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10 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Giving corporate gifts to your employees is a great idea. It makes your team feel more recognized and appreciated and can encourage them. Giving a gift is a great place to start if you want to make your employees feel more valued. However, deciding what gifts would be the best for your employees can be challenging.

Lucky for you, we gathered all of the best ideas below! You’ll find a unique corporate gift on this list that stands out to you.

Custom Office Accessories

Custom corporate gifts are always an excellent choice for your employees. You can offer them personalized nameplates, mouse pads, or organizers. Company desk calendars that showcase employee achievements are also perfect for increasing motivation.

These corporate gifts can foster company culture and loyalty since it feels similar to having merchandise for a team.

Giving custom office accessories shows you recognize your employees’ work there. Most people respond well to these gifts, with about 70% of employees working harder when they receive positive recognition like this.

Personalized notebooks and journals are another unique idea. You can customize them with your company’s logo, the employee’s name, or an inspirational quote. Gift a quality pen set with it, and your employee will love it.

gift basket

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are another excellent option for giving to your employees. You can personalize them, showing that you genuinely care about your team. Some good choices include chocolate, tea, fruit, or flower baskets. Wine gift baskets also go over very well.

Tailoring the gift basket to the interests of your employees is best.

Tech Gadgets

Next, you can gift your workers technical gadgets. They can boost productivity and are sure to impress your employees. Plus, they can be unique; only a few employers give them out.

You can gift Bluetooth speakers or headphones, smartwatches, or heating pads for coffee. Power banks ensure your team always has their devices charged and ready for work. Plus, you can personalize these items using your company’s colors and logos.

Tech gadgets are practical, versatile, and innovative. Your employees can use them for productivity and communication, making them more valuable to their daily lives than many other gifts.

You can offer your employees a wide variety of tech gifts, so think about what they can benefit from the most.

Personalized Apparel

Customized apparel is another excellent gift for employees. You can give them hoodies, T-shirts, or even sweatpants with your company logo embroidered or printed on them. Hats are also received well.

When everyone from a corporation has personalized clothing, they feel a stronger sense of solidarity. You’ll notice a tighter community and improved team dynamic in your workplace.

Plus, employees who wear personalized apparel outside the workplace promote your brand.

Subscription Services

Providing your employees with a subscription service can also be a lot of fun for them. They receive a monthly surprise while also feeling appreciated for their hard work. Depending on the employee’s interests, you can choose between snacks, wine, or book boxes.

You can also consider streaming services and news subscriptions. Audiobook and podcast subscriptions can also cover a variety of topics.


Custom Puzzles or Games

Another unique gift idea would be to create a puzzle. You could use an image of a group photo of your employees or a picture of your company logo. Alternatively, you could print these images onto a board game.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to use imagery from your business if you choose this method. Make sure that you only use high-quality pictures so you get professional results.

Travel Accessories

Next, consider gifting some travel accessories to your employees. These go over the best if they plan on taking a vacation sometime soon or your work requires them to travel frequently.

Personalized travel organizers, passport holders, and bags are all excellent options. Noise-canceling headphones can also be helpful for a flight.

Home Office Essentials

Do you have remote or hybrid workers? You can provide them with some home office essentials that help them work more comfortably when they’re away from the office. Standing desks, comfortable chairs, and webcams are some great options.

Powerstrips, desk lamps, keyboards, or a new mouse are also excellent choices. Pay attention to your employees and determine what they could benefit from. These items can be customized to make them feel more special and increase productivity.

Custom Art

Next, you can gift your employees custom artwork they can hang wherever they feel fit. There are likely local print shops in your area that can make posters and photo prints that showcase essential moments from your workplace.

You can also print off logos, your mission statement, or inspirational messages to hang up. Having these decorations around the office can be fun and motivate your employees. Try to find images that are the most appealing to them.

If you’re familiar with any local artists, you can also have them create paintings or prints for your employees. If you decide to go this route, it can feel like a personal gift to your employees.


Terrariums and Office Plants

Next, your employees might like some small office plants on their desks. Succulents, aloe, and snake plants are some of the best choices. Terrariums can look stunning and fit on desks. They create small, mystical worlds within the office, which can help your employees feel peaceful.

Adding more greenery to the office can give your team some benefits they’re sure to appreciate. For instance, they can improve air quality and mood and reduce fatigue. They also boost creativity and reduce stress.

Overall, the presence of nature can have a positive impact on people, especially if it’s in a corporate environment.

Send Unique Gifts to Your Employees

So, if you want to send unique corporate gifts to your employees, choose one of the above options. Customizing a gift can make it more meaningful, so consider what your team members will like the most.

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