Shopping for a Pizza Oven in 2021: How Not to Regret Your Investment

Let’s face it — there’s no way you can resist the deliciously spongy crust and mouth-watering aroma of generously filled homemade pizza. It’s one kind of kryptonite food that’s no less fun to cook than it is to consume, making a good pizza oven a welcome gift and a dream of purchase for most households. Yet, choosing this type of equipment tends to be somewhat confusing.

Manufacturers keep bombarding us with vaguely appealing descriptions, so we end up overwhelmed by the many features that make one oven different from another. There’s that never-ending dispute, too: can an electric pizza oven be as good as a gas-fuelled one? This article will give you a tour around the cramped market so that you can make an informed decision when you buy the one pizza oven that’s perfect for you.

The Form Factor

All pizza ovens fall into two major categories. There are ones meant to be used indoors and those for outdoor cooking, both potentially including bulky freestanding models as well as more compact pieces of equipment. The secret is to keep it minimal. That is, stick to the most space-saving option that will meet your needs unless you are in love with the authentic look of a freestanding oven on your patio.

Another aspect to consider is fuel. This is partially related to the oven’s shape and dimensions and affects its heating efficiency. While wood is widely believed to be the most authentic option, an increasing number of pizza aficionados are looking for a gas or electricity-powered alternative to save themselves space, time, and headache.

Propane-fueled models generally fall on the smaller side. They are cheaper than electric ones and tend to be easier to load and unload. They are less predictable, too, and the learning curve is steeper. By contrast, electric ovens are more expensive to purchase but require less maintenance. Their key strength is consistency and ease of use due to enhanced control, making them a beginner-friendly option.

What to Look For

After deciding on the shape and fuel type of your ideal pizza oven, you can start looking for a model that fits the criteria while also being:

  • well-built using strong materials
  • easy to clean
  • equipped with a readable thermometer (this one is optional)
  • foldable if you enjoy some pizza al fresco far from home.

Remember to Keep It Simple

Despite the vastness of the pizza oven market, there’s only a limited range of parameters that matter when it comes to choosing a pizza cooking device for your home. The no-fail approach is to invest in something solid and stable yet compact, easy to take care of, and efficient. How many and which non-essential bells and whistles your oven should have depends entirely on your budget and idea of a desirable user experience. Remember, it’s (nearly) all about how hot it can get in the end.

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