Pokemon party ideas

24 Unique Pokemon Party Ideas For Birthday Kids

Pokemon party ideas

Pokemon Party Ideas For Kids

Do you need some unique Pokemon party ideas for your kid’s birthday or Halloween party? Finding the perfect theme for your child’s birthday party can be a daunting and sometimes worry-inducing task. However, there is no need to fret, as no one knows your child better than you do. If your child is an avid Pokemon fan, then giving them a Pokemon themed birthday party is a sure-fire way to have a fun and memorable moment for them, as well as all their friends.

Decorating A Pokemon Birthday Party

Making a Pokemon themed birthday is actually really easy, and you can do it for a very low cost. One of the coolest and cheapest way to give the entire party the Pokemon feel is to create a unique party favor table. It is vital to remember the color scheme. Blue, white, red, and black should be all of your base colors, from the table covers to the streamers and ribbons.

red table coverBuy Now: $4.80

Finding a red table cover should be simple, and a lot of different sites have these in stock. You can purchase it for $4.80.

red garlandBuy Now: $13.32

You can also pull off this cool party favor table garland for as low as $13.32.

pikachu balloonsBuy Now: $8.29

However, just the table cloth and garland are not enough. Finding the perfect set of balloons to tie off at the corners of the table give it a far more festive and intriguing look. This set of Pokemon themed balloons have the most popular characters straight from the cartoon and card game series, destined to delight any attending child, all for a low price of $8.29.

helium tankBuy Now: $50.99

Of course, it is entirely okay to give a much more layered look if you add an assortment of standard helium balloons. They come in various colors like black, red, blue, and white. Just remember to place them accordingly around the main attention grabbers, whether it is the actual Pokemon balloons or the items you need to put on the table. If you need a small tank of helium, you can find it online for a reasonable price of $50.99.

Pokemon hatBuy Now: $10.41

Now that you have the basis down for the table, it is time to select the real favors to place on top. There are a large variety of different items, but these one are going to look completely awesome on the table for kids to pick up. This Pokemon hat is available at a $10.41, and is sure to make your Pokemon fan look like one of their favorite characters.

Rubber BraceletsBuy Now: $7.53

A bracelet is also a fascinating party favor, as anyone can wear them, and they look really cool. You can pick up a four pack for under eight dollars.

Along with these, there is an assortment of different bags and boxes available, but there are some fascinating ones you can make yourself. Small paper bags can help you make this one, where you can find an online stencil or freehand draw in the shape of Pikachu’s arms and feet. Color in the eyes the way he looks, and use those bags as a place to hold everyone’s party favors.

Pokemon Hanging Birthday Party Decoration Kit

Buy Now: $27.99

Of course, just the party favor table doesn’t cover all the decorations you need for an amazing Pokemon themed birthday party. There are a variety of streamers and other items that can work very well as garland, wall hangings, table toppers, and others that have the Pokemon of your choosing. There are many choices to choose from, but these hanging decorations will give an intriguing twist to the Pokemon theme at $27.99.

Birthday Party Banner

Buy Now: $7.22

Along with the wall hangings, banners are another idea that works really well for decorating a themed birthday party. Some banners feature a myriad of Pokemon characters, guaranteeing that you will find the perfect banner that holds your child’s favorites. This one can be purchased off of Amazon for $7.04, featuring the classic ‘Happy Birthday’ banner with a unique Pokemon touch.

Pokemon Birthday Cake Topper Decorating Kit

Buy Now: $6.39

With all of these items available, it can be interesting to find a way to mix and match, creating a unique feel that your child will remember and love for a long time, even when the party is over, and the cake has been completely eaten up. There are a few different kits to choose from to allow you to create and style your own cake that everyone of all ages will love and talk about. This kit has a neat set of cake toppers to allow you easily to create the perfect Pokemon cake for $6.39.

Removable Dot Dispenser

Buy Now: $5.57

You may have gotten a few great ideas off this list. There are a few other things I must address before you can have the best Pokemon themed birthday party for your little one. One of the things that make a great party is to have all of the supplies you will need to decorate and theme the party. One of the coolest tools for this is this glue dots dispenser, available for the small price of $5.57. These dots work wonders for those wall hangings and other items that have to be secured. It works great on paper, foam, cardboard, along with other materials. The best part is that they are really easy to clean up.

Pokemon Party Activities

After all the decorating is done, you know how awesome the place looks, set up perfectly for your child’s special day. Now, it is time to plan ways to keep all the kids engaged and happy with some fun activities. One unique way to get both the kids and the parents involved is by adding a costume theme. This lets everyone dress as their favorite Pokemon character, delighting children of every age.

Pokemon Costumes

Pikachu Costume

Buy Now: $14.95

If you or your child is really into Pikachu, then this costume will be a great addition to the party. For $14.95, you can get this unique and fun costume. It covers the entire body, as well as comes with a mask for really getting into the character. Kids will love it when Pikachu enters the birthday party, whether or not it actually is a costumed themed one or not.

Another really cool way to liven up your child’s birthday party is to dress the birthday kid in this child’s Ash Ketchem costume. Let them be the most favorite character from the entire franchise, and watch their friends reactions when thy see. This costume is $24.43, and comes with all the extras, from the outfit to the famous hat.

DIY Pokemon Costumes

Of course, you don’t have to go out of your way to spend money on costumes. There are a variety of different ways you can make your very own that look awesome, but also save you some money.

The first one worth mentioning is how to make yourself look just like Misty from the famous Pokemon franchise. This one is really easy to pull off on your own. All you have to do is look through your closet and find all the right wardrobe accessories. Find a pair of jean shorts and combine it with a pale yellow tank top. Throw on some red and white shoes, and you can look just like Misty for any occasion, from the birthday party to Halloween. The best part is, this costume can work for both parents as well as kids.

Another awesome DIY costume

There is another classic DIY Pokemon themed costume which is also easy to do. You can use any sort of black outfit that you have hiding in your closet. Use red duct tape to create the R on the front. White accessories can be found in a variety of different places, so just shop around if you don’t happen to have a white belt hiding in your closet. With this combination, you or your child can look just like one of the Team Rocket grunts.

This costume might be a little bit time-consuming to create, but the project itself is fun and exciting. For this one, all you have to do is find a purple ball and a set of paint. Decorate the ball like one of the heads of Weezy, and use some cardboard for a mask to cover your own face. You can connect these two heads with really anything. Wear this to a Pokemon themed birthday party and watched everyone get a kick out of it.

Adding the costume aspect to your child’s birthday party is a sure way to allow every child, no matter what, to become engaged. It is fun, and is an excellent way to show how much you know and love your Pokemon. However, even if you choose not to incorporate the costume theme, there are still a bunch of other things that can be done to let your child have the best birthday party ever.

Pokemon Party Games

As any Pokemon fan knows, the games are still as popular now as they were early in their lifetime. New games have come out, and other games are becoming really, really popular. Giving  a game as a gift is always an amazing way to make a birthday party special, but you can also through in the gaming aspect into the birthday party itself. Here are some ways that you can accomplish this, hassle free.

Pokemon Card Reverse Foil SetBuy Now: $79.99

One really cool activity is to hold your very own Pokemon tournament. For this, you can use your child’s Pokemon cards. You set it up just like the directions dictate, then allow the kids to play the game. When one round is over, let another kid play against the winner.

This gives the kids something to do, as well as show and hone their Pokemon skills. While the kids are doing that, you can set up a TV with one of the cartoons or the movies. You can also break out the Nintendo and let the kids play with and as some of their favorite characters. Of course, there is also the alternative to just watching others.

Gather all of the children who are waiting for their turns for the activities. Then proceed to sit them all together in a big circle. Go around the circle, asking trivia questions, favorite parts, scenes, or aspects of the games. This is fun, but the moderate activity that can help keep the rowdy kids under control. The shy kids will be able to open up and communicate.

Pokemon Crafts You Can Make With Your Kids

Pokemon character maker

Buy Now: $9.27

Another really cool way to have fun at a Pokemon themed birthday party is to incorporate some really cool crafts. These one allow kids to create their very own characters. It is super easy and super fun. Create memories with this item for only a small price of $25.00.

Pokemon How-to-Draw Ki<img src=Buy Now: $11.99

This one is also really fun and lets your child show their creative side. This Pokemon drawing kit is really informative, showing kids how to draw their favorite characters in an easy and comprehensive manner. This kit can be purchased from Amazon for the low price of $11.99.

Gift Ideas For A Pokemon Themed Party

Pokemon Moon Nintendo Game

Buy Now: $39.96

Now it is time to think about gifts for the birthday kid. If you are willing to spend a little bit of money on gifts, then pre-ordering Pokemon: Sun or Pokemon: Moon are fantastic ways to give your child exactly what they want.

Buy Now: $146.99

These games go on sale sometime in November of 2016. Pre-ordering costs a little over  $36.00. These games are specifically for the Nintendo 3DS, which can also be purchased for $239.99.

Pokemon Go Party

Also worth looking into is Pokemon Go manuals. This game is really remarkable. It sends kids and adults alike out into the world on an adventure to capture as many Pokemon as they can.

Pokemon Go Guide

Buy Now: $2.99

This is a great and uniquely mobile game, letting you take it with you everywhere you go.

This is also really fun when you have several people with you. You can have friendly competitions to see who gets the most, as well as have teams to try and collect different types of Pokemon.

This manual will help let your child be the ultimate Pokemon master they wish to be.

Birthday parties are a fun way to celebrate your child’s special day. It lets them connect and create memories that can last for years.

Hopefully, you have been inspired by this list and have a good footing on how to prepare your child’s Pokemon themed birthday party.


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