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Planning a Wedding at a Luxury Resort

Traditionally, a romantic getaway to a luxury resort was reserved for newly married couples. However, couples also have the option of holding their weddings at such luxurious destinations, and then using the same destination for their honeymoon.

Having your wedding at a luxurious destination such as a luxury resort is very alluring. Destination weddings make this blissful occasion much more special. You and your soon to be spouse get the opportunity to say your vows in front of your loved ones surrounded by the most scenic and lush landscape. Your guests also have the opportunity to use the occasion like a holiday getaway.

It is definitely a dream come true for most couples to have destination weddings at luxury hotels. However, such a wedding can only be successful if you plan it accordingly. The following are some tips that can help you plan a destination wedding at a luxury resort effectively even from miles away.

a. Picking the resort

When picking a luxury destination for your wedding, it is imperative that you decide what type of wedding it is that you want. A mountain wedding would mean that you pick a resort that is in a mountainous area. If you want a beach wedding, then you will need to pick a resort with a beach front. Selecting the type of wedding or the natural landscape will help you determine the best luxury resort for the destination wedding.

Another consideration you should make when selecting a resort for the wedding is memories. If you and your spouse have visited a luxury resort before and have made some special memories there, then this would be the ideal location for the wedding.

Furthermore, pick a resort where you would be comfortable honey-mooning to reduce the overall traveling costs.

One group of people you will need to consider when picking the location is your guests. Pick a location that is easy to get to if you are looking to have a large number of guests at your wedding. A location such as this would make it easier for your guests to arrive and depart comfortably. However, if you are only inviting a small number of people, then a remote location can also be a good option.

b. Plan with the weather in mind

Once you have picked the resort using the tips above, please consider the prevailing weather conditions at the location. Every couple wants their wedding day to be sunny, but sometimes things do not work out this way.

Your main consideration should be how the weather usually behaves during the time you are planning to hold your wedding. Once you have these details, you can then plan accordingly. For instance, you can decide to change the wedding date if you had chosen one when the weather conditions would most likely be horrible. You can also change the location to one where the weather is much more suitable.

Weather conditions that should definitely be on your radar include hurricanes, extreme temperatures, sudden changes in weather, as well as stormy conditions.

c. In-house services

It is not only cost-saving but also highly convenient to pick a resort that provides the majority of the services you will require in-house. Here, we are talking about catering services, as well as accommodation services that can adequately fit all of your guests plus their special needs. Also, the resort needs to offer several entertaining, and exciting services that you’re guests can take part in during their stay there.

Ayana Bali Resort is one such resort, and that is why it remains a highly sought after destination wedding location. The weather is almost always here, and you are guaranteed that your wedding will be absolutely amazing.

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