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Tips and Tricks, You Can Use When Picking Your Wedding Ring

After years or maybe months of dating, you have your engagement ring which indicates wedding bells are not too far away. This means you have to start searching for the perfect wedding ring and this article comes will all the help you need.

So, before you swipe your credit card at the jewelry store, read this guide.

1. Cut Down on Your Choices

A Celtic knot ring or gemstones. Maybe gold or platinum or diamonds. Choosing a wedding ring can be harder than you thought. However, you must not panic, or else you’ll end up without a ring on your wedding day.

To avoid such a scenario, tackle one aspect of the ring at a go. For example, consider the style. What do you want? Is it a simple ring or one with tons of decorations? What about the metal used to create the ring?

Also, do you want matching rings with your partner? You must resolve these issues before walking into a jewelry store to avoid confusion.

2. Start Searching Early

This not only applies to the ring you want but also the pricing. This is why you must start searching for the perfect ring at least two to three months before the wedding. During your visits, try out different types of rings, ask their prices and compare them with other stores.

However, you may want a custom ring, and this means more time for the jeweler to engrave markings, up to a month.

3. Have a Budget

Budgets apply to everything including your ring. Wedding planners estimate that rings take up to 3% of the entire wedding budget. Nevertheless, the process will vary depending on the types of ring, the material used and the retailer.

For example, a 14K gold ring can cost up to $1,000. Adding engravings will escalate the costs. Thus it’s important to consider such additions and the impact on your budget. Engravings factor in the font, the number of characters and the engraving process. Is it by machine or hand? The latter is more expensive.

4. Consider Your Lifestyle

A ring is an accessory you’ll wear every day. For this reason, you must incorporate your day-to-day life. For example, do you play any sport or instrument? If so, a slim ring with round edges also known as a comfort fit ring will work well.

Also, if you use our hands more often at your workplace, you may want to avoid gemstones which can get lost. Instead, go for a solid metal ring. For those who participate in extreme activities, a platinum ring is suitable thanks to its durability.

5. Consider Your Size

Again, your ring will become part of your life from the moment you say “I do.” Therefore, you must consider mood changes and exercises among others to avoid discomfort.

For instance, your fingers tend to swell after exercising or when your body temperature falls or rises. If you want to get the correct finger size, make sure you’re calm, and your body temperature is at normal.

Planning for a wedding can be hectic. You must ensure everything moves like clockwork before and during the wedding. It all starts with finding your perfect ring and with the tips outlined in this article, you’ll have an easy time finding your perfect ring.

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