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The Post-Pandemic Party Rulebook

Depending on who you ask, 2020 was either heaven or hell. Extroverts who find solace in going out with friends could hardly bear being isolated at home for most of the year… while introverts who would rather spend their time at home, alone, playing games online at JackpotCity, probably lived it as their little slice of heaven. Spending most days in the company of a steaming cup of tea and fun slot machines at JackpotCity while working from home and doing all your shopping online was the ideal way to spend time for many of us… but this time is coming to an end as the world reopens. Yup, it’s back to outings, dinners with friends, and parties.

But the parties of the post-pandemic era will not be (and should not be) the parties we’ve gotten used to. The last year has taught us a great deal about the importance of personal hygiene and the way we can keep ourselves and others around us safe and healthy. So, it’s time to create a post-pandemic party rulebook so we can enjoy each other’s company as safely as possible.

Health basics

The novel coronavirus is a sneaky bastard – it can hide in your body for days and infect others even if you don’t feel sick. You may argue that if you don’t have any symptoms you have no way of spreading it – but this is not true. Everyday interactions like a handshake or a kiss on the cheek can infect another being – and we’ve all seen what this sneaky bastard is capable of.

So, the post-pandemic party rulebook should start with ruling out some of the things that we considered normal before it, including – and we can’t stress this enough – blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, then distributing the droplet-covered slices to everyone attending.

Handshakes should also go, hugs can remain… but with precautions.

And here’s one important rule: if you have the sniffles, don’t go to a party. Even if it’s just a common cold, it’s not a fun party gift to give.

Garden parties FTW

The many studies conducted last year show that sunlight and fresh air are COVID’s mortal enemies – so it’s a logical choice to take your parties outdoors. Besides, it’s also easier to clean up the aftermath. And let’s not forget that for many, outdoor parties – no matter if they involve dinners, grilling, or simply having a few cold ones with your friends – are the pinnacle of entertainment.

Of course, this all depends on the weather… so, the post-pandemic party rulebook should state “if the weather allows it, party outdoors”.

Forget the smorgasbord

Did we mention that the novel coronavirus is sneaky? And did we tell you about the birthday cake? Well, then you’ll understand why the buffet has to go.

A Japanese experiment conducted last year simulated the spread of a virus (represented by paint that glows under a black light) during a dinner party with a buffet. As you might expect, the results were shocking – by the time all the guests served themselves, the fluorescent paint was “spread” on every person, their plates, the utensils… everything.

So, the post-pandemic party rulebook should state “forget the smorgasbord” to keep yourself and your friends safe.

What if I’m fully vaccinated, you may ask? Should I adhere to all these new rules? Being vaccinated reduces your chances of contracting the disease – and the chances of you spreading it further – considerably. But no prevention method is 100% effective. So, the answer is “Better safe than sorry”.

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