Yamaha Introduces 2019 Dual Sport Motorcycles

Yamaha is a brand name bikers, racers, and ATV enthusiasts trust to provide quality machines and excellent accessories. Even riders that improve their vehicles with motorcycle aftermarket parts know the company’s machines are top-notch straight from the factory.

For the 2019 year, Yamaha brings a new set of dual sport motorcycles to the American market. With the versatility you’ve come to expect from these bikes coupled with the reliability of Yamaha production, riders are in for a real treat.

What Is Dual Sport?

Most bikes specialize in street riding, off-roading, and track racing, but many consumers can’t afford three different vehicles to enjoy their favorite pastime. With Dual Sport motorcycles, riders have an additional option.

Providing a versatile ride in any situation, Dual Sports fill the role of street bike, track racer, and off-road machine into one vehicle. These bikes are aimed at more casual riders since they don’t excel in any particular field, though customers can still purchase Yamaha modification parts to upgrade performance.

2019 TW200

Combining off-road and street capabilities in a light frame, Yamaha’s TW200 is a perfect addition to the 2019 motorcycle lineup. The Dual Sport machine makes breaking in new trails easy with fat tires and an excellent suspension.

For road riding, its 196cc air-cooled engine and street features take an easy toll on gas reserves, getting an excellent 78 mpg. Costing only $4,599, it’s an excellent choice as an entry-level bike with an engine easy enough to service with OEM Yamaha parts.

2019 XT250

If you’re looking for a little more power, the XT250 features a 249cc air-cooled engine that makes little work of dirt trails. Low slung and lightweight, Yamaha’s versatile vehicle is great as a road warrior, too.

At 76 mpg, it can be called anything but a gas guzzler, making it an excellent pick as a commuter vehicle or for long off-road sessions in the backwoods. The XT250 will cost $5,199 when it hits the market this June, so make sure you shop online for your motorcycle accessories beforehand to make the trip from the store to the trail as short as possible!

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