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8 Secrets For Creating A Luxurious Bathing Oasis In Your Home

Many wives would love to have a luxurious bathing oasis in their home to enjoy every day. It’s time to take out the old shower curtain and make your master bathroom an oasis for her! Follow these eight easy steps, and she will be thanking you with surprises all year long.

1) Paint the walls of your bathroom white or light colors like beige, yellow, or green

This will brighten up the room and make it feel more luxurious. Creating an accent wall with color will also add some nice aesthetic value. Make sure the colors mesh with her favorite color so you can add accents to the bathroom that she will love.

2) Install heated flooring

A heated floor will make stepping out of the shower a dream. Women also really enjoy having a place for their towels to go that is warm and cozy instead of cold on their feet. This luxury item does not have to be expensive, as there are some very cost-efficient ways to get this feature in your bathroom.

3) Add a Jacuzzi bathtub surrounded by LED lights

These lights will show amazing colors that she can enjoy while taking a relaxing bath. This will help her relax even more than before and pull her bathroom together into one luxurious oasis. Switch out any light fixtures with bright LED lights that are energy efficient.

4) Make sure there is plenty of room around the toilet

Don’t let the door hit her when she is walking out of the bathroom. Ensure there are plenty of cabinets and shelves for storage so that everything has a place. If you have enough space for a toilet room inside the bathroom, go for it. This will give her the privacy she needs.

5) Allow plenty of space for a walk-in shower and double sinks

She’ll love having enough room to put all of her beauty products under the sink, so they are easy to find in an emergency or when it’s time to get ready for a special event. Make sure there is also plenty of room in the shower for a bench and several showerheads. Do you know what the Kohler LuxStone cost? It is a beautiful shower she will love.

This will give her plenty of room to take a relaxing bath while having all of her necessities within reach at any given time.

6) Choose soft lighting throughout the room for ultimate relaxation

This will help her unwind and relax as she thinks about everything that happened during the day. This is a great time for you to ask what went well at work or how her favorite TV show was last night, then listen intently without trying to solve any problems.

Soft lighting also makes everyone look better so it’s perfect for a romantic evening.

7) Install a TV over the Jacuzzi bathtub

She will love this at the end of a long day. As she relaxes in her new tub for five minutes, you can sit next to her and enjoy your favorite shows together before calling it a night. Make sure there is also an outlet nearby to charge any electronics like her phone while she is relaxing.

The TV should be out of her way, so it doesn’t get splashed, but close enough for you to enjoy your favorite shows together and help the time pass before bedtime.

8) Add an aromatherapy feature to the room

Adding a small, battery-operated essential oil diffuser will make your bathroom smell incredible. You can also add some favorite scents from bath and body products that she loves, so you’ll both enjoy this luxury item.

An aromatherapy diffuser will give off enough scent for her but not too much for you. This will make the perfect spa-like oasis that she needs to relax.

The best way to create a luxurious bathing oasis in your home is by incorporating relaxing elements. This article has shown you eight secrets for creating the perfect bath sanctuary, so don’t let another day go by without reading it!

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