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Returning To Salons: Your “New Normal” Look

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the beauty industry, especially on hair salons. Salons were closed in most states for several months, but they are beginning to reopen. 

During the pandemic, many people panicked because they would not be able to get the needed hair care services. The number of people with home dye jobs and unevenly cut bangs has exploded. Some people made mistakes with their hair care that will need to be fixed by a trusted professional.

Sharon Dorram, a hairstylist to the stars, explains how salons will help people return to a stylish and beautiful look in the post-pandemic months ahead. 

Color and Highlights 

People with naturally gray hair that is usually colored by a professional have been worried about their roots coming in. It has caused many of them to reach for at-home coloring products. Unfortunately, many of these preparations are bad for your hair, especially if they contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals.

When colorists first see their clients after the pandemic, they may feel as if they have their work cut out. Clients will probably feel embarrassed about their failed attempts at coloring their hair. Colorists need to be understanding and kind while also providing the help they need to fix their hair emergencies. 

One of how colorists can help fix a bad dye job is by using a color eraser product. Lightening the hair may cause more problems for already-damaged locks. They can apply specific color treatments to correct the undertones of the hair. For example, for hair that looks greenish, they can apply a reddish color to neutralize it.

Deep conditioning treatments like hair masks can help to revitalize overly dried-out hair. Stylists can also use keratin treatments to smooth out flyaway hair that has been damaged in a dye job and restore healthy shine.

Salon Color at Home 

Many hairstylists like Sharon Dorram have begun offering at-home kits using genuine salon color. These kits are mainly meant for fixing exposed roots until the client can get back into the salon in person. Stylists who have gone this route are interested in keeping their clients looking good even when they can’t come to the salon. 

Home Haircutting Gone Wrong

Many people, especially people with bangs, have been tempted to cut their hair. It is generally risky since most people do not know what they are doing. Wet hair looks longer than dry hair, meaning that hair will seem to shorten as it dries. It can lead to a poor cutting job. Snipping hair in the wrong place can lead to an unbalanced look. Some men have even let their children cut their hair with clippers. Fortunately, a bad haircut is easier to fix than a botched dye job, as long as there is enough hair to work with.

In most cases, simply cutting the hair short enough to match the home cut will help to even it out. It may be more complicated when a client has curly hair or different hair texture.

Sometimes, fixing a home haircut disaster means changing a person’s look completely. It may not be good news to the client, but a good stylist will help them find a look that they love.

The advantage of men’s cuts and other short haircuts at this time is that they will grow out quickly, letting people recover more easily from their bad experiences.

Ways to Encourage Clients to Visit the Salon 

Nervous clients need to be reassured that it is safe to revisit the salon. During the pandemic, most salons started using personal protective equipment like masks, face shields, and gloves. Occupancy in salons was reduced, and there were restrictions on the kinds of treatments that were available. Even as these restrictions begin to lift, some people will still be hesitant about getting their haircut.

It is a good idea to stay in touch with your best clients via text or email to let them know that you are thinking about them and that you are ready to help them with their hair. 

Providing an Important Service to the Community 

Now that people have experienced life without their trusted hairstylists, they may not take them for granted. Most people are expected to return to the salon, with only a few deciding to go their own way in the future. Hair Stylists and colorists have many tricks up their sleeves to fix poorly done home dye jobs and haircuts. Stylists like Sharon Dorram know how to keep their clients happy, and they will continue to work together in the future to make people look good and feel good about themselves.

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