallic chain. A matching removable cosmetic bag helps to keep your essentials handy while an array of interior pockets holds things like cell phones and business cards.

For a more classic metallic style try the gold and silver combination, which can be worn for the rest of the summer and well into fall. The abstract print version offers a look that’s more downtown punk, with pockets of dark black mixed in with muted blues, coppers, and gold tones in a circular pattern. The uneven aspect of the sequin surface is precisely what makes these bags a fun addition to an everyday look. If they were too perfect, they’d only be for special occasions!

Roomy, functional, and with a surprising jolt of shimmer, Oryany’s Wendy Tote works just as good as she looks!

Go Slinky & Snaky With Python Printed Jewelry

For more modest fashionistas who aren’t normally too fond of loud animal prints, python is the perfect way to test the waters of the “wild side” and experiment without straying far from neutrals. Snake-embossed pieces are just as sexy as leopard and fun as zebra stripes, yet they’re infinitely easier to pull off because they go with nearly anything. For this season, I love python printed jewelry pieces because they have a sexy, subtle sheen to them that’s a bit earthier than the full-on night out “bling,” and the neutral colors totally flatter a summer tan! Plus, the scaly leather texture provides an extra interesting element that’s much more luxe (and summer-friendly) than faux fur or pony hair. Opt for a long pendant python necklace, stack on some slithery bangles, or make a snarky statement with an embossed cocktail ring!


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