Modern Fan: How to Choose One for Your Porch

What’s the most summer-friendly spot around your home? Without a second thought, you’ll say that it’s your porch. Here, you get access to fresh breeze plus a view if your garden is well-kept and the neighborhood is lovely in general. Really, for most of us, it’s a luxury you can’t compare to a confined four-walled air-conditioned room.

Don’t get me wrong—nothing against that. But, isn’t it such a wonderful feeling sipping your afternoon coffee while you sit at the porch? Absolutely! So, why not beautify it from now on if you haven’t already? This article provides great ideas on that.

Many homeowners love the idea of installing outdoor ceiling fans for their veranda. Not only does it improve the ventilation, but it’s also a classic piece you can incorporate to your interior design, no matter your theme. However, you might be torn among the many choices available right now. So, how can you choose one?


The Size of Your Porch Matters

It is essential to know the accurate size of your porch. The size of your ceiling fan should be well-proportioned to its size to ensure that its air will efficiently circulate around the entire space. Fans provide more power when air circulates only within an enclosed area. Apparently, most verandas have a slightly open space. Because what’s the point of outdoor sitting when it’s confined between walls anyway, right?

In this setting, only the area that’s directly beneath the fan would benefit from the extra breeze it provides. Thus, it should be large enough to cover the majority of your veranda’s sitting area. Don’t worry, though. There’s a quick guide to help you through.

For areas measuring up to 75 square feet, get one that’s at least 29 to 36 inches in diameter. Spaces with 76 to 144 square feet should have an outdoor fan that’s around 36 to 44 inches. Get a fan that’s 50 to 54 inches for areas of up to 225 to 400 square feet. Also, as a general rule, it must be installed 84 inches above your floor.

What’s the Theme of Your Interiors?

Its style and color should match the theme of your interiors. Though this is not a general rule and you’re free to choose whichever you like, it goes without saying that we want the overall look of our home to be beautiful and stylish. This is why we want to be consistent with the general theme of our interior design when choosing décor pieces and furnishings.

Good thing, Modern Fan provides a wide array of choices, ranging from different designs and colors—from industrial chic to clean minimalist details, you’ll surely have an idea of what perfectly fits your porch.

Get One that’s Designed to Withstand Rain and Humidity

Not all ceiling fans are made for the same purpose. You might mistakenly install an indoor fan in your porch, which isn’t designed for that subtly open and exposed environment. So, before purchasing one, be sure to check whether it is an indoor or outdoor fan. You can always install an outdoor fan inside your home but not an indoor fan in your porch.

The difference is that the one designed for outdoors can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain and humidity. It should have a waterproof coating. Also, it should be rust-resistant.

Check for Energy Efficiency

The ultimate reason why we use it is that this choice is more economical than turning on the aircon all day long. And would you believe—ceiling fans can be more energy efficient than it is already? Manufacturers have been creating ways to make this possible. So, always check those specs. You might just miss out on one super important point that’s none other than energy efficiency. After all, everyone wants to cut back on electricity bills. That said, check this out for more ways to do that:

Should You Go for Added Functionality?

Many homeowners are opting for two-in-one fans that include additional lighting. This is particularly useful for your porch since it’s one of the areas we’d like to be well-lighted for an early evening outdoor sitting. How about reading a good book in there? You’d surely love that.

Start hunting now for the best ceiling fan for your veranda. And oh, we’d love to see before-and-after photos of your revamp! Share it with us, will you?