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5 Place To Travel for Inspiration

Going away on holiday is a fantastic way to unwind and remove yourself from the stresses of daily life and work. It is also great for inspiration as new cities, sites, and sounds surround you. Visiting new parts of the world exposes you to new experiences and cultures that can stimulate the brain to think differently, promoting creativity. Here are the top places you should travel to for inspiration.


Marrakech, Morocco

First up is Marrakech, Morocco, which is considered to be one of the most colorful cities found around the world. A simple walk down to the local street market is filled with amazing clothes and fabrics that have been made locally and express the colors and patterns of Moroccan culture. In addition, street vendors offer unique local cuisine that will introduce you to entirely new tastes and smells. 

The architecture of Marrakech is something to behold, with impressive buildings that have stood for thousands of years full of rich history. If you are looking for somewhere to travel to self-reflect and experience a unique culture, then Marrakech is a place you should visit. You will also likely get a good dose of the sun which helps you relax and focus your mind on getting created as you wander around a completely new environment. 


Up next is Chile, filled with a vast range of things to see and do, which is sure to get your creative juices flowing. There is the art district found in Santiago which is fantastic for getting a taste of the local artwork and the Andes mountains, which will surely blow you away. If you fancy a day trip to a unique town, visit Pomaire. This town is made almost entirely from clay. They are known for some of the most fantastic pottery as well as locally made clothing and tapestries.

In addition to the excellent local shopping on offer, there are also fantastic vineyards that will be sure to get your creative juices flowing as you try some of the finest wine the country offers. You can also choose to go on a mesmerizing trip up the Villarrica Volcano, which is just one of 29 active volcanos in the country. Visiting an active volcano is not something many people can say; the experience will stimulate your brain and make you think creatively. 


Istanbul, Turkey

If you find that experiencing new cultures and learning about the rich history of another country helps inspire you, then a trip to Istanbul is a must for you. There are two different parts of Istanbul, the old city and the new city, which offer entirely different experiences of Turkey. On a trip to Istanbul, you must visit The Grand Bazaar, which will provide some of the most incredible sights full of striking colors, scents, and textures. 

If you travel a short distance outside the city of Istanbul, you can visit the fantastic ruins of Ephesus, which has some of the incredible architecture found in all of Turkey. In addition, it has a considerable amount of history, being one of just seven churches in all of Asia, which have been discussed in the Book of Revelation. It is hard not to mention the fantastic cuisine found here when talking about Istanbul. From fine dining restaurants that offer food you have never tried before to street vendors that provide you with an authentic experience of the food in this part of the world, you will be sure to learn about new ways of cooking that can inspire you and help get you thinking creatively. 


Portugal is a country many people don’t think of as being somewhere that usually inspires someone; however, this is far from the truth. Ajulejos offers some incredible architecture, with buildings made from gorgeous patterned tiles that glow in the sun with bright colors that cannot be missed. For those interested in architecture, a vast range of Portuguese styles is found in Portugal, from Moorish, Neoclassical, and Romanesque to Art Neauvo. Each style comes from a different era and tells an entirely different story which is fantastic for getting you thinking about styles through time and inspiring you for future designs. 


The final place to visit for inspiration on this list is, of course, India. This country could be noticed as it offers something nowhere else can. Just walking around, you will be exposed to a culture and environment that cannot be found anywhere else. The local markets are filled with vibrant clothes with beautifully intricate patterns and designs. In addition, India has some of the most impressive historical sights you can visit to get an idea of what the country was like hundreds and thousands of years ago. You will undoubtedly leave a trip to India with an entirely new perspective on life, which will inspire you. 

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