Surprisingly Thoughtful Wedding Gifts to Start Your Marriage off on the Right Note

Deciding to get married is exciting. The wedding itself is such a momentous occasion in your life as it marks the moment you and your partner are joined together forever. You want to make sure you’re forever starting on the right note, and one way to do that is by exchanging gifts. You want these gifts to be symbols of your love and your everlasting commitment to each other. 

They should be either material things that mean something special to you or experiences you two share. You can even make these things for your loved one to symbolize your promise to always be there for them till death do you part. So what can you give your partner on your wedding day? 


While many couples like to bond over honeymoon planning and share the costs, if your spouse is the laidback one, you could take over responsibility for the honeymoon yourself. You could ask your partner if they are comfortable with it from before, or surprise them on your wedding day itself. When you’re planning your honeymoon, do your research on the experiences you could include in the itinerary. 

Make sure you inform your hotels or your travel agents that you are a honeymoon couple. The hotel and travel industry often give out free upgrades or services to honeymoon couples, and you could end up receiving much more than you paid. Try and include as many experiences as possible so that you come back home with as many once in a lifetime experiences as you can. 

Fortune Teller 

After your wedding, you and your partner are going to be in a very romantic mood. This is the ideal time to do things as a couple that you might not have tried before. Because we’re in lockdown, the things you can go out and try are limited. This makes online fortune tellers an ideal experience you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

Look for reputable websites online that give you access to a range of different psychics. You and your spouse can spend time learning about the different types of divination services available to you and choosing one that suits you best. You should take a look at Mysticmag’s love psychics review if you want to skip the research and reading part. 

Your Own House 

Many couples live together before they get married, so you two might already have your own space. However, many couples also look forward to starting a family after marriage. To do this, you might need to think about getting a bigger place so that children have space to live and play. What better way to bring this up with your spouse than an offer to go house-hunting?

When looking for your new house together, you should research which school districts are the best option for you, how far you both would be willing to move, and what your budget is. You should consider moving to the suburbs if you want many kids and a large space, but you should also have a backup plan in case that doesn’t fit into your long-term goals. 

Family-Themed Gifts 

Now that you two are a family, giving family themed gifts could be a super cute way to start your life together. You could brainstorm with your friends about what you can get to replace things around the house. For example, you could create a family recipe book, a family photo album, or commission a painting of the two of you like a family portrait. 

The best thing about gifts like this is that you can even make them if you don’t have a huge budget. Making gifts like this by hand is also much more personal and intimate than buying off the shelf. You will end up with an incredibly thoughtful gift that celebrates the love the two of you share that you can fondly look back on as you live through birthdays and anniversaries. 

Plant a Tree Together 

When you get married, you could contact a local park or nursery and ask about whether you can get a garden or even a single tree planted in your name. You can make it a family tradition to visit the tree on your anniversary or whenever you two want time to reaffirm your love for each other. Most authorities will have some provision to do this, you just need to contact the right people. 

Even if your local area doesn’t have many options, you could do this in your backyard. You could even start a community by roping your neighbors in and starting a communal vegetable or fruit harvest. Not only will it cement your relationship as a family, but it will build a community around your relationship as well.

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