Baby shower decorations with creative ideas

17 Baby Shower Decorations With Creative Ideas

Make your venue stand out with these creative baby shower decorations you never knew existed.

Decorating With Rubber Stamps

Using rubber stamps to decorate is a straightforward and affordable way to create the ultimate party pad. You’ll soon understand why using rubber stamps is all the rage in baby shower decorating.

The supporters of decorating with rubber stamps are divided along two lines. Many like the simplicity while others like the affordability. However, both sides can agree stamping your venue location makes great decorating. Let me give you the details.

Decorations & Ideas:
You need to use a rubber stamp to decorate your supplies and create a natural tie-in with coordinating decorations. Plates, napkins, disposable paper cloth, other paper goods and balloons are all ripe for a good stamping. Having a consistent thread throughout your shower decorating will win you rave reviews!

You’ll want to take great care in finding or creating the perfect stamp. Stamps matching themes tend to be the best choice. If the expectant mother has a unique hobby or collection, create a stamp accordingly and use throughout your decorating. You’ll be confident to find a shade of pink to tie in with the other decorations. One can even use the stamp instead of purchasing invitations.


Consider using multiple sizes of the same rubber stamp. You’ll want a larger stamp for your table cloth and a smaller stamp for the dinnerware. A stamp in between these two sizes is perfect to go with banners and balloons.


You’ll need to at least one rubber stamp. Rubber stamps can be purchased at a store, or they can be custom made. If making your rubber stamps, find a silhouette of the stamp you wish to create. Most stores or office supply stores will create these stamps for you. However, it may take them a couple of days.

My thoughts:

Some may pass this decorating idea off as being too simple or a budget conscious idea. This is far from the truth. Decorating with rubber stamps makes a consistent theme throughout your entire shower. You’ll be the envy of the Martha Stewart crowd!


Balloon Bouquets

Baby showers are festive times, and these times call for balloons! Especially if your shower guests include children, balloons can be a fun addition to the decorating.

You can place balloon bouquets outside your party pad or add as an interior decoration.

Decorations & Ideas:
Balloon bouquets are the latest, greatest thing in balloon art. These are not the old, basic latex balloons from your childhood. Balloon bouquets incorporate different shapes, styles, and sizes. Create balloon bouquets that match the color of your theme.

You can also give balloon bouquets as favors, especially if many kids are in attendance. Choose neutral colors, to best ensure the bouquets will integrate well at each of your guest’s homes.


We found many astonishing balloon bouquets for you here. Or get adventurous and create your bouquet. Create a rainbow, a spiral or just group many balloons together.

My thoughts:

At the end of the shower, make sure to send the bouquets home with your expectant mother. She’ll love them, and it will be a great reminder of her baby shower.


Decorating The Table Settings

At one point, guests will be gathering at dining tables, and all focus will be on the table settings.

A hostess can’t escape this inevitability. When guests gather around tables for the lunch, the focus will be turned to the table settings and decorations.

Decorations & Ideas:
When decorating table settings, the focus is on color. You need to use bright colors to make a dynamic and cheerful greeting for guests.

Gather placemats, plates, napkins and a tablecloth in bold shades or your shower’s color scheme. Give preference to pink, orange, yellow and red colors.

Find color coordinated flowers to place in clear glass with water. Gerbera daisies are our favorite. Supplement flowers with decorative floral fillers.


Try a monochromatic theme in a bright color, setting a palette for colorful flowers that pop. For example, use green as a base color to draw attention to a vase of pink flowers.

My thoughts:

Guests will spend a long time around the lunch tables. So your table settings is a vital part of your shower decorating.


Decorative Cakes

Decorating with faux cakes is a great way to incorporate fun into your shower.

Festive cakes will kickstart any party. Your guests will think these cake decorations are ‘sweet!’

Decorations & Ideas:
Use decorative faux cakes made from cardboard and construction paper to decorate the room.

Several decorated yummy mini cakes can be created and later consumed at the end of your dinner. Many bakeries specialize in creating cakes. These bakeries are a great source for many creative ideas.


Make faux cakes from cardboard or thick construction paper. Or use round hat boxes to create round cakes. Wrap the cakes in colorful paper and accent with paper cutouts. Cutouts could include hearts, stars, flowers and shapes specific for the mother-to-be. Or frost your boxes with real cake icing!

My thoughts:

Kids love helping out on this project. Have them choose colors and decorate the cakes.


Baby Diaper Wreath

Diapers meet the decorative wreath in this one of a kind creation.

A diaper wreath is a cute decoration, a great centerpiece, and a practical gift – all rolled into one! Decorate your party pad with a baby diaper wreath!

Decorations & Ideas:
This decoration combines a decorative wreath with a baby shower twist. Baby diapers are attached to the wreath to form a large circle. The wreath is decorated with ribbon and plenty of useful baby items.

Use colored ribbon to match your diaper wreath to the shower’s color scheme. The green ribbon would be perfect for a pea in the pod theme while a sports team’s colors would be perfect for a sports theme.


You’ll need a 12″ foam wreath. You will also need are curling ribbon, 15 to 18 diapers and an assortment of baby items. Cut a 24-inch ribbon for every baby diaper. Take your first diaper and place it on the foam wreath. Tie the diaper with the 24-inch ribbon. Place a second diaper overlapped on the first one, also attaching it with ribbon. Repeat until the foam wreath is covered. Attach your baby items and more ribbon where necessary. A wreath hanger is an invaluable purchase if you intend to hang your wreath on a door.

My thoughts:

This decoration is perfect for a diaper themed party. A diaper wreath also makes a great shower gift.


Pipe Cleaner Flower Bouquets

Your baby shower will look extra festive with this adorable pipe cleaner bouquet decoration. The best part? They’re so easy to make!

These bouquets are festive, creative and are easy to maintain!

Decorations & Ideas:
Pipe cleaner bouquets are not only cute but also easy to make. This activity is perfect for sharing with a child or friend.

Gather 15 to 20 green pipe cleaners and about the same amount of cleaners which match your shower decor. Make a non-green pipe cleaner into the shape of a daisy, with approximately four petals. After you’ve finished the flower, create the stem by wrapping the top around the base of the flower to secure it.

Once you’ve finished several of the flowers, place them in a baby bottle or baby food jar “vase.” Use these vases to decorate tables.


Play around with the pipe cleaners to create different types of flowers – for example, tulips or violets.


A very simple project; simply get some pipe cleaners (we suggest 30 to 40 to make several “bouquets”) and half should be green.

My thoughts:

These cute flowers can be sent home with guests. The best part? These flowers don’t need watering!


Wrapping Paper Shower Collage

This inexpensive decorating idea makes tissue paper into art. Everyone will love your wrapping paper collage made from gift wrap!

Your party becomes a sort of art gallery with this decorating idea!

Decorations & Ideas:
Create a collage by using gift wraps. It could be wall art or adhered to a vase or other interior furnishing. Many beautiful tissue papers are available in art stores that are in plain colors or embedded with glitter and foil. It’s easy to make this inexpensive material into a beautiful shower decorating theme!

You can also use high-quality fabric paper for this project.


Gather several large pieces of cardboard, a can of spray adhesive and tissue paper. Spray sections of the cardboard and begin layering the pieces of tissue paper. Keep layering the pieces until your the entire cardboard is covered. Wait until your piece is dry, then hang the pieces on walls or place on tables.

My thoughts:

This decorating art project will get your creative juices flowing. Combine this idea with the gift wrapping as baby shower decorations!


Party Flags

Hoist flags into the air, and you’ll tell your guests this is a party to remember.

Best suited for outdoor baby showers, flags are the trademark of a great celebration.

Decorations & Ideas:
String pennant flags, small triangular shaped flags on a string from rooftops, light poles, flag poles or tree branches. But the rectangular shaped flags are equals in creating a lively backdrop for your shower.

Those who are throwing indoor baby showers can also mark a location with pennant flags. Make sure the flags are visible from the road, letting those unfamiliar with the venue location to navigate to party central without a hassle.


Your local supply store will certainly stock this decor necessity. Upon request, the store should be able to order flags which color coordinate with the rest of the party. But you’ll need to get your order as soon as possible.

My thoughts:

Flags are flown during most major holidays and celebrations. Why shouldn’t baby showers be any different? Hoist those flags!


Gift Wrapping

Giving gifts meets decorating with this unique decoration. Gift wrapping is coordinated, so gifts add to the decor.

Nothing says party like a pile of beautifully wrapped gifts. Your shower will look party-ready with this cute gift inspired the theme.

Decorations & Ideas:
If you’re looking for one of the easiest decoration schemes, this is it! It combines the necessity of wrapping shower gifts with the functionality of no-fuss decorating. Wrap all gifts to color coordinate with the color scheme of the shower. At a minimum, the hostess and a couple of friends could organize their gift wrap and include the gifts as part of the shower centerpiece.

Coordinate the gift wrapping of all presents including sheets of wrapping paper along with your invitations. This would ensure matching gifts. Just add matching flowers and decorations to complete your decor.


Purchase two or three styles of baby-themed wrapping paper in coordinating colors. If avoiding the ‘cutesy’ look, choose plain wrapping paper in pastels mixed with metallics. Wrap empty boxes if you will need additional gifts.

My thoughts:

Beautifully wrapped gifts are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, so using them to decorate is a no-brainer!


Martini Glass

These great martini glass decorations double up as a great favor to bring home.

Decorations & Ideas:
Martini glasses decorated with ribbons and placed on the serving table or around the room. Fill the glasses with candy or snack mix and provide tasty treats during your party. Guests will later bring these glasses home as favors. Drink umbrellas are a fitting compliment to your martini glasses.

You can also serve mixed drinks in the martini glasses. Just remember to wash the glasses before you send them home with guests.


Fill the martini glasses with any combination of the following:

  • M&Ms
  • Mixed nuts
  • Wasabi peas
  • Pretzels (chocolate covered or plain)
  • Yogurt raisins
  • Cranberries, raisins or other dried fruit
  • Mints
My thoughts:

This decoration is perfect for those parties serving adult beverages. These decorations won’t last for long!


Drink Umbrella Decorations

Mini umbrellas have become the signature of a fun event. Including them as baby shower decorations make a party more festive.

Everyone loves cute mini-umbrellas added to their drink. They’ll also love these umbrellas when used as decorations.

Decorations & Ideas:
Place mini drink umbrellas around your shower. Place them as part of shower centerpieces, around the shower cake or atop the punch.

Buy some mini drink umbrellas. Many styles and colors are available online. Choose umbrellas within the color scheme of your shower. When topping a drink, choose fruity cocktails in a variety of colors.


You can use big Asian-style paper umbrellas to elaborate the umbrella further as a decorating theme.

My thoughts:

This decorative touch goes well with a tropical or a Hawaiian theme.


Decorative Snack Mix

Who would have thought of food as a decoration? We present this great decorative mix idea.

Decorations & Ideas:
Serve snack mix in decorative bowls or cups, strategically placed throughout your party pad.

Add your favorite dried fruit to color coordinate with the rest of your shower.


This mix of delicious and eye-appealing ingredients makes a great party. You’ll need:

  • 1 cup dried banana chips
  • 1/2 cup yogurt-covered peanuts
  • 1 cup dried raw almonds
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • 1 cup chocolate covered pretzels
  • One bag of mixed dried fruits (including mangoes, pineapple, other tropical fruits)

They may not last for long, but they’re still beautiful on your table!

My thoughts:

This mix goes well with a Hawaiian theme.


Wall Art

Your shower will look like an art gallery if you use it as a decoration.

Many a hostess will look for decoration which will long distinguish her shower from others. Look no further!

Decorations & Ideas:
Create a wall art in the color scheme of the shower to decorate the room.

You can create wall art in many ways. Start out with a canvas or art paper, paints, pastels, drawing pencils, art pens or markers or other art supplies. Create a collage of baby wrapping paper in the shower’s color palette. Or glue party supplies in the shower’s theme inside a picture frame. Use a shiny foil as the background.


Why not get inspiration from some of the “baby” art masters, like Marie Cassett. Photography is another option.

My thoughts:

Art is a therapeutic pastime. Creating wall art can be a calming idea!


Noise Makers

Traditionally popular for New Year’s celebrations, we make them chic!

Decorations & Ideas:
Your guests will be gathering to celebrate a new birth. And few things mark a celebration like noise-makers and blow toys.

Noisemakers and blow toys are readily available in any supply store. They come in all colors and styles making them easy to include in your decor. Scatter your noise makers around your shower venue for easy access.


For added fun, challenge guests to make some noise every time they hear a particular word. For example;

  • Baby
  • Labor
  • That’s so cute!
My thoughts:

So once you’ve decided on including noise makers in your shower, you’ll need a lovely theme. A circus theme or a sports theme are two of the many lively showers to choose.


Memories Board

Is budget-friendly and memorable baby shower a beautiful keepsake? Tell us more!

This decoration idea also creates a great activity for your guests.

Decorations & Ideas:
Setup a fabric-covered surface to display photos, poetry, postcards or other items specific to the venue or expectant mother.

Each guest brings (or creates) an item symbolic of their relationship with the mother-to-be. When guests arrive, the items are secured to the memory board. This keepsake is later given to the mom-to-be.


You can fill a memory board with gift certificates, tickets or cash!


Cut a piece of plywood to your desired size. Attach a thin layer of cork board to the face of the plywood. Fabric and ribbons, in the color scheme of mom’s home, cover the cork board.

My thoughts:

A memory board is cheap to make and serves as an excellent keepsake for the mother-to-be.


Baby Diaper Decorations

Create baby diaper decorations for your shower. Note: no real diapers needed!

Incorporate this diaper decoration idea before new parents get overwhelmed with real diapers!

Decorations & Ideas:
Make faux diapers out from white felt. This is a great alternative to decorating with real diapers.

You’ll need several pieces of white felt and small diaper pins. Cut the felt into 3-inch squares. Fold this piece into a diaper shape, and attach sides with diaper pins. If diaper pins are not available, just use small safety pins. Place these diaper decorations on your serving table and around your party area.


Use white napkins or cloth diapers instead of white felt. Mom can get the cloth diapers afterwards.

My thoughts:

Creating cool baby diaper decoration can boost your shower to baby-chic status!


Money Tree

Consider having a money tree as part of your decor. Cash and gift certificates are the preferred gifts at this shower, and it makes a perfect place to accumulate gift envelopes. Heck, you might even want to flavor your party with a money tree theme!

Decorations & Ideas:
A small tree, either real or artificial, is used for guests to affix envelopes filled with cash or gift certificates. The hostess will need to inform all guests that she prefers only cash or gift certificates.

Shrubs or a tree branch are great substitutes for a money tree. Complete your decor by having small dirt-filled flower pots sprouting dollar bills in the shape of flowers.


It’s vital to coordinate this shower decoration when sending the invitations. Include a small envelope within the invites so guests can discreetly gift whatever amount they choose. Have additional envelopes available on the day of your shower. Have your guests affix their envelopes to your money tree with colored clothes pins.

My thoughts:

Many consider gifting cash to be taboo. I disagree. Guests will know they are giving what the mom-to-be needs most. And this idea eliminates the need to go shopping and wrap a gift!


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