best pizza stone

Best Pizza Stone Review For Foodies

best pizza stone

There are a couple of factors that affect the outcome of the food. Most of the kitchen tools that experts use to get the best results can also be yours with a little research. When it comes to having the best pizza stone, there are some features that everyone must look out for. Few products match the demands of the market. A cursory look at the world of pizza stones shows that a little over four decades ago, we did not have as many options as we have today. Before we go deeper into our subject, it is important to mention what a pizza stone is. It is simply a baking stone that is used to bake and prepare hot food.

1. Old Stone Oven Pizza Stone

Old Stone Oven Pizza Stone

Buy Now: $74.99

Why should you buy it?

The Old Stone has been doing remarkably well since it was introduced into the market over 30 years ago. It still remains one of the first pizza stones. It comes with unglazed stones which are ideal to give you the right crust for your pizza. Before we go any further, it is important to highlight the difference between a glazed and an unglazed stone. A glazed stone is simply one that allows you to clean quickly, and it has some porosity which allows your pizza to absorb moisture. It creates some form of convenience for the user. On the other hand, the unglazed stone is not easy to clean, and it does not permit moisture to permeate. It gives you a delicious, dry crust when you bake but it also gives better results that fall in this category.

Why we picked this product?

Some product samples showed that they do not have the standard size which can easily fit into your oven. Also, the stones are not able to withstand the heat of the oven. They crack and give way easily when putting under intense heat. Also, there has been some imitations that look like stone, but it is a pan stone at best. They do not heat up and give you the best baking experience you need.

One of the best pizza stone on the market remains the Old Stone because of its ability to be preheated and to deliver great produce. Essentially, another good point about this product is the price. It is affordable, and most users have reported to using it for nine years or more. Also, the brand has been able to carve a niche for itself on the market. It has continued to dominate its field by blending contemporary and traditional designs to create the best pizza stone. This product has set the right benchmark for every other baking stone to follow.


Actually, you don’t need to preheat before placing it in an oven. This can lead to the stone cracking up. We also saw that it has a high rate of heat retention and is able to bake evenly without much stress. The power of the Old Stone to drain out all the moisture makes it the best in its field. Most experts who have reported on their use of this product attest to its robust design. It has continued to build on its antecedents, and it is now breaking the boundaries in the world of baking and pizza production.

Who buys this product?

Anyone who loves to have delicious, crusty pizza can buy this product. Generally, there are different users that this product can cater for. If you are someone who wants to try your hands on using a pizza stone, this product is also good for you. As we explained earlier, the Old Stone remains one of the few unglazed stones in the market. Everyone who wants to have the best experience while baking must go for it. It is ideal as a gift for a new couple that is just starting out their family, and it can also be used to spice up the life of older couples.

What to look for?

One of the most prominent features that make this stone stand out is its size. It can easily fit into your oven so it is no challenge to make the most out of it. However, it is important to state that despite the fact that it is one of the best; it can be difficult to clean it after using. This is because the stones have the ability to retain the soapy ingredients you use to give it a squeaky clean. This means that the next baking experience might have soap tasting in your food. However, there is a way to go about this. You can apply oil on the surface of the stone before baking, or you can give an anti-spray application on it.

2. Pizzacraft Square 15″ Cordierite

Pizzacraft Square Cordierite

Buy Now: $24.62

This stone is a unique introduction in this range. It is made of clay and firebrick which helps it spread heat evenly. It can measure up the best in its field although it comes in a square shape. The challenge is that it is a bit smaller than the standard pizza stones. Generally, it has some qualities that make it a leader in its range. It has a smooth surface which makes for ease of baking, and it can fit into most standard ovens. Also, the product is moderately priced when compared to other products in the market. Although it might not have a strong brand name, it remains one of the best pizza stone. It also has an excellent customer support.

Why you should buy it?

It can give you the best results when you know how to work it. It falls under the range of unglazed stones so it also gives you the best crust when you bake. There are a lot of sub-standard stones in the market so you can be safe when you purchase it. Based on the reviews so far, it is ideal for leisure or business use. The experts are currently looking at the best way to preheat the stones based on the substance from which they are made. This product is made from some mix of ceramic and it would give you the blend of what legendary cooks have come to enjoy. It is an ideal product to have in your kitchen.

Why we picked this product?

We chose it for its unique features. This square-shaped stone has continued to meet with the right heat temperature required to give you a sublime result. Other products did not come close due to its heat retention ability. Interestingly, there is an advert that is running which listed this product as one of the best pizza stone anyone can buy.


Although there is a slight variation in the time that it took to heat up, it also falls within the acceptable time limit. Also, the products that have been tested show that it can also do well when it is properly preheated. This is a safe rule for the most pizza stones, but particular attention was given to see how it would perform under certain circumstances. It is important to mention that during winter, you might have to preheat the stone beyond the average time that is given. However, during other seasons such as spring and summer, you can make use of the stone without much hassle due to the favorable weather.

Who buys this product?

Anyone who is looking for a good pizza stone and wants a good alternative to the Old Stone can buy this product. It is interesting to see that this product is also carving its own niche in the market. It does not need to play second fiddle but due to the antecedents of the first product that we discussed but it comes second in our review.

What to look for?

It has a smooth surface, but it might be difficult to clean after use. Due to its square shape, it might not easily fit into certain sizes of ovens. You can make this product work for you when you give attention to all the unique offerings that it can give.

3. Wilton 2105-0244 Ceramic Pizza Stone

Wilton 2105-0244 Ceramic Pizza Stone

Buy Now: $15.59

This ceramic based stone is one of the best pizza stones in its range. It has a gray color as a result of the substance used in its production.

Why you should buy it?

It comes handy and easy to fit your purposes. It is one of the best stones which are crafted from pan designs.

Why we picked this product?

It is able to give quality crusts when used to bake. Although it takes more time to achieve the best results, it is also suitable for everyone.

What to look for?

Its rich texture and shape mark it out from the rest in the market. It is not just the aesthetics that make it one of the best pizza stone, it also bakes well.

Similar products worth noting:

Heritage 15″ Stone:

Heritage 15 inch Stone

Buy Now: $39.97

This dark colored stone would remind of the rich tradition of how the ancients cooked their food. It’s nice to use and is worth the mention as an alternative option.

Cuisinart CPS-013:

Cuisinart CPS-013

Buy Now: $20.59

This product comes in a circular shape. It might not be as robust as the products just discussed above, but it stands fairly well in its working.

The 12 X 16 Soapstone Pizza Stone:

Soapstone Pizza Stone

Buy Now: $57.89

It is similar to the Old Stone product, but it is smaller in size. Also, it does not come with the excellent ceramic look and feel that Old Stone has. The gray color might not be catchy, but the stone can also deliver on its promise. It is a reasonable alternative but it might not be the best option if you are a serious cook.

Wrapping it up

When we consider all the metrics, the Old Stone remains one of the best pizza stone on the market.

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