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Affordable Luxury Nail Colors That Mimic High-End Elegance

Do you love luxury nail colors but not the luxury price tag? Brands like GUCCI offer colors that cost more than $30 per bottle, which is too much for many people. However, you can still get gorgeous, high-quality pigments at a reasonable price.

Here are all the brands that provide beautiful nail shades without draining your wallet.

Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI

First, let’s talk about Sally Hansen’s nail polish. You can find this brand in almost any store; a bottle is usually around $5 to $6, making it an excellent option for everyone.

Sally Hansen has several nail polish lines, but its INSTA-DRI line is best if you want bright, luxurious colors with a single coat. Since it dries quickly, there’s also less chance that you smudge your nails when painting them yourself. That way, you can get more professional-looking results.

In this line, you can find close matches to famous GUCCI and Dior colors. For example:

  1. Dior ROUGE 999 is similar to Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI Un-Red.
  2. Dior 504 Waterlily is similar to Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI Mint Sprint.
  3. GUCCI 413 Ellen Blush is similar to Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI In a Blush.
  4. GUCCI 700 Crystal Black is similar to Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI Black to Black.

While these Sally Hansen options cost less than luxury nail brands, you still receive a long-lasting, vibrant polish. So, it’s worth checking out if there’s a look-a-like. The differences between these brands’ shades can be subtle. Still, Sally Hansen’s INSTA-DRI shades are very luxurious at a glance.

They have the benefit of being quick-drying and easy to use! These polishes are also widely available, making finding your next go-to shade easy.

You can find all of Sally Hansen’s current shades in this line on its site and easily compare them to your favorite luxury brand colors.


Next, let’s talk about Essie’s shades. This brand is trendy and well-known for offering a wide color range. Essie has plenty of classic and elegant shades, plus fun and modern ones for you to choose from. Essie products are very affordable, especially when compared to many luxury brands. The company also has a long history, so you can trust that you get a good product from them.

Essie also offers another line called Essie Gel Couture. The bottles are a few dollars more than the standard Essie colors, but it’s worth it for a luxury shade. The Couture option comes with a unique, extra-wide brush with a rounded edge, allowing the polish to curve to the natural shape of your nail.

A popular Essie shade that matches a specific luxury brand would be its Lolipop nail polish. This shade is bright red with a creamy finish. It’s very similar to Chanel Le Vernis’ Pirate shade.

Overall, Essie is a great nail polish brand. It’s affordable, stylish, and comes in various colors. You’re sure to find a shade you love without breaking the bank when you choose this brand.

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Much like Sally Hansen, OPI nail polish comes in several lines. However, they’re all reasonably affordable. OPI also has many shades, making finding something similar to a luxury brand possible. Even if they aren’t exact, the two colors can be close if you choose carefully.

OPI also has some luxurious shades of its own. You can find stunning whites, browns, and plenty of other nudes. There are plenty of classic red shades and new trending colors like greens and grays.

OPI is a bit pricier than Sally Hansen or Essie, but you receive high-quality nail polish for the money. You won’t have as much chipping or lifting to worry about, allowing you to enjoy a long-lasting color without paying for a luxury brand.

One of OPI’s most popular colors is Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath. It’s very close to Essie’s Ballet Slipper and Chanel Le Vernis’ Ballerina nail polish. It’s also a fantastic nude shade so you can wear it with any outfit.

Some of the best OPI shades come from the Infinite Shine line. These colors are very glossy, making them look more like high-end polishes.


Zoya offers plenty of unique and beautiful shades too. These colors are affordable, and you can find similar options to luxury brands. If you want breathable nail polish, this is the best brand.

For example, Zoya’s Rue nail polish is often compared to Chanel’s Ballerina nail polish. Both are a delicate pale pink shade. Zoya’s Dove is similar to Givenchy Le Vernis Graphite if you want a stylish gray polish.

Zoya is also very affordable, usually costing about $7 to $8, depending on the line you’re buying from. This brand also makes the “longest-wearing natural nail polish,” according to Women’s Health Magazine. This is the perfect choice if you want a luxury-looking shade without all the chemicals.

Wet n Wild Megalast

Finally, you’ll want to check out Wet n Wild’s Megalast line. These colors are affordable, often under $10, depending on where you shop.

Wet n Wild Megalast’s Undercover and Candy-Licious are classic shades that look similar to many famous brands’ colors. In particular, Undercover is often compared to Chanel Le Vernis’ Vamp nail polish, a favorite red shade.

Disturbia by Wet n Wild is a dark purple, which many people view as another luxurious option for nail color. The brand’s Casting Call shade is also trendy.

This brand is a budget-friendly choice when looking for new nail polish colors. This particular line of polish lasts longer than many other lines the brand offers, so you’ll want to look at it first when hunting for a luxury brand substitute.

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Luxury Nail Colors Can Be Affordable

In short, plenty of affordable nail polish brands offer luxury colors. You can browse around if you have a particular color in mind. Or, you can compare your favorite high-end shades to more affordable options.

All brands listed above make outstanding nail polish and have extensive collections. You’ll find a shade you love through one of them! Many of these affordable options cost a fraction of luxury brand polishes.

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