Cool gifts for guys

100 Insanely Cool Gifts For Guys Under $50

Cool gifts for guys

You may be having a hard time searching for cool gifts for guys. If your guy is anything like me, there is no help to be had from him. Fortunately, you can see what a guy wants by my perspective on cool stuff. I picked each and every piece of items below, some of which I personally own, and the rest I expect to see in my room, lol.

golf balls#1. Golf Balls – $14.59

This isn’t for every guy, but for that golfer in your life it would be great. I know I would like a nice set of Titleist balls as a gift. They wouldn’t last long for me and my wicked right shank, but this large pack of cheaper balls might get me through a round or two.
77 extremely cool stuff for guys

Indoor Putting Green#2. Indoor Putting Green – $32.00

Tired of your guy coming home furious at his putting skills on the course? This will bring his anger to home! Putting is by far the worst part of golf for me, and everyone else. Very few pros toss their drivers on the course, but on any given day you can spot a putter flying.


BBQ Tool Set#3. BBQ Tool Set – $39.99

I know very few gifts make me feel as manly as a day spent BBQing on the back porch. This is something that the man in your life needs. Now, this doesn’t mean that he won’t continue to burn everything, but he will look awesome doing it.


Spice Kit#4. Spice Kit – $24.98

Let’s say he already has a BBQ set, and he loves it, but the food he makes is always a little bland. Well, get him this gift. I have personally used it, and the spices are magnificent. Hopefully, it helps.


Magnetic Wristband#5. Magnetic Wristband – $8.38

Does he always end up losing the nails, screws, and other items for his project? The handyman is always sticking those nasty things in his mouth while he does something else, and I know I don’t accidentally want to choke on a nail. This item may help keep that from happening.


razor#6. This Cool Razor – $29.97

I don’t shave a lot. I tend to keep that 5 o’clock shadow look. When I do shave, I end up hating the razor that I use, and it never does what I want. I think the problem is that I don’t have one of these cool looking razors.



Working Hands Cream#7. Working Hands – $6.57

Are you turned off by the absolute sandpaper like a quality of your man’s hands. I get it. This product can help take some of that away and get them that nice smooth touch again.



Cards Against Humanity#8. Cards Against Humanity – $25.00

If your man has a terrible sense of humor like I do, this game will go a long way. Have some friends over and see who can make the most inappropriate jokes with these premade cards. Remember, drink responsibly while playing. It makes for a much better time.


The Game of Things Board Game#9. Game of Things – $24.01

On a similar note, the Game of Things is something that every house should have. On its surface, it is a beautiful, creative game where you come up with “Things you shouldn’t say on a first date.” In practice, it might get a little dirty. Know your audience.


Sensitive Collection Gift Set#10. Sensitive Collection Gift Set – $15.00

Some guys may act like they don’t like pampering themselves, but I think most of us do. This kit will help that happen. If nothing else, it will keep him from using that exceptional shampoo and conditioner that you love. Right ladies?

Papa Mug#11. Papa Mug – $13.99

He has an addition to coffee. It is essentially the only thing that gets him up and makes him go to that terrible job in the morning. Well, that and the love for you and your children. Show some appreciation, even if he doesn’t deserve it with this mug.



City Map Glass#12. City Map Glass -$14.00

I love maps. Maybe it is the fact that I study history, or that I have some weird connection to borders and guidelines. Either way, a lot of men love maps and who doesn’t enjoy whiskey… or soda. Whatever he drinks, this glass would be cool for the collection.



Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses#13. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses – $28.00

The next time a drinking party is planned, you need to have this. Why? Well, Why not? They look cooler than those gimmicky shot glasses that you have in the cabinet. Plus, it makes taking shots seem a little more sophisticated.



IPA Brewing Kit#14. Brewing Kit – $48.00

I like cooking and making weird things. While I am one of the few guys who don’t like beer, I want to make my own. What better way to get a feel for the process than one of these kits? If nothing else, it may deter him from trying to build a steel. (Author note: Don’t do that. They’re illegal)


Homemade Gin Kit#15. Homemade Gin Kit – $45.99

This is more up my alley. Maybe your man likes the harder stuff and wants to see what it is like to make his gin. Everything that you need is in here including the spices and what not. Just don’t drink it all in one sitting. That could be bad.



Math Formulas Tie#16. Math Tie – $49.00

I hate math, but I am nerdy enough that most of my best friends are math majors. Nothing gets their juices flowing more than discussing the ins and outs of theorems while I sit in the corner pretending to understand. If your guy is like that, this tie is for him.


Desktop Golf#17. Desktop Golf – $35.00

I would rather be golfing than sitting at a desk any day. If your man is a golfer but is always stuck behind that desk at his mind-numbing job, this may give him that feeling of being on the links. Make sure he isn’t playing with it while the boss is in, though.


Beard Pack#18. Beard Pack – $40.00

We gave you some ideas for the man that shaves, but if he has a beard I left you hanging. No longer my friend. Hipsters and mountain men alike know that a nice looking beard requires work. Get him a nice set of product to try to help out.


Wine Infused Cedar Grilling Plank#19. Wine Infused Cedar Grilling Plank – $12.00

Back to the grill. Cedar planks are a great tool to have when barbecuing fish, shrimp, and other foods. I think it is something that every man needs and it can help his grilling exploits turn out just a little better.


Coffee Cold Brew Gift Set#20. Cold Brew Coffee Set – $36.00

It is all the rage as of late. Cold brew coffee is much less acidic tasting, and I like it much better. This kit includes some of the starting things that you need to make your own. I know a hot cup of coffee is nice, but this is a nice change of pace.


Vietnamese Coffee Set#21. Vietnamese Coffee Set – $21.95

I stake my reputation on the Vietnamese coffee that I make. It seems like every little bit someone that I know wants me to make them some. Seriously, this coffee is that good. Here is a starter kit for your man. Not only is the process fun and different, but the result is incredible.


Credit Card Tool Kit#22. Credit Card Tool Kit – $14.97

These minimalist items have been gaining momentum, and I appreciate it. I want one of these, and hopefully, my fiancee is reading this and paying attention. It just seems cool, and I think it could come in handy all of the time.


Cuba Cologne Set#23. Cuba Cologne Set – $44.99

I don’t love scented items like this because I am allergic to many scented items like this. I know a lot of guys who like these things. Aftershave, cologne, and body spray are all included, and the reviews are all good.


Show You Care Package#24. A Show You Care Package – $29.99

Look, this says for college, but I know any guy is going to like everything in this package. I mean, who doesn’t love snacks. If you “accidentally” buy two no one would blame you. Heck, you could send one my way if you want.


Dear Asshole Tear-out Letter Book#25. Dear A$$hole Tear-out Letter Book – $9.97

We have all been there… Trying to park and another car is blocking two spots. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except, well it’s the only spot open in the lot. Give your guy a way to show his appreciation with this book.

Blacklight Flashlight#26. Blacklight Flashlight – $8.99

Does your pet continuously act like it did something wrong but you can’t figure out what it is? Yeah… Mine too. This black light will help you find those accidents and clean them up properly. Word of advice; NEVER use in a hotel room. Seriously. Never.


Heat Resistant Gloves#27. Heat Resistant Gloves – $13.99

I cook a lot and burn myself on things even more. Just last week I grabbed a cast iron skillet that I had just taken out of the oven with my bare hands. It was a bad day. Surely, I am not the only one. Protect his hands. Get him a pair of these.


Wine Tool Set#28. Wine Tool Set – $14.99

Drinking wine requires some tools. This kit gives you all of the needed tools in an excellent wine bottle-shaped container. It is something that not many people have, and I think your guy would like it. Assuming he likes wine.



Bath Bomb Set#29. Bath Bomb Set – $19.97

Not many men take baths often, and I think that is a shame. I love a bath. Throw on a podcast, lights off and just chill. It is a great way to melt away the stress of the day. This gift can help make the bath even better.



Dry Bag#30. Dry Bag – $20.95

If your guy fishes a lot, this is something that he needs. Seriously, I have lost so many things into the water fishing. Once we nearly flipped a boat and cell phones, wallets, sunglasses, etc. all took a swim, and very few were recovered. Save him the trouble. Even if he doesn’t fish, this is something that could be needed.


Hot Sauce Set#31. Hot Sauce Set – $27.53

Make him cry. Not in a good way. This set contains some pretty hot items that are sure to kick that chili up about five notches. He could even hold a contest with his friends to see who is the manliest. Either way, hot sauce is great.


Grow Your Own Peppers#32. Grow Your Own Peppers – $18.99

Speaking of peppers and hot things, this gift is pretty cool. Sia varieties of peppers can be grown with the kit. Think about it. You get it for him, and a few weeks later his is making something homemade with the peppers that he grew. Doesn’t that sound great?


Travel Organizer#33. Travel Organizer – $22.99

I just got back from a trip this weekend and desperately wish that I had an item like this. I am the worst packer in the world and just throw things into a backpack. Don’t let him be like me. This will come in handy.


Engraved Guitar Pick#34. Engraved Guitar Pick – $14.50

If your guy is a musician this is a neat gift. My fiancee got one for me a while back, and I dug it. It is a unique way to say “I Love You.” Plus, it is engraved with a pun. What could be better?


Beef Jerky Sample Kit#35. Beef Jerky Sample Kit – $49.99

This stuff is usually priced about as much as gold for some reason. Seriously, you ever go to buy beef jerky? It is so much! Well, here is a pack that has some samples for him to taste for not an insane amount of money.


Sex Checks#36. Sex Checks – $8.22

Looking to spice it up in the bedroom? This may be something you could try. Playful and fun, it is pretty hard to go wrong with a gift like this.


Man Coloring Book#37. Man Coloring Book – $8.99

Coloring has been coming back with a vengeance lately. Some of the best selling books right now are adult coloring books. This one is a little more manly than many of the others. Get a pack of colored pencils and fill in some pictures together.



Multi-tool#38. Multi-tool – $8.54

Beyond just looking like a Transformer, this multi-tool has some handy things on it. If your guy doesn’t have at least one of these in the house, car, and any other thing he has, then he doesn’t have enough.


Hammock Chair#39. Hammock Chair – $34.99

I love hammocks. Something about laying down in the sun and shade from the tree melts away the stress that I developed trying to get into the thing. This chair seems like it would be a little bit easier.


Personal Manicure Pedicure Set#40. Personal Manicure/Pedicure Set – $16.99

Some guys would shy away at getting a manicure/pedicure, and I don’t blame them. I don’t like people looking at/touching my feet. That is where one of these sets come in handy. All tools in this are pretty important and make dealing with those problems much easier.

The Manual to Manhood#41. Manual to Manhood – $11.44

This book aims to provide your man with information that every guy should have. It included 100 step-by-step instructions on how to do things that every man needs to know about.



Family Fun Bucket List#42. Fun Family Prompts -$18.00

If you and your guy have children, you have probably run into the problem of, “What do we do this weekend?” This is a perfect gift in that case, and it has a lot of splendid ideas for family fun.

Gardener’s Tool Set#43. Gardener’s Tool Set -$30.00

A lot of guys like gardening. I don’t live in a place where I can, but I wish that I could. This tool set isn’t for the large garden, but if your guy likes to grow some fresh foods out back, it could come in handy.



Butter Churner#44. Butter Churner -$38.99

Butter makes my world go around. I’m not even joking. It is an ingredient in every dish that I make. I have made homemade butter before using a kitchenmaid stand mixer, but this seems like it would be much easier and less of a mess. May be worth checking out.


Stovetop Popcorn Popper#45. Stovetop Popcorn Maker -$39.99

This is another gift for the guy with kids. Movie nights are always fun, but they need popcorn. Sure you could pop some in the microwave, or you could gather the kids around and make some on the stove.


Cheese BBQ Utensil#46. BBQ Cheese? -$13.99

Yep. Use this BBQ cheese utensil and you can BBQ your cheese. Why? BBQing cheese alters the taste and gives it a relatively unique flavor and texture. In fact, BBQ’d cheese is a food staple in a few different areas.

Salts of the World#47. Salts of the World -$40.00

Here is a pretty unique gift that could be kind of fun for the food lover in your life. This test kit allows you to try some of the different salts and their varying tastes.



Record Coasters#48. Record Coasters – $18.00

Another one for the musician or music fan. Record coasters should be a must have for any music room. They look pretty cool but not quite as impressive as the next gift.


Record Clock#49. Record Clock -$38.00

I have one of these, mine is cut in the shape of the Bat Signal, but either way, a nice record clock is something that looks great in between a few guitars or over that extremely expensive piece of musical equipment.



DIY Bottling Kit#50. DIY Bottling Kit -$20.00

No matter what he wants to bottle this kit is a great starter. Is he messing with brewing his beer or specialty soda? This is something that he needs!


Beer Soap#51. Beer Soap -$42.00

This six pack of beer soap can help your guy fulfill that dream of being clean and smelling like his favorite pilsner. I don’t necessarily get it, but that isn’t to say I wouldn’t try it.


Key Hiding Rock#52. Key Hiding Rock -$22.00

Hopefully your guy isn’t like me and always locking his house key inside. I have had to create a way to break in no matter what due to it. I could have just gotten one of these and solved the problem.


Garlic Rocker#53. Garlic Rocker -$15.00

I love mincing garlic. I just love using knives. Some people find it boring and monotonous. If your guy is one of those this can save him some time and pain.


F In Exams#54. A Book of Wrong Answers -$8.50

This book is not one that you should reference when trying to be right. It is a book full of wrong answers. I got a chuckle reading some of it. Your guy, or you, may as well.




Record Bowls#55. Record bowls -$25.00

If you go through this list your guy’s music room is going to be awesome. Including these record bowls. Sit them on the coffee table with some snacks for the band to eat, or use them every night for salads.


Hybrid Wall Clock#56. Hybrid Wall Clock – $36.00

This clock would go great in a garage. He doesn’t have actually to know what he is doing when tinkering with those cars, but this clock will make the garage look great.




Sedum Terrarium Bottle#57. Terrarium Bottle -$38.00

I have no green thumb whatsoever, but I wish I did. This gift would be great for his office desk, or even for around the house.


Home Plate Doormat#58. Homeplate Doormat -$25.00

You may not like baseball as much as he does, but show him you understand his love of the sport with this doormat. Plus, home plate = home. I love puns.


Molecular Gastronomy Kit#59. Molecular Gastronomy Kit -$49.00

This one pushes the $50 limit, but it is such a cool gift. I don’t know if you have ever seen molecular gastronomy, but if not youtube it. Science + food = a great day. This is a great starter.


Tea To Go#60. Tea-to-Go -$28.00

This mug is an all in one container to both steep and drink your tea. I have an unhealthy addiction to tea and spend most of my income at the tea shop down the road (alright, that might be an exaggeration).




Contractor Pen#61. Contractor Pen -$33.00

If I could build anything that would stand I would have one of these. I should have one even though I cannot build. Who knows when you need a pen, a level, and a ruler.

Das Horn#62. Das Horn -$24.99

Let your guy drink in style at the next get together with this Viking-like Horn. If your local team is the Vikings this will make a lot more sense, but why not have it anyway.




Katz Candle#63. Katz Candle -$28.00

If you are a food fan and like to travel, you can either be at Katz Deli or it is on your list of places to visit. This candle brings some of that smell to your house. Get it. You won’t regret it.


Alpaca Socks#64. Alpaca Socks -$32.00

It may seem like a weird gift, but socks are a go-to for a reason. These are some of the warmest socks that you can get your hands on or feet in (Sorry. That was lame)



French Press#65. French Press – $28.98

Back over to coffee, this gift is something that a coffee fan wants to have. French pressed coffee is a love of mine, and this maker is very cool looking.




Toilet Spray#66. Well, Toilet Spray – $44.76

We all know what this is for, and you know if your guy needs it or not. The chances are that he does. So why not get him a gift that will help you out. Hey, you could even use it yourself, but we all know you don’t need it.



Golf Appreciation#67. Golf Appreciation – $49.99

This gift is cool for the golfer in your life. He doesn’t have to be a golfer to use any of the items that are in this. Not only golfers like cookies.




Express Gift Card#68. Express Gift Card – $50.00

Let him treat himself to a nice shirt or another item from Express. They have pretty great clothes for guys, but can be somewhat expensive for my taste. They don’t have shorts and t-shirts. If you guy dresses like a grown up and not a child, like myself, this would be appreciated.



Stacy Adams Belt#69. Stacy Adams Belt & Bracelet – $29.99

I can never seem to find a belt. Then when I do, I need another color to match my clothes. This reversible belt solves that problem and looks cool. Plus it comes with a bracelet.


Temperature Gun#70. Temperature Gun – $16.88

Whether he is cooking, working in the garage, or just messing around with the kids, a real temperature gun is a cool thing to have and comes in handy. You should have one already. What are you waiting for?



Mosquito Repellant Bracelet#71. Mosquito Repellant Bracelet – $8.99

He is sweet right? So sweet that the bugs never leave him alone? Get him this bracelet and maybe he will stop complaining about those pesky mosquitos that only seem to attack him.



Silicon Wedding Ring#72. Silicon Wedding Ring – $7.97

Rings can be dangerous for the active man. Seriously. It sounds kind of weird, but some awful things can happen if a ring gets caught. This allows him to keep the ring on and not the risk, well, losing the finger or the ring.


Survivor LED Flashlight#73. Survival LED Flashlight – $29.95

Have I mentioned an LED flashlight yet? These things are amazingly bright, and you may think you have a flashlight, but you probably have lost it. Well, he has. Trust me. There are like five around here, but I can’t find any of them.



Stuff Every Man Should Know#74. Stuff Every Man Should Know -$8.45

Life happens and there are just some things that everyone needs to know, but they don’t always. This book aims to teach that important stuff. Some may seem pretty straightforward, but does he know the best way to tie a knot for fishing? Make the perfect Martini? You better get him this just in case.


Water Infuser#75. Water Infuser – $11.95

Water is necessary for life, but sometimes the lack of taste makes it kind of boring. This item lets you get some taste into the water without having to buy that sugar filled juice at the store.



Electronic Tape Measure#76. Electronic Tape Measure – $39.99

This item is super handy, and I was really happy to get one. Not that reading the tape is that hard, but having the precise measurement told to me is super nice. He will like it to.



Hammock#77. Hammock -$74.99

We talked about my love for a hammock already with the hammock chair. What about an actual hammock. This one is very well priced and has everything you need. Just supply the trees.



Bluetooth Beanie#78. Bluetooth Beanie – $13.98

Your guy ever wishes that his hat played music? Well, this beanie does, and it is kind of cool. It even comes with headphones to plug into it.


The Bro Code#79. The Bro Code – $10.31

Made famous by “How I Met Your Mother”, this book has rules that guys have to live by, or face the consequences of breaking the code. What are the consequences? You don’t want to know.




A Shocking Gift#80. A Shocking Gift -$22.49

This “game” shocks the loser. Not badly enough to cause damage, but enough to well, be shocking (I’ll see myself out). It would be a fun one to play with the kids if you are terrible parents or a few drunk friends.


Car Air Purifier#81. Car Air Purifier -$19.49

His car stinks, doesn’t it? I don’t know why it is, but guy’s cars usually smell worse than their wives. Fix that problem with this pretty handy tool that purifies the air, freshens it, and helps with allergies.


Smoker Box#82. Smoker Box -$21.99

Smoking meat is more fun than it should be for most guys. This smoker box helps the clean up and ease of the process. It can be tough without the right tools, and this one is instrumental.



Inflatable bed#83. Inflatable Bed -$32.86

Get this for the next time you kick him out of your bed, or for that trip. Whichever you feel is more imminent. Either way, a good blow up bed is something that every household needs.


Lapdesk#84. Lapdesk – $24.55

Using a laptop on your lap is for losers. This lap desk brings the laptop to the needed height and will mean it much more comfortable for your guy to play Skyrim while you are watching your shows.



Ninja Blender#85. Ninja Blender -$34.84

Not the big one. This 48 oz is great for smoothies, pre-work out drinks, or a nice blended alcoholic drink. Ninja is worth the money, and you won’t find a better blender.



Panda Piggy Bank#86. Panda Piggy Bank -$12.99

It may be for kids, but seriously, how adorable is this thing. Tell me your guy wouldn’t like it. Plus, it would help save some of that change that is laying around the house. The panda grabs the change. It grabs it!!!



Key Knife#87. Key Knife -$8.99

Ever need a knife, but only have a key? The guy in your life has as well. Get him this and he will be the savior of the moment when a knife is needed.



Clock with Hidden Compartment#88. Clock with Hidden Compartment -$12.99

Everyone needs a place to hide those items that you don’t want the kids getting into. This clock has a hidden compartment inside. Find the time and the expensive jewelry.



PlayStation Skin Cover#89. PlayStation Skin Cover -$12.98

If your man is anything like me, he loves games, and in this case superheroes. Combine the two and get him this skin for his PS4. There are other game stations as well, but I’m a PlayStation guy.



Muscle Man Apron#90. Muscle Man Apron – $8.99

He is buff, tough, and a good cook. Well, at least when he is wearing this apron he looks buff. I can’t help with the good cook part. Maybe you should sign him up for a class?



Passback Football#91. Passback Football -$22.99

This is a pretty cool toy. Throw it against the wall and it comes back at you. Sure you could use a tennis ball, but football is much cooler, and he can relive those high school football days in his head.


Favorite Team Scarf#92. Favorite Team Scarf – $18.49

It is not a mystery that the NFL is super popular. Certainly, you hear about the favorite team all the time. Well, get him a scarf to wear to the next game, or just to work. Have to support that team.



Ring Toss Game#93. Ring Toss Game -$19.97

Get those kids, and your husband out of the house and off the video games. Challenge them to a beautiful game of ring toss. Don’t get too competitive, but make sure you win.



KanJam#94. KanJam – $34.00

Another gift that the whole family can enjoy. If you like a frisbee and embarrassing your husband when you beat him, this is a good game. It is a little harsh, but I suck as the frisbee.


Picnic Set for Two#95. Picnic Set for Two -$24.95

Get him to take you out for a picnic and enjoy nature with some good food. Int is important to get some time alone, and this set makes packing for a picnic so much easier.



Coleman Camp Oven#96. Coleman Camp Oven -$29.97

Whether Tailgating or camping this portable Coleman oven is something that your guy will appreciate. Brownies while camping? Yes please!


Homeowners Toolset#97. Homeowners Toolset -$39.99

This tool set has everything that you could need when working around the house. I am going to have to purchase one of these soon. I actually can’t find my screwdriver.



Cast Iron Skillet Set#98. Cast Iron Skillet Set -$35.06

My brother, this isn’t a joke, my brother calls them my “Man pans.” I have to say, at first, it was funny, but now I accept his scorn. These are my man pans, and I use them all the time.


Bacon Body Wash#99. Bacon Body Wash -$9.20

Call it curiosity. He will use this. You won’t like it; he won’t like it, but it will be something different and unique to get him. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Mr and Mrs Aprons#100. Mr & Mrs. Aprons -$32.95

Recently Married? Cook together? Get these aprons and show the world your new found love. Whatever keeps you from frying bacon naked is a sound investment. So this might be worth checking into.

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