yema cake recipe

Yema Cake Recipe

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yema cake recipe

How to make Yema cake?

Yema Cake’s origins start with the Spanish, who settled in the Philippines over 350 years ago. With many of the same ingredients, technique, and flavors as the favorite Yema candy, the Yema Cake is another widely loved favorite. Yema Cake is so popular in Manila. In fact that locals will flock to the best baker of Yema Cake.

A golden, silky, and wet looking cake with a soft sponge inside and a sprinkling of a strong hard cheese is the traditional look of a real Yema Cake. Follow the steps below, or you can swap the cake part of this recipe for the Chantilly Cake or Dominican pineapple cake and cover it in the Yema “icing.”

Some recipes out on the interwebs for Yema Cake will have more of a sweetened condensed milk presence. But traditionally, the more egg yolks in the recipe, the better. This is why, when the Spanish started to build their large churches in the Philippines they needed substances to help keep the buildings together. There was an abundance of eggs from chickens so the egg whites and ground shell were used, leaving the egg yolks or Yema to be used for consumption by the local people.


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