5 Signs You Have Termites & The Long-Term Effects

Termites can wreak havoc on a home. If you allow a colony to grow exponentially, then you may need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair doors, walls and the foundation. As long as you notice even one of these signs, then you need to contact a professional immediately for effective termite control treatment.

1. Clicking Sounds

Most people identify termites visually, but you may be able to hear termites in the walls. If you press your ear against a wall, then you may hear soft clicking noises coming from the pests banging their hands on the wood. They do this to alert other termites of impending danger. Hire a San Antonio TX pest inspection service to look behind the walls to see if you actually have termites.

2. Hollow Wood

When you knock on a solid piece of wood, it should create a more resounding sound. When you knock on hollow wood, it will sound fainter and more high-pitched. Termites eat wood from the inside out so you may be able to identify more hollow wood around your house.

3. Hard-to-Open Doors and Windows

Over time, windows and doors will naturally become warped due to an accumulation of moisture. However, termites exacerbate this problem. If a door that has become hard to operate does not get better with any WD-40, then you need to look at other sources of the problem, which could be termites.

4. “White Ants”

Many homeowners mistakenly assume they have ants when they actually have termites. The reason for this is that some species of termites look like white ants. It is important to remember that there is no type of ant that is completely white. Know the difference so that you can properly communicate with your exterminator.

5. Frass

Termite droppings, known as frass, accumulate around areas of the building that have a lot of wood. When frass accrues, it will look similar to sawdust. The droppings will normally be out in the open because termites will push the droppings out of their tunnels.

In addition to damaging wood, termites have a greater effect on your building’s resale value. If you have not repaired the wood when you go to sell, you will need to be upfront, and you will have to ask for a lower price. Another long-term impact is that termites can spread mold. Your best bet is to hire professional pest control for business and residential buildings from Terminix. Contact them as soon as you notice a problem.