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54 Drinking Gifts For Beer/Wine/Cocktail Lovers With Fun Party Games

Drinking gifts for beer lovers, cocktail,bourbon and wine enthusiasts

Drinking Gifts and Games for Drunks, Boozehounds and Experts

For many people, the best way to wind down is to grab a refreshing beverage. For some, it’s a couple beer or harder alcohols enjoyed outside. Then there are those who throw Friday celebrations to kickstart the weekend. Almost everyone knows a person who loves drinking, and when birthdays and holiday seasons arrive, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for them. If you struggle with finding your boozehound something that reflects their party streak, don’t worry. Here is a list of unique drinking gifts for beer lovers, coffee lovers, cocktail, wine, bourbon enthusiasts along with fun board games you can play when partying:

Anniversary Gift Beautiful Love Mugs Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer and Spoon

Personalized Coffee Mugs – $24.97

This is one of the simplest gifts for your drinking buddy. Personalized with your own quote, this can make those dreary hangover mornings just a little easier to handle. This is a mega coffee mug, guaranteed to hold enough of your beverage to make everything better. Also check out the ones below, I’m sure you will love one of those.

Heat Sensitive Color-Changing Morphing Mug Cup Set

Heat Sensitive Color-Changing Morphing Mug Cup – $25.99


Hand Crafted Porcelain

Hand Crafted Porcelain – $19.99


Medusa Porcelain

Medusa Porcelain – $19.99


Personalized Mugs Porcelain

Personalized Porcelain Mug – $20.85


Porcelain Tea Cup Coffee Cup Goblet Mugs

Goblet Mugs – $23.00


Stacking Mugs Fine Porcelain Coffee Mugs Set

Stacking Mugs Fine Porcelain – $21.79

30 beer gift baskets for boozehounds

Party tubParty Tub – $84.99

This is perfect for get-togethers and game days, as this tub can hold all the drinks you need. With the ability to personalize it with your name, everyone can know exactly who brought the beverages, and who gets to take home the leftovers.



Irish Quotes Coaster Set

Handmade Quotes Coaster Set -$35.00

These are unique and funny, each one of them holding a little saying about drinking. It is an exceptional way to lighten up any mood, and keep the rings off counters and tabletops. It comes in a set of three, allowing for variety.



Hidden Alcohol Flasks

Hidden Alcohol Flasks – $10.99

Almost everyone knows that one person who likes to take their drinks with them to the beach. Lucky for them, these alcohol flasks are disguised as sunscreen containers. Each one can hold up to sixteen shots, so this three pack guarantees that the party will go on.


Whiskey rocks

Whiskey Rocks -$32.87

Whiskey rocks are fantastic for anyone who enjoys drinking whiskey or bourbon but hate the watered down flavor that happens with melting ice. These come in a pack of six natural granite rocks and two glasses, along with a convenient carrying box to make storage even easier.

Cooler Flask

Cooler Flask – $10.98

Sometimes, drinking hard liquor at sporting events is frowned upon. With this nifty device, there is no worry about having to hide your cups or bottles. This flask is disguised as an ice box, conveniently keeping your liquor out of sight.


Spinning Bottle Opener

Spinning Bottle Opener – $4.59

This is fabulous for parties, especially when used to break the ice. While functioning as a bottle opener, it also launches the caps. When it’s done properly, this little novelty opener can launch a bottle cap over sixteen feet.



Drinking Shot Bandolier

Drinking Shot Bandolier – $70.23

Do you know someone who really enjoys having their shots on hand, readily accessible for consumption at any given time? If so, then this bandolier is perfect. While keeping the alcohol close, it adds humor to any party. Also, works great for the college student in your life.


Beer Belt

Beer Belt – $10.99

Perfect for tailgating parties or other sporting events, the beer belt makes finding the beer even easier. It comes in a classic forest camo coloring and holds six beers for convenience. This is a wonderful gift for Father’s Day.



Beer Flavored Jelly Beans

Beer Flavored Jelly Beans – $6.38

Not everyone can drink beer, but it doesn’t have to mean you have to be left from the party. This beer flavored jelly beans allow you to dazzle your taste buds with the beer flavor, all the while making sure you are not having to deal with alcohol after effects.



Minion Shot Glasses

Minion Shot Glasses -$12.82

Any Minions fan will have to add this set to their collection. Transparent yellow with opaque minion faces, the glass, will let you peer in without disguising anything. This set comes with four different shot glasses.



Jute Wrapped Bottle

Jute Wrapped Bottle -$24.20

These bottles are just like their titles imply, a simple bottle wrapped in jute twine. It makes gripping the bottle easier, whether your friend has had a few or too many, or if the condensation interfered with holding the bottle correctly. All it costs is the price of twine.


Sarcastic Tumbler

Sarcastic Tumbler – $18.95

Anyone with a love for sarcastic humor would thoroughly enjoy this as a gift. Along with the bold quote on the front, this tumbler is double wall insulated, keeping all liquids cooler longer. It also comes with a straw for drinking ease.



Spin the Shot Drinking Game

Spin the Shot Drinking Game – $9.98

This is a favorite game for those Friday night celebrations. You only set your shot glass on the provided spinner and see where the arrow points. This game includes its own glass, so all you have to do is to party on.



Obliviate Harry Potter Inspired Shot Glass

Obliviate Shot Glass – $9.98

Do you know anyone who is a major fan of Harry Potter? If you do, then this is the perfect shot glass to pick up for them. Etched with the phrase ‘Obliviate’, this glass really does the trick, as it holds two shots instead of one.



Never Have I Ever Game

Never Have I Ever Game – $25.00

This is the perfect party game, totally designed for drinking. The rules are simple and prove that there really is a thin line between entertaining and hilarious. This is one of the coolest games for parties.


Personalized Beer Flight

Personalized Beer Flight – $30.05

This convenient beer flight has an elegant and classic look, allowing it to fit into the scene almost everywhere. It comes with four glasses, each perfect for filling with the brew of your choice.


Darts Bar Game Set

Darts Bar Game Set – $15.99

Very few adult get-togethers are complete without a darts game set up somewhere in the background. This game is very easy to set up, and the shot glasses are included.



44 liquor gift sets

Sobriety Test Game

Sobriety Test Game – $14.99

This is one of the coolest and funniest drinking games on the market. The game includes game cards, 36 drinking tokens, and a few off the wall items like a baton, a juggling ball, and a rope loop. Can your friend pass the Sobriety Test?


Hip Flask

Hip Flask – $110.00

This elegant hip flask is fantastic for the people in your life who love to drink slowly. The container is made of lead-free pewter and is a pleasing silver color. It can hold 6 oz of your favorite beverage, keeping liquor smooth and cold for as long as it takes.



EZ Drinker Roulette Game

EZ Drinker Roulette Game – $10.99

This is one of the classic drinking games and passes as a unique gift to complete your boozehounds collection. It is a fully functional roulette wheel, complete with sixteen numbered shot glasses, and the required two balls to play the game the way it was meant.

Wingman Shot Glass

Wingman Shot Glass – $8.95

This is definitely one of the most unusual items on this list. This shot glass is made up of two shots, one on each end of an acrylic piece. It is designed specifically for two people to take one shot at the same time. Don’t worry, it’s super easy to clean.

Drink or Dare Game

Drink or Dare Game – $12.00

This classic game took an adult twist, making it one of the coolest bachelorette games on the list. The rules have not changed much at all, instead of telling the truth when you refuse a dare, you have to take a shot instead. The rules are pretty straightforward, but this time the possibilities are endless. Because this set requires you to have your smart phone read the QR code and see the end result on screen generated by the application. You can use this set for years to come. See the video on the link.

Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones

Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones – $21.95

These are beautifully crafted stainless steel whiskey stones, specifically designed to look like bullets. This six pack gives your whiskey, bourbon, or scotch a unique look in the glass. The best part is, it also comes with a velvet pouch and ice cube tongs.




DIY Wine Bottle Candle Holders

DIY Wine Bottle Candle Holders

If you are one of those people who believes homemade gifts are unique, you may want to consider these candle holders. Made from the empty wine bottles, they are super easy to make, and all that is required is a glass cutter.

DIY Beer Cap Clock

DIY Beer Cap Clock

Have you ever heard someone use the expression ‘Beer o’clock’? If you have, then this is a good gift for them. All you need are beer bottle caps and a clock kit, and you can make one for the beer hound in your life.

The Hangover Cookbook

The Hangover Cookbook – $8.51

This probably is one of the coolest books on the list. It is the perfect book for the partier who wakes up in the morning with the usual hangover symptoms. This hardcover book features everything you need to know about hangovers. It has some great recipes, too.


Flask Funnel

Flask Funnel – $24.75

Are you tired of watching your boozehound struggle with pouring the alcohol into the flask? Or maybe this is the one thing that is missing in their booze arsenal. This straightforward tool is a must have for anyone who even thinks about using a flask.

The Craft of Cocktail

The Craft of Cocktail – $19.18

This book is extremely useful for bartenders in training. It features over 500 recipes for your favorite beverages. It also includes all the tips and facts about the drinks you’re making so you can make them in the best way possible.




Ice Ball Maker

Ice Ball Maker – $12.95

These are a neat alternative to the traditional ice cubes. These silicon ice trays make the perfect ice spheres, ideal for dropping into whiskey or scotch, giving your glass a more elegant appearance.


Personalized Mini Keg

Personalized Mini Keg – $44.20

Everyone likes kegs, but what if you could get a mini keg that had your name on it? These personalized mini kegs are perfect for the outdoor parties and get-togethers, all the while letting everyone know who to go to for party needs.


Jelly Bean Mix Gift Box

Jelly Bean Mix Gift Box Pack Of 80 – $29.99

If you know a drinker who is really into jelly beans, then this is the gift set for them. In a beautiful variety, these five flavors reflect the classics. Just mix them in with your favorite clear alcohols and prepare to watch their eyes gleam with happiness.


Glowing Beer Pong Pack

Glowing Beer Pong Pack – $24.99

Everyone knows that beer pong is almost required to be present at any party. Get your boozehound this gift to fulfill his inner partier. This set will glow for 8 – 12 hours and includes all you need for the team vs. team action.



Shot Glass Mold

Shot Glass Mold – $9.75

These are really handy to have around, and they can use them to compliment any drink concoction you want. Just fill the tray with water or other freezable liquids, pop it in the freezer and you can have your own chilled and personal shot glasses.


Martini/Cocktail Shaker Set

Martini/Cocktail Shaker Set – $12.90

This set is actually very fairly priced. It is very classic and elegant in form and it has the shine that you can only find in stainless steel products. It has three separate pieces, easy to clean, and easy to use.



Hacked Root Beer Kit

Hacked Root Beer Kit – $64.95

This kit can only be described as amazing. This is the first ever alcoholic root beer kit ever made. It includes all the equipment and ingredients needed to make one case. The easy to follow instructions make everything a breeze.



Etched Globe Decanter

Etched Globe Decanter – $120.00

This is a perfect gift for Father’s Day. This decanter is completely handmade, from the handblown glass form to the beautiful small ship that floats within. Even the base is made from hand crafted wood.


Bloody Mary Gift Basket

Bloody Mary Gift Basket – $79.99

This is a unique gift for anyone who really loves Bloody Mary’s. This set includes the mix of your very own, top of the line, Bloody Mary. It also comes with a myriad of different snacks, from a variety of cheeses, sausage, and other snack mixes.


Hard Cider Kit

Hard Cider Kit – $75.99

This kit is perfect for first-time homebrewers. This cider kit is easy to use, letting the process of making hard cider become something fun. All the equipment is completely reusable, allowing you make delicious hard cider.



DOOMED Shot Glass

DOOMED Shot Glass – $7.39

This shot glass doesn’t look like much when empty, but pouring a dark liquor into it changes everything. The skull that looms at the bottom of the glass springs into color, making it give the drinker an intense vibe.



Low Calories Variety Pack

Low Calories Variety Pack – $31.99

Does any of the lady drinkers in your life love to party, but fear to gain the weight from those calories? Get them something to satisfy both needs. This pack includes 6 different and unique flavors for any set of taste buds.


Stainless Steel Shot and Flask Set

Stainless Steel Shot and Flask Set – $25.22

This is a must have for anyone who enjoys their alcohol. This durable set is made of stainless steel and is crimson colored. It can hold four shots, making it ideal for those who like small nips and sips.


Barware Set

Barware Set – $14.95

Anyone, who has an at the home bar would love this. This ten piece set includes all the supplies anyone would ever need to do any type of professional drink mixing. It is pleasing to the eye and is completely washable and reusable.





Homebrew Masters Kit

Homebrew Masters Kit – $439.95

For the number one spot, this homebrew kit could not be beaten. It has all the ingredients to make the best homebrew. The kit comes with easy to read instructions and an informational DVD. It even has a CO2 tank and regulator.



Lemon Drop Kit

Lemon Drop Kit – $48.79

This kit helps you make some of the best lemon drop cocktails, right from your very own home. The gift set includes an 8oz shaker, making it very convenient for any occasion. All you have to do is to ensure you have the vodka and the ice.



Gin Infusion Kit

Gin Infusion Kit – $59.99

Do you know someone with an absolute love of gin? Then get them this fascinating and completely unique gift. This kit comes with 30 different spice infusers, adding life to your usual gin and tonic. Each one is shaped like a tea bag, making it straightforward and easy.


Mint Julep Set

Mint Julep Kit – $49.99

Anyone who loves their mint juleps will absolutely adore this set. It comes with all the things you need for the perfect mint julep. The set includes a bottle bourbon, powdered sugar, fresh limes, stainless steel mixing cups, and a wooden muddling stick. It all comes in a beautiful wooden box.


Mojito Gift Set

Mojito Gift Set – $34.99

This set is astonishing for the person who loves to drink refreshing alcoholic beverages. This gift set comes with a fifth of rum, a bottle of mojito flavor blend, and glass, giving you all te ingredients to make this fantastic cocktail at your leisure.

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