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4 Tips for Changing Your Look for the New Year

With the end of 2019, we are walking into a brand new decade with new hopes and expectations. If you are going for that “New year, new me” motto, let’s follow it literally. This is the year for you to consider changing your look completely. That will not only make you feel fresh, but you will also feel motivated to change your habits, and you will get one step closer to your new year’s goals. In this article, I have mentioned a few tips that will help you alter your look without putting too much effort.

Change Your Hair Color

One of the simplest and easiest ways of changing your look is opting for new hair color. Instead of going to a salon and paying for expensive treatments, you should first try changing the color of your hair. You can get temporary hair dyes that wash off easily after 25 to 30 washes. Try looking for shades that will suit your hair better. You can also follow the trend of parting your hair and coloring only one side. If you are afraid of coloring your hair, you can also get some hair frontals to try the look first. If the color of the frontals suits you, then you can dye it later.  

Get New Accessories

Everyone loves to upgrade their wardrobe, but not everyone can afford it. But hey! You do not have to replace your wardrobe entirely, you have to make little tweaks, and you will feel like you have a fresh wardrobe. Go out there and buy some accessories that will add a different look to your existing wardrobe. You can get scarfs, shawls, shades, some hats, and some new footwear as well. You can always look for inspiration from a magazine or a movie and can see how you can make your regular clothes look fashionable.

Add New Lipsticks in Your Collection

Most of the ladies like to wear the same color lipsticks in different shades. If you do the same, then you might want to change that for this year. Adding a new color lipstick can also have a significant impact on your look. If you regularly use a shade of red, try switching to pink for a change. Also, do not be too hesitant about it, it is not like hair color, and you can change it immediately if it does not suit you.

Try Nail Art

You can also add more style to your look by opting for nail art. Jewelry and makeup are what you wear regularly, so it is time to add some flavor to that as well. You can try different nail arts on your off day, and it will also bring out your creativity. If you do not know where to start, you can always tune into Youtube and can watch basic nail art tutorials. If that sounds too much to you or you cannot just make time for the art, you can use nail wraps as well that you can easily find in stores near you.

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