Petit fours recipe for baby shower

Petit Fours Recipe

These bite-sized cakes add an elegant touch to any party.

How to make Petit Fours?

‘Petit Fours’ (translated to ‘little oven’) are small, individual, fancy cakes. These cakes were first made in 18th century France, in large brick ovens as they cooled down at the end of the day. They’re perfect for baby showers because frankly, they’re just so darn pretty!


Set up a buffet of French favorites like eclairs, crepes, and croissants.

Pairs well with:

  • Sip and see baby shower
  • Lullaby baby shower
  • Carriage baby shower

My thoughts:

Theme a French baby shower around these cute cakes. Some ideas are;

Moulin Rouge: Decorate with lights, candles, feather boas and French music. Throw this baby shower in the evening.

Springtime in Paris: Set this theme around an outdoor Parisian cafe. Hang posters of Paris, and have guests wear French berets.