peppa pig party ideas

Peppa Pig Party Ideas For Girls Birthday

peppa pig birthday party

Peppy Summer Peppa Pig Birthday Party

With summertime heat at an all time high, these Peppa Pig party ideas will make a difference for sure. Throwing the fun and engaging parties doesn’t have to be a challenge; take it from everyone’s favorite English pig Peppa! There are plenty of creative ways to enjoy the lovely sunny days with the whole family. Why not do it in Peppa’s signature style of making every occasion extraordinary – with just a little pep?

What kind of Peppa Pig Party can I throw?

With so many episodes and activities in Peppa’s busy life, finding one party theme can seem daunting. Or it can open up a world of opportunities! Here are a few memorable adventures-turned-parties to get you started!

Peppa and George’s Garden Party

Peppa and George loved playing in their own garden. The long summer days are perfect for any child to enjoy a garden of their very own! Have everyone decorate a pot or cup with small holes in the bottom, with markers, paint, stickers or anything you can dream up. Then, plant a seed in a little bit of soil. Grass seeds grow the quickest, but sunflowers also grow fast, tall and strong! Serving picnic foods on an outside table or picnic blanket allows everyone to enjoy the garden just like our favorite family of English pigs!

Creepy, Crawly and Cool!

Along with being in the garden, Peppa and George very much enjoyed their introduction to frogs and worms and butterflies! For those children who are fearless and brave, stop by a local farmers market or nursery and see if they’re offering caterpillars, ladybugs, or even butterflies! Take your children to your backyard to release the critters. Make sure to pack fruit punch with the picnic. Freshly emerged butterflies love to sip drops of fruit punch from your fingertips! As long as everyone is careful and gentle with their new friends, no one will forget the day their adventure with the outdoors!

Peppa Pig Transparent Inflatable Swimming Ring Swim Tube

Peppa’s Paddling Pool day

No one knows how to beat the heat splashing around like Peppa and her family! Have everyone wears their ‘swimming costumes’ and set up a paddling pool. All you’ll need is a hose and a tarp to set up your own slippery slide, but adding in some spray bottles, buckets, and Peppa Pig Inflatables allows all party guests to splash in their own way! Everyone will enjoy chilled ‘mud puddle’ pudding or frozen yogurt cups just like piggies.

At-Home FunFair

While Peppa and George loved their day at the FunFair, Mummy and Daddy Pig don’t have to pay pounds for every game and ride if they make their own home FunFair! Setting up a couple of carnival games, like pool-ring toss on some empty soda bottles (made pink and sparkly of course!), or filling a small tub or bucket with water and magnetic, foam fish make for easy and cost efficient carnival fun! Just make sure to have a few prizes ready for the winners- Peppa loves teddy bears (dollar stores have lots!), and George would always love another popsicle!

Peppa Petting Zoo
Peppa Petting Zoo ( Image source: )

Peppa Petting Zoo

What child wouldn’t want to see their very own Peppa Pig? With long summer days, there’s plenty of time to visit a nearby petting zoo, or even have them set up in your yard. Pony rides, bunny snuggle, and petting pigs are sure to be a hit with any age group. Just make sure hand sanitizer is available and remind your kids that you can’t keep the pigs, no matter how cute they may be!

How should I decorate for my Peppa Pig Party?

What is a Peppa party without some pig-themed paraphernalia? Check out some of these setup ideas and easy, inexpensive décor how-to’s to make your ‘pig pen’ special!

Peppa Pig Air Walker Balloon Party Birthday Decoration

Piggy Party Balloons – $16.57

With pink pipe cleaners, make some piggy balloons! Fill them up with air and not helium so everyone can catch their own Peppa and George in the pig pen, and use pink construction paper to make pig ears and noses to tape on. Wrap some curled pipe cleaners on the balloon tie end for tails, and make sure to wrap the sharp edges of the pipe cleaners away from the balloon so they don’t pop! Add in a Peppa Pig Walker Balloon to complete the pig pen!

Peppa Pig Printed Banners

Try making a banner out of pig-pink bandanas and ribbons! It gives a feel of festive authenticity, and you can re-use the bandanas for any summer party, or costumes! Mix it up with Peppa Pig Printed Banners and rope off the entire space of the party to give it a full “pig-pen” feel.


Mud Puddle Spots 

Nothing makes it clearer you’re at a pig pen party than Mud Puddles on the floor! Cut various sized mud puddles out of a sheet of brown felt and adhere it with grip tape so that no one slips! These are great for décor and useful for some of the party games you’ll see below.

Peppa Pig Cutlery

While pink cups can be made into pigs with markers and some pig button noses and pipe cleaner tails, there are a variety of Peppa Pig Cutlery and plate packages that save the time and money spent going to the party store!

Peppa stamps

Peppa Party Bags

Don’t forget the goodie bags! Pink bags with Peppa faces do the trick or check out these Peppa Party Bags two colors and designs for more variation. Either way, make sure to fill them with stickers, candies, or even Peppa stamps!

peppa pig party favors treats

Peppa Pig Party Treats

Pink Piggy Watermelon Lemonade

Making this sweet twist on pink lemonade is easy, and a will be a new favorite for everyone! Either puree watermelon or thaw it, four cups of watermelon to every two of regular lemonade! Finish it off with a watermelon slice.

Peppa Cupcakes

A little spiral of pink icing turns cupcakes into cute little pigtails, just make your own piping bag from a plastic sandwich bag and fill it with strawberry frosting! Chocolate cupcakes make the pigtails look like they’re just splashing through the mud.

Mud Cake

On the subject of pigs that splash through the mud, a mud cake is delicious fun for kids and adults alike. Top a batch of brownies with a layer of chocolate pudding, gummy worms, Brownie Brittle and even some Peppa and floral cutouts on popsicle sticks for a tasty, themed sweet treat.

Peppa Pigmallows

With pink marshmallows, toothpicks, and a washable, non-toxic marker, Jumbo pink marshmallows make a very cute pig body with pink mini marshmallows as the ears! You can draw any variation of faces on your pigs to give them personality. You can even have your kids draw their own faces. Just be careful they don’t end up with more marker than mallow!

peppa pig party supplies

Peppa Pig Party Supplies and Tools You Will Need

While setting up all the adorable treats for your Peppa Pig party, taking the time to enjoy the making and baking with your kids can be fun and easy. Here is a couple of kitchen tools that make the experience fun and easy!

Flower Cookie Cutters

Flower Cookie Cutters – $13.69

I used these Cookie Cutters to make my brownies into mud puddles, in various sizes to make them more believable. Then customize the pigs and gummy worms on each one!




Peppa Pig Character CutoutsPeppa Pig Character Cutouts- $8.69

While I mentioned how to make your own cutouts, these characters are perfect for the mud puddle cake and save a lot of frustration on cutting out internet images. There’s also a lot of variation in the characters, giving partygoers more options!


Lemonade Dispenser

Lemonade Dispenser- $19.99

Everyone knows that having a pitcher of lemonade spill is a disaster waiting to happen with kids around. So I’ve forgone that entirely and invested in a Lemonade Dispenser! I like that I can put watermelon and lemons at the bottom of this one, in case someone loses their decorative slice of watermelon. It saves tears every time!


Peppa Pig Party Crafts and Activities

Before you start decorating, make sure you have some tape, black permanent and washable markers, scissors and a hot glue gun! Things to pick up include pink balloons, pink construction paper, pink buttons, pink pipe cleaners, craft popsicle sticks, maybe some googly eyes and pink paint.

Peppa Flower Pots

If you decide to opt for the garden party, piggy flower pots are just the way to go! Paint the pots pink, and give it a pig face. Googly eyes are a personal favorite with a pink button nose. Don’t forget to glue on a pink pipe cleaner tail!

Paint a Pig Nose

No Peppa Pig party would be complete without all the guests wearing a signature pig-nose! Cut an egg carton into twelve individual points, and then cut two holes in those indents for nostrils. Then have your guests paint their own pink pig nose and add glitter if they want! Fasten them with pink ribbon or cut elastic strips. For children who don’t like committing to the tied nose – I know mine can’t stand things on their faces – glue the nose to a craft popsicle stick and they can hold it up for pictures.

Musical Mud Puddles

Remember those Mud Puddles mentioned in decorations? They’re an excellent way to make musical chairs fit the Peppa party theme! Arrange them in a circle, one for each child, and start the music! Take one away each time to see who will be the last pig on a puddle!

Peppa Pig Costume

Peppa Pig MasksPig masks transport guests right to the happy pen of Peppa, George, Mummy, and Daddy Pig to make first impressions. So try incorporating Peppa Masks into your party and test out your best pig snorts. Add it to Peppa’s signature red dress for any party girl to masquerade as Peppa herself!




Peppa Pig Swimsuit

If your birthday pig really wants to feel like Peppa, there are Peppa Dresses that are festive and fun, and comfortable for running and playing. If you’ve opted for a party with more splash, try a Peppa Pig Swimsuit. You can also have a guest appearance from Peppa herself. ( This costume is an Halloween costume for adults, but it really does the trick, and everyone will believe you’re the real deal! )



Peppa Pig Halloween Costume
Peppa Pig Halloween Costume


Peppa Party Gifts

Princess Peppa

If you’re planning a Peppa Pig Party, chances are your child would love some Peppa Pig gifts as well! Getting episodes on DVD or in story-book format is always a great idea, as is a Peppa Pig Plushie. There are so many options, like the Princess Peppa or even the Mummy and Daddy pigs in case your Peppa-fan already has the original!

For the artistic Peppa lover, my favorite is the Peppa Jumbo Coloring Book with Jumbo Crayons. It’s especially fun for younger Peppa fans and really helps toddlers learn to write and keeps them occupied for hours.

Peppa Jumbo Coloring Book with Jumbo Crayons

There’s even a Peppa Pig Nintendo DS game that makes a great gift and is perfect for all the upcoming summer road trips.

Peppa Pig Nintendo DS gamePeppa Pig Thank-You Notes

For the final addition of the Peppa Party, send out some Peppa Pig Thank-You Notes for all the great goodies and fun your guests brought to your party!

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