10 Interesting Websites to Visit When You Are Bored

“What to do when you are bored on the Internet” is the most frequently asked question nowadays. Unfortunately, even in our age of unlimited access to information, we still manage to get bored. How can it be that such a huge variety of interesting websites does not provide enough entertainment?

It appears that having a huge pile of options to choose from only confuses us. And even after hours of scrolling our social feeds, we don’t know what to do. The similarity of content does not help either.

Actually, there are tons of fun things to do online. You just have to find reliable sources and remember where to go to fight boredom.

A quick mind can always find what it wants online as the web is an endless source of information. It is up to you to decide what kind of knowledge or entertainment you want to view.

It often happens that the search for things to do on the Internet takes too long and we only increase our boredom and nurture it. So, to save your time and efforts, we have created a list of the most popular and cool websites with lots of interesting stuff for any user.


What kind of content is the most popular today? You are right, it’s videos. The most interesting stuff always happens on camera. That is why YouTube is the right choice for the “anti-boredom” pill. YouTube has one tricky option that can keep you binge-watching its videos for hours. It constantly recommends you similar works with intriguing names. It doesn’t matter that a fair share of them are click baits, you are still hooked. Besides, this non-stop auto replay does not leave us any chance to stop. If you manage to do it, you are a hero.

Bored Panda

When the very name of a website tells you its purpose, there is no way that your boredom will follow you there. This source of hot news offers articles for anyone. No matter what you are looking for, you will probably find it here. Entertainment websites always aim to please all viewers. So, no matter where you are from, Bored Panda has you covered. Add this website to your favorites list and open any time you are bored—you will find something new and exciting every day.


Being one of the coolest websites today, Buzzfeed is bound to offer content that is interesting for everybody. To keep the reputation high, people behind this website produce tons and tons of content for various tastes. There are the regular articles that we all like, super-popular videos, hilarious quizzes, and more. There is no time to be bored when you are here. You still have not seen or read so many topics. Are you looking for some crazy stuff about celebrities? Check. You still do not know what Disney princess you are? Check. Do you want to relax and just watch entertaining videos? Check. The variety is impressive.

Social Networks

Yes, this is not a single source of fun but a collection of them. Social networks are something that surrounds us every day. No matter how old you are or what you do for a living, you see them almost every day.

However, we bet that you don’t use any of them to the fullest. There is usually only checking messages, scrolling your feed, or throwing likes at your friends. Yet, there are many other cool functions these platforms can do. There are many useful pages and profiles on every social network. You just have to decide what you want to read and look for a specific page.


One of the most amazing websites nowadays is SMBC. The name stands for Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. This place can truly become an excellent choice for your morning routine, be it breakfast or a cup of coffee. Actually, it can be a great place to fight boredom throughout the whole day. The uniqueness of this portal is in its content. It provides readers with the funniest and most interesting comics. When everything else is too boring for you, it is time to try this kind of art. There is a picture, there is a little bit of text, there is humor—what not to like? There are many funny websites on the web, but you won’t find anything like this one.


In case you like something a little brainier for entertainment, TED is the place to visit. Get your headphones and prepare for hours and hours of interesting speeches. Here, you can find the mix of popular and regular people sharing something they are good in. It is always stimulating to watch their inspiring talks. They are not boring or repetitive. Here, you can get your daily portion of interesting things to ponder.

Visit it one time, and you won’t be able to stop.


We may sound boring right now, but Wikipedia is a great place to get lost for a couple of hours. There is no need to read about physics, biology, or something complicated and monotonous. Though the articles may sometimes be complicated, it is a great place to learn something new and even funny. Here is a great trick—open one of those featured articles on the main page and go from there. We all know how consuming it can be to read Wikipedia; with all those links in the text, you jump from one page to another and never know where you will be in an hour. This is one of the coolest websites out there.

The Oatmeal

Similar to SMBC, The Oatmeal is full of comics. They are presented by one author who knows what he is doing. It is amazing to see the works of a person and discover how talented they are. Every day, you can enjoy funny situations depicted by this author. Moreover, they are real-life situations that happen to all of us. Relatable content is always engaging. Here, you can find a few recommendations that also will not leave you disappointed. A few quizzes are a pleasant bonus as well.


Another popular source of entertaining articles is BrightSide. Three categories are meant to fulfill the desires of every reader: inspiration, creativity, wonder. Indeed, these topics are so ambiguous that you can post anything you deem worthy. Each category is full of articles either meant to inspire or shock you. The website does its job perfectly and creates interesting pages with lots of pictures to relax viewers and reach visual satisfaction. Though most content here is light and funny, you can still find fascinating stories about technologies, science, travels, and other meaningful stuff.

We spend a lot of time online. Is it only a habit or is there something significant that can improve our mood?

There is nothing bad about being bored from time to time. It only helps us seek something new and interesting. This is a way people develop new hobbies, a reason we meet with friends, this is why we learn something new every day.

Only you can choose the best kind of entertainment for yourself. This list offers you diverse sources of information that are easy to check and decide whether you like them or not. Bouncing between hilarious and brainy, you can choose a golden mean and stick to it. Or, you do not have to choose at all. You can simply visit that website that suits your mood the most. One day, we want to laugh and watch videos, and sometimes we are ready to read important articles and acquire new knowledge.

Remember that you cannot get bored with the Internet at hand. You just have to find an ideal remedy for your boredom.

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