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What Your Makeup Style Says About You

Are you a girl who goes full-glam even when they’re just making a quick trip to the grocery store? Or are you someone who does the bare minimum when it comes to your makeup routine? With so many different makeup styles, it’s no surprise that how you wear your makeup says a little something about you. That’s precisely why we’re here to explain what your makeup style says about you.

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Smoky Eye or Bust

Do you love to rock a daring and mysterious smoky eye? If so, it’s most likely that you aren’t afraid to make a statement. You’re most likely daring and confident, and nothing can stand in your way. A smoky eye creates an aura of prestige and strength, so it’s no surprise that you see many women in power wearing this look regularly. No rule says you can’t wear a smoky eye during the day, and these women are all about creating their own rules instead of following them.

Fresh & Clean

Quite the opposite of the smoky eye women, people who keep a fresh and clean makeup routine are all about convenience and authenticity. These women also exude confidence, but it looks a little different. They embrace their inner beauty and are more interested in finding the simpler things in life captivating and catching their attention. These beauties are often lovers of nature and settling down with a good book as opposed to the nightlife or going out dancing with friends.

Subtle Beauty

Like the women who keep a clean face, people with a subtle beauty routine appreciate what’s natural and authentic. Yet, they add a little touch of spice here and there to enhance their features. These women often stick to a light CC cream and mascara as their go-to. They appreciate makeup, but only to the extent that it highlights what they already love about themselves. The women who rock a subtle makeup routine are often nurturing, warm-hearted, and generous.

Bold Lips for Life

Bold lips are timeless and classic when it comes to the world of beauty. That’s why it should come as no surprise that women who frequently wear bold lips do so because they like to embrace their inner movie star. These women are often captivating and truly look as if they stepped off a red carpet in the 1940s, grabbing everyone’s attention. They can be thought of as old-souls, wise, and elegant.

Fun with Colors

Women who always have a different, bright shade of eyeshadow are often the life of the party. These types of women never turn down a good time; they love to have fun with their friends and explore the world around them. These women are often creative, extroverted, and lively. They have vivid inner worlds, and you can always expect to enjoy your time with them.

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