yema recipe

Yema Recipe

yema recipe

How to make Yema candies?

Yema translates as “yolk” in Spanish. When the Spanish settled the Philippines 350 years ago, they used egg whites and shells to assist in building their cathedrals and churches. This left a ton of yema or egg yolks to be consumed. This sweet recipe of Yema Candies has been around for as long as that I am sure, and they are a real favorite of the people of the Philippines. Bits of nut and fruit add some needed texture to this something caramel like a tasty treat.

Yema is a custard type of candy, almost like a hardened flan. There is also a favorite Yema Cake that is a favorite as well. Simple Yema is a combination of sweetened milk, egg yolks, butter, dried fruit, and nuts. They are mostly cone-shaped and wrapped in cellophane. You can also find Yema dipped in caramel for extra sweetness.

Dried Jack Fruit is the traditional addition for these treats, but dried mango, dates, apple, or even pineapple will do the trick. I favor walnuts for my Yema candies as they absorb sugar substances well and will give when bit into. Ground peanuts can be used instead of walnuts and will give a different flavor. This sweet would be great served with a variety of treats such as Kutsinta and Aussie Bites. Yema candies travel well when wrapped and sealed tightly. Bring these on your next picnic and wow your guests!