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4 Ways to Whiten Dark Armpit

The underarm area is particularly susceptible to unsightly darkening over time. Armpits are a high traffic area, to begin with, not to mention being a hotbed for darkening due to the area being one of the sweatiest areas of the body that can fester under layers of clothing for hours on end. Since the area can also be underserved by even the most extensive hygienic routines, there can be a buildup of dead skin cells that blacken the armpits over time.

Luckily, the effects of armpit darkening can be mitigated almost entirely by proper lifestyle changes and taking inventory of what can be contributing to your darkened underarms. The causes of armpit darkening are more numerous than one would think, let’s go over how to eliminate armpit noir:

Reduce Your Intake Of Certain Medications

An unfortunate side effect of many common over the counter medications is skin darkening, while this effect is seldom localized in the armpits, these medications aren’t doing you any favors. These medications include NSAIDs like Tylenol and ibuprofen, antidepressants, and medications relating to chemotherapy. The only medications on the previous list that can be adequately minimized without adverse health effects would be NSAIDs.

If you take NSAIDs to deal with frequent headaches, consider looking into the possible root causes of your headaches. Instead of reaching for a bottle of pills, you may be better suited reaching for a glass of water or a more nutritious diet. Regardless of the reasoning behind your minor aches and pains, see how else you can deal with them besides common painkillers.

Use A Whitening Soap

Most people bathe on a daily basis, so buying the right soap to whiten your skin properly can be a very simple way to whiten your armpits doing something you were going to do already as part of your daily routine. Whitening soaps aren’t much more expensive than regular soaps, and the shower is the best place to give the area a nice, deep clean.

Properly lather up your pits and go through several wash cycles in the area before stepping out of the shower for the day. The effects will be seen over time and will be significant after a few weeks.

Wax Your Armpits

If you’re like most women, you more than likely have an armpit shaving regimen that you adhere to on a semi-frequent basis. The problem is that the stubble that grows in can end up looking like a thin black layer that contributes to dark armpits.

To avoid next-day stubble, the next step up from shaving is waxing your armpits clean. Waxing removes not only the hair but the follicle underneath, giving you a lot more time with silky smooth underarms compared to shaving.

Exfoliate Your Armpits Regularly

The buildup of dead skin cells is one of if not the most significant contributor to darkened underarms. This buildup can be further cemented by the use of body creams and other products that can keep the dead skin cells in the area for much longer than they should be.

Properly exfoliating with either an exfoliating cream or a pumice stone will not only keep your skin supple and smooth, but it will also remove any layers of dead skin cells and help return your skin to its natural hue.

Final Words

Don’t fret about darkened underarms. These things happen, and it isn’t exceedingly difficult to properly fix the issue. Just keep all of these tips in mind and change your lifestyle to promote proper underarm health better and you’ll be looking flawless within a month, if not sooner.

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