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5 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Home

Moving into a new home doesn’t automatically make the space yours. Sometimes you need to go the extra mile to put those special touches on your home. When your home feels loved and lived in, it’s a much more relaxing place to return to after a long day out.

Are you in the process of transforming your space into a beloved home? If so, you might be struggling to figure out that “magic formula” for a homey spot. In reality, there are no tricks of the lights or secret design tricks. It’s all about using what you love to create a space you want to live in forever. Here are 5 easy ways to personalize your home that are perfect even if you don’t have design experience.

1. Personalized Decor

Sure, you could go to a big-name design retailer and pick up some art and prints that look nice, but will that really have any meaning to you? It’s much better to decorate your home with art and photographs that reflect who you are as a person.

While you can certainly fall in love with art from anywhere, why not start with the art of your life? Photographs from your favorite memories and travel spots are an easy way to show the highlights of your years. If you want to elevate this photography, consider using a service like Instapainting to transform your favorite photos into beloved artwork. From the Instapainting Reviews, it’s clear this is a fan favorite for people everywhere.

2. DIY Your Accents

Another way to elevate the basics is to use those store-bought accents you find at big-name retailers and make them your own. It’s easy to find basics like photo frames, mirrors, candles, and vases that fit just fine in your home. But what if they could really stand out?

Add some of your own DIY touches to make these basics a part of your home that looks like it belongs. From painting to embellishments, you can make those store-bought finds look as good as new. You don’t need to be a craft guru as long as you can handle a glue gun and other basics.

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3. Personal Mementos

It’s hard to balance a love for personal mementos without coming across as a hoarder, but such a balance does exist. When it comes to keeping things you love, the “sparks joy” method is a great mentality. Essentially, don’t keep things that don’t bring you joy. On the other hand, fill your space with your memories and items that make you happy.

Use bookshelves, sideboards, and shelves as a way to share your favorite things. Keep it balanced by only showing your favorites. This is a sure way to make yourself happy when you see your favorite things.

4. Pillows

What home doesn’t feel better with a lot of pillows? While there’s certainly a balance here as well, the right number of fun pillows shows off your taste in style. Look for unique colors, textures, and shapes to brighten up your space. The best part is you can use pillows in virtually any room of the house, from your office desk chair to your living room couch.

5. Plants

Finally, a little greenery goes a long way towards transforming your space. We all love lively, happy rooms, and plants do just that. Adding a live plant (or a fake one, if you’re not sure you have a green thumb) will add a breath of fresh air to any room. Just make sure you’re choosing a variety of plant that can easily thrive indoors. From orchids to snake plants, you’ll feel right at home in no time.

As you can see, transforming your house into a home only take a few key steps. You don’t need to be an interior design expert to let your style shine. Don’t worry what the design magazines say. As long as you’re content with your space, you’re doing it right.