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3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Bridal Shoes

Planning your wedding is no easy feat. From picking out a venue and catering company that will keep guests satisfied to find the wedding dress of your dreams, many tasks and responsibilities can fall on you as a bride. One of the easiest details to overlook during the wedding planning and preparation process is finding the perfect bridal shoes to keep you looking stylish and comfortable on your special day. While there is no denying that finding the perfect shoes for your wedding day can be as tricky as finding safe and effective back surgery alternatives, we’ve gathered three simple but effective tips for finding the perfect shoes for your wedding. Keep reading to learn how to simplify the process of finding the perfect bridal shoes so you can look and feel great on your special day.

Start With Your Dress

While it should come as no surprise that finding your wedding dress should come before searching for your bridal shoes, this is one simple but highly effective tip that can make shopping for shoes as easy as possible. Your wedding dress can help to define your style and vision for your special day, so you can find shoes that will match. While finding the right wedding dress can be a daunting process, doing so can make finding the perfect accessories to match easy!

Keep the Venue in Mind

One detail that many brides overlook when shopping for their perfect wedding shoes is the details of the venue where they will be spending their special day. For example, if your wedding is outside, you will want to make sure that you are wearing shoes that are appropriate for walking or standing on grass, concrete, sand, and more, while an indoor wedding in a traditional venue such as a church might not require as much thought.

Try on Shoes Before Committing

While ordering shoes online can be a viable option for many brides when finding the right pair for your special day, doing so can be tricky since you can’t try them on before making the purchase. If you are shopping for your shoes online, be sure to order shoes as far as possible to try them on and potentially find a different pair if they don’t work out to avoid last-minute stress and complications ahead of your ceremony.

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