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Prom Alert: Things to Avoid on Prom Night

Every boy/girl of high school looks forward to the prom night. Prom night indicates that summer break is around the corners. Every school has its own rules for prom night because it is an expensive event for parents, students and the school. Students may get a chance to attend it once or twice during their high school. If you are going to participate in prom night, make sure to understand things to avoid on prom party.

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Prom Dresses

The most important thing about a prom night is elegant dresses. Choosing the right dress can be complicated because a trendy dress may disturb your budget. However, it is important to look attractive, but don’t try to become a wanna-be. If you are wearing a dress because it is famous for prom events, you are making a mistake.

Fortunately, cheap prom dresses are available in different sizes and styles. Before choosing a dress, you have to consider the type of your body. A dress should tone down your demerits while highlighting your pluses. Carefully select the color and kind of lingerie with your prom dress, especially with a tight-fitting and light colored dress.

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Make up for Prom Party

Makeup is inevitable for this big night, but remember that simplicity has elegance. Your makeup must emphasize natural beauty. Makeup should not conceal your attractive features. Consider your skin tone while choosing shades because heavy makeup can go wrong. Choose shades that complement your prom dress and accessories. Similarly, don’t select lighter shades because these can make you pale. A lovely perfume will keep you refreshed through the night.

Elegant and Comfortable Footwear

Prom night can’t go without some dance, so remember this thing while buying a pair of heels or sandals. Don’t buy a pair of heels/sandals that make you queasy and uncomfortable while dancing. If you can’t wear high heels, you can purchase a pair with small heels. Make sure to do some dance practice in heels a few days ahead of the party night. Avoid wearing stilettos with prom dresses. The style and color of footwear must complement your dress. Be yourself and try to look beautiful, simple and elegant. There is no need to alert a person that you are trying to impress him.

Dance on Prom Night

The dance will be an excellent opportunity to stay close to your favorite guy/girl. It doesn’t mean to cross your limits. Try to read her body language and face before putting a hand around her body. If she is not comfortable with your proximity, you should not try it. Ask her if she is comfortable with you.

A boy can consider the favorite color of his date while choosing a prom dress. You can plan a wonderful evening for your girl, but don’t break your bank. You can’t do anything because everybody is practicing it. Before taking any step, you have to consider the preferences of your date. If she is not comfortable with your touch, stay away from her.

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