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Style Tips For the Classic and Modern Man

What does it mean to be a classic yet modern man? To me, it means that I am someone who embraces modernity without letting go of my traditional roots. It also means that I can embrace a modern life with all of its technological advances and innovations, while still letting traditions and styles shine through in my everyday wardrobe and style. If you are like me and you want to be classic and modern, consider the following pieces that I think every man who wants a classic but modern wardrobe should have in their closet.

Fob Watch

Pocket Watches

Pocket watches may be old fashioned, but they will never truly go out of style. More and more men are sporting pocket watches as a highly pleasing alternative to smartwatches and other technological gadgets. Pocket watches have the benefit of being digital-free while looking classic and elegant in every way.

Classic Suits

There is a reason why a classic suit is considered a classic! If you want your wardrobe to be both modern yet classic, make sure you have at least one (ideally, two or three!) classic style suits in your closet. If you want to introduce some modernity to the classic style, you can pair your classic suit with some modern accessories to give it more of an updated feel.


Pocket Kerchiefs

Pocket kerchiefs—or pocket squares—are a traditional yet highly impactful style choice that will add something unique to your overall appearance. Pocket squares come in multiple colors and patterns, but if you want to keep it traditional, then opt to stick to a standard and subdued tone. Deep burgundy reds, greys, and of course black are all popular classic pocket kerchief colors. 

Tailored Pants

Nothing says classic style quite like tailored pants. Tailored pants will be tailored specifically to your body. They will give you a much more flattering cut than simply wearing pants—whether they are dress pants or something more casual—right off the rack.


Why Go, Classic But Modern?

You may be wondering why so many men are choosing to go for a look that is both modern and classic. The most straightforward reason is that men—including myself—want to embrace contemporary styles without completely letting go of those classic aesthetics that got us to where we are in terms of modern style. These classic styles should be preserved for future generations. Classic styles that are highly flattering to many different body types, such as tailored pants, classic suits, and of course, pocket watches.

If you are looking for these clothing and accessory items to add to your wardrobe, consider shopping online where you can get a wide variety of style and price options. I prefer to do most of my shopping for classic yet modern style pieces online so that I can compare prices and get a much better range of options for colors, sizes and other stylistic choices that can impact my wardrobe.


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