Unforgettable LA 10 Must-See Attractions

Los Angeles — home of the Lakers, the Hollywood Sign, and one of the most famous cities on the planet. You will never be short of things to do when visiting the City of Angels, so much so it can be hard to figure out what your itinerary should consist of. If you’re planning a trip to L.A. anytime soon, here are some essential things you can’tcan’t return home without experiencing.

Shop ’til you drop

It may seem obvious, but no Los Angeles experience is complete without a little shopping spree. Shopping locations like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills offer some of the most exclusive experiences available. After a long day of shopping, retreat to your abode. How long are you staying? Why not check how much a room for rent in Los Angeles is? You could be surprised by the price.

Attend a film festival

It’sIt’s the world’sworld’s movie capital; you should remember to attend a film festival. Attending a film festival in Los Angeles is an incredible experience to immerse yourself in true Hollywood glamor. You can enjoy Grauman’sGrauman’s Chinese Theater or the Egyptian Theater for their architecture and atmosphere even with no festivals.

Watch a baseball game

Baseball is the nation’snation’s favorite sport, and the love found in L.A. is no different. Home to the Dodgers stadium where the L.A. Dodgers play, The Dodgers Stadium is one of the largest in North America. Even if you cannot catch a game, visiting the site is truly breathtaking — constructed in 1962, this is one of America’sAmerica’s oldest stadiums.

los angeles festival

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Surely, The Hollywood Walk of Fame would have crossed your mind if you were wondering what to do in Los Angeles. About 25 ceremonies are broadcast annually for fans, making it one of the top attractions in the city. Additionally, there’s no charger to attend, and you may witness the installation of a new star if you are lucky!

 Santa Monica Pier

One of the best beaches in Southern California is the two-mile stretch of Santa Monica Beach, with the most prominent attraction here being the Santa Monica Pier. Opened in 1909, the Pier has always been and continues to be the perfect day trip for family activities such as riding the famous Ferris Wheel. The Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel is the only Ferris Wheel on the planet to be powered entirely by solar energy, offering supreme views of the coast. If you’re scared of the heights a Ferris Wheel can bring, do not fear. The Pier is home to the Heal the Bay Aquarium, Pacific Amusement Park, and a Carousel dating back to 1922, so there’s plenty to enjoy.

Relax at the beach

Sometimes, the best thing you can do when visiting Los Angeles is nothing, and what better place to do nothing than at the beach? L.A. has stunning beaches offering golden sand and the perfect sun to soak and get a tan. If things get too hot, dip in the crystal clear waters, then return to your sunbed for more relaxation.

Go celeb hunting

L.A. is synonymous with celebrities, actors, and stars. Keep your eyes peeled during your visit to the City of Angels for famous movie stars and musicians. Have your autograph book ready; you never know who you could bump into. There are also L.A. tours that take you on a guided trip to the houses of some of the most famous residents of L.A., past and present.


Ride rollercoasters

One of the iconic theme parks in Los Angeles is a must-see on every trip to the city. Make it a memorable experience for your family by visiting Disneyland or Universal Studios. There are many things to do with kids in Los Angeles, and this is one of the best. Take a ride on Space Mountain and the Thunder Mountain Railroad — you won’twon’t regret it!

 L.A. Live

The people of L.A. love to party and have the best time doing so. If your trip to L.A. falls on a weekend, you should do as the locals do and plan a night at L.A. Live, one of if not the most famous night spots in the city. You can choose to do whatever takes your fancy from the 20 restaurants, 14 cinema screens, Grammy Museum, and much more. For something filled with fun, dancing at L.A. Live is fantastic.

Visit the Farmers Market

For food lovers, there is no better destination than the Original Farmers Market, one of perhaps the most exciting destinations in L.A. This market has endless things to eat, with countless American foods and cuisines from other corners of the world. You can also find a bakery here for your favorite baked goods. There’sThere’s something for everyone’severyone’s tastebuds; stuff your mouth and explore this fantastic farmers market.


When it comes to visiting L.A., there are what feels like endless things to do. Our list compiles ten essential visits every trip to Los Angeles should consist of. For food lovers, film buffs, and celeb hunters, L.A. has it all, a bucket destination for all.

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