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Top Modern Design Ideas for Small Houses

Your house is your realm. It is the place where you must feel safe and comfortable. After a long and stressing day at the job, all you want to do is getting home, put on some comfy clothes and take a rest in your beautiful, well-decorated house.

When you have plenty of space, it might be easier to create a stunning space. The problem comes when your space is reduced. It is then when you let all your imagination and creativity fly and try to take the most out of the space you have.

Having a small house does not mean that it has got less potential than bigger houses. A small house offers you many possibilities. You just need to know where to look.

In this article, we have gathered some small home ideas for you to get inspiration from and transform your house in the daydream space you’ve always wanted.

If you want to redecorate your home, but don’t know where to start, check this list of design tips to maximize space.

1. Pick the right color

If you are lacking space and want your house to seem larger, wall painting might be your best ally. The first color you might think off to create an optical illusion of a bigger space is white. But while white is a good solution, it is not the only one. Your palette is not limited to plain colors.

● Purple

Bright colors might seem a bit excessive in a big space, but are perfect for small rooms. They create a sensation of liveliness without overwhelming the space.

● Navy Blue

Dark colors are the biggest allies of small spaces, as they divert the attention from the fact that the room is small. The smaller the place is, the darker you can paint it.

Other dark colors that give your house a sophisticated air are gray, teal, etc.

● Beige

Beige is your color if you are bored of white, but you don’t feel bold enough to paint your walls in a dark color.

● Blue-Green

If you want to incorporate dynamism to your tiny room, this is your color. Together with while details like little furniture, mirrors or chairs against the wall create the dynamic effect you are seeking.

● Coffee

Brownish colors give your house the feeling of intimacy every house should have.

2. Think big, buy small

If you are lacking space in your living room, here is the solution you were looking for. While big dining tables are often a must-have in every living room, if your problem is space, this is a no-no.

What you really need to make your living room cozy and spacious is getting a small but stylish coffee table to avoid taking over all the space.

Avoid big, heavy furniture in general. Opt for a minimalist style.

3. Double level, double space

Elevate your bed and double your space. The bed usually is the core of a bedroom. But if your space is limited, you must think outside the box.

You can divide the space into two by putting the “sleeping area” in the upper part of the room, while using the lower space to create an office area, with wardrobes to keep your things.
You will have more for less.

4. Use folding glass walls for space separation

There is nothing in this world that reduces more the space than walls, or opaque things.

If you have a loft-space house and you want to separate spaces, folding glass walls is what you need. As they let the light go through, they create an open, illuminated space, while separating the rooms.

Moreover, to highlight the difference of space, painting them in different colors might help considerably.

5. Take advantage of the space behind the sofa

No writing rule says that sofas much be against the walls, or that there is no space after them.

By putting a nice shelf behind the sofa, you will take advantage of a precious space while creating a space to keep all your things organized.

The traditional way of decorating is so out.

6. Movable wall + foldable bed

If you have a one-room apartment, this will help you incredibly to take the most out of the space you have.

This is so convenient when you have visited or want to enjoy open space. You take the wall, and hence the bed, out at night time, and you hide it when you’re not using it.

This way you have two spaces in one.

7. Elevate the kitchen and hide the bed underneath

The dormitory is the most flexible part of a house. You can do whatever you want with it to double the space you have. You just need to be creative.

One solution we offer you to take the most out of the space you have is elevating the kitchen a bit. A two-height flat is modern and stylish, so take advantage of that.

By hiding the bed under the kitchen, you will have double the space you’d have of leaving the bed in the room, and it will give you a modern look to your apartment.

8. Create a wall from shelves

If you want to separate rooms but don’t have much space, shelves are the solution. You can create a wall of shelves that would convert your loft into a two-room apartment while creating some space for having all your things organized.

Moreover, it looks modern and interesting.

9. Hang things

The ceiling is a perfect place for hanging your stuff. When you have a reduce space you have to be creative and see opportunities in every little corner.

Whether it has an operational function or just for visual matters, the ceiling offers you many possibilities you can’t let pass.

10. Place your TV in a rotating space divider

When having a reduced space is important to keep things simple and not overwhelm the house.

To take the most out of the space you have, you can place a space shelf between the “bedroom” and the “living room”, with a rotating space to place your TV on one side and self on the other side, so you can enjoy your favorite TV programs without having too many things.

It does not matter the amount of space you have, but what you do with it. By following these tips, you’ll transform your tiny apartment into a stunning, comfortable, modern space that would be the envy of all your visits.