apple wine recipe

Apple Wine Recipe

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apple wine recipe

Apple Wine is a tradition in many families, and thus many different recipes for making the “best” apple wine. This is a relatively simple and straightforward approach that is similar to a Plum Wine recipe also on this site. Campden tablets kill bacteria and give you a little safety when making homemade alcohols and fruit wines.

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Using a variety of baking, cooking, and eating apples will give your wine a beautiful array of sweetness, tart, and all around flavor that tastes natural. The addition of raisins in this recipe adds a little tannin and sugar needed for the fermentation and taste profile.

History of Apple Wine

The Greeks originally made Apple Wine and called it Sikera. It was their main wine for drinking since apples were plentiful at the time and could be used even if their texture was mushy or they were overly ripe. Mashing and fermenting the apples with hot water and honey was an excellent use of the abundant produce.  In Germany clear and crisp apple wines or Apfelwein can be found in many establishments in the Rhine Valley. The Germanic process goes back 250 years and is a genuinely local experience.

Apple Wine is similar to hard apple cider and is just a step or two away from making apple brandy. This wine is best after dinner drink and would taste fantastic with an array of desserts such as Pistachio Macarons, Pecan Pie, Yema Cake, Polvoron, or Knafeh. Toasty and nutty flavors play well with the sweet apple drink.

Towards the end of the fermentation process a spice sachet of mostly cinnamon, but not limited to cloves, nutmeg, and cardamom, think pumpkin pie spices, could be added to make the drink more festive for winter month holiday consumption.


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