Baby shower invitation ideas and wording

20 Baby Shower Invitation Ideas With Custom Wording

When throwing a shower, you will need creative baby shower invitation ideas to make people show up. Here’s a great list of ideas with custom wordings you can incorporate with the invitation.

Guide to writing invitations

The invitation marks the event. Make a dynamic first impression with our guide to writing invitations!

Invitations offer your entire guest list a first glimpse of the event. Make a great impression by finding creative and unique invitations for your party. A great invitation needs to answer the important questions of who, what, when, where, why and how. Remember to proofread, proofread, proofread! Little details can be easily overlooked.

  • Name of the mother-to-be
  • Hostess name and contact information

A baby shower! This is a good time to designate if there is a theme to the shower. This could affect guests’ attire or gifts. Be sure to indicate if the dress is formal!

  • Date and time
  • If the shower has set hours, be sure to indicate. For example, if the shower is only from 2-4, put it down. The mother-to-be might appreciate a shorter time frame.
  • Location and address
  • If the shower is in a city, we also suggest including directions.
  • For out-of-town guests, hotel or accommodation information could be included.

Guests shouldn’t have to wonder why they’re invited to a shower, but just in case, information about the upcoming delivery could be included. For example, “Anne is due on November 20th. Let’s celebrate!”


This is a good space to include any additional information, perhaps if guests are expected to bring anything in addition to a gift. You should also let guests know what kind of food will be served – a meal, light snacks or desserts? You don’t want guests to leave hungry!

An example:

Baby on the Way: Let’s Celebrate!

A baby shower for Anne!

Friday, November 2. 6-8 pm.
464 W. Lakeview. Parking available on the street.

Join us for our Hawaiian baby shower, complete with an Oahu-style barbecue. Come hungry, leave happy!


Baby Shower Invitation Ideas & Wording

Invitations using textured paper

Simple invitations can be just as cute as their more sophisticated counterparts. It has beautifully textured paper.


Put your computer print paper away. It’s time to splurge and get some great textured paper!

Creating the invitation:

Head to your boutique paper supply store and pick up textured papers. There are many textured paper styles available. Our favorites are corrugated ones containing specks of fiber or a sprinkle of gold.


Many artisans create handmade paper. These papers have a thick and fiber-like texture. Be creative and try invitations.

Invitation wording & poems:

Less is more. Stick to the basics here to focus on the paper. Too much text will distract from the beauty of it.

My thoughts:

A textured paper invitation will make a classy introduction to a fantastic shower. These invitations are frame-worthy!


Ducky baby shower invitations

Your guests will soon find out this is not just any cute little duck. Lifting ducky’s wing reveals a poem and the shower information.

You need to cut a yellow poster board and shape it in the silhouette of a rubber duck. The Ducky has an attached wing which can be lifted to reveal all the party details.
Creating the invitation:

Cut 4-6 inch duck silhouettes from yellow poster board. From its scraps, cut wing shapes with a small extension which can be folded over and attached to the duck. With colored pencils, color in the beak and make a little ducky face. Write the shower details with a poem under the ducky’s wing.


You lower the costs by printing your invite on ducky paper.

My thoughts:

Along with rubber duck invitations, this invite is perfect for a ducky theme. Anyone interested in the arts and crafts should love this.


The ‘photograph’ invitations

This invitation idea will put smiles on all the faces of your guests. This original ‘photo’ print is sure to be remembered!

9 out of 10 experts agree; this is the only invitation suitable for framing!

The idea behind this is to take a picture of the mother-to-be presenting the information of time, place, etc. Guests will open the invitation, see the honoree, and get all the necessary information, all in the photograph!
Creating the invitation:

Your can illustrate your info in many ways. Consider using poster board, a menu or large sign. Include the necessary shower info; the time, location, the theme and contact information. Use a digital camera and snap several photos of the mother-to-be holding the information. Instantly review the photos to ensure you’ve captured all the necessary info! Send the photo to your guest list, sans card!


Guests may enjoy a funny picture of the honoree you snapped. Your photo could include mom in a car holding a hospital bag as if she’s on her way to the hospital. Include dad in the picture, posing as if he’s in a hurry. If you choose this alternative option, you can also print the shower information on the back of the photo.

My thoughts:

This idea is excellent to get away from generic, store-bought invitations. Have a little fun!


Diaper invitations

A baby diaper invitation will make a great invite for your guests, whether or not diapers are used in your theme.

You can make a diaper invite in many ways. The most commons are to cut it in the shape of a diaper. Some others choose to decorate a regular invitation with little diapers. Both invites are perfect for those wishing to throw a diaper baby shower.
Creating the invitation:

Creating it is simple. Those creating a diaper silhouette will simply need to cut a diaper shape from suitable card stock. You’ll be able to find the perfect paper at your local arts and crafts store. One can decorate accordingly with colored pencils. Those adhering little diapers to a standard invite can also cut small diaper shapes from a card stock.


Alternatively, you can write the message on a real baby diaper. Disposable diapers make a much better choice for this variation since it is much easier to write on plastic. And plastic diapers are much less expensive. Make sure to use a marker especially made for writing on plastic!

Invitation wording & poems:

Bibs and bottles, diapers & pins,
Come and celebrate as a new life begins!

My thoughts:

Few items are as closely related to babies as the baby diaper. The baby diaper invitation is a classic one and is perfect when your shower is themed around baby diapers.


Baby bib invitations

The baby bib invitation can come in its classic form or be done with the twist.

The baby bib invitation is perfect for boy or girl showers, or if the gender is not yet known.

Typically, you can make it by cutting the silhouette of a baby bib out of paper. It is then placed in an envelope and mailed to guests. Include wording on the envelope such as ‘Important baby shower info inside!’. Check out the variation below for a twist on this invite!
Creating the invitation:

You’ll need sheets of paper and colored pencils for this invite. Cut the paper into the shape of bibs. Decorate accordingly with colored pencils. Little sketches of baby items in the lower right corner will be a favorite.


For those looking to make a significant impact with their invites, the invitation wording could be screen printed onto an actual baby bib! The baby bib would need to suitable for screen printing. A cotton bib would work for this. A terry cloth bib would not.

Invitation wording & poems:

Diapers and bottles, bibs and more
That’s what Baby Showers are for!

My thoughts:

We love the idea to have the invitation screen printed on an actual baby bib! We encourage anyone creating such an invite to send us a picture to be displayed on Maggwire!


Bun in the oven invitations

The classic phrase ‘bun in the oven’ becomes an invitation. This invite is perfect for any shower.

What invitation do you send when mommy has a bun in the oven? This one, of course!

Your guests will receive an invitation which looks like an oven. The invitation inside is themed with buns and announces who has a bun in the oven and when it is time to celebrate.
Creating the invitation:

Get invitations which are more square in size than rectangular. These envelopes will be easier to make look like an oven. Using colored pencils, make the backside of the envelope look like an oven.

This announcement is typically made one of two ways. Tan cardboard stock can be used to create to look like a bun. Since it can be an obstacle to making something look easily recognizable as a bun, we suggest using a white crayon to make a ‘hot cross bun.’ A regular invitation can include a picture or clipart of a bun.


One could include a recipe for making buns along with the invitation. This would be exceptionally fitting for a long distance baby shower.

Invitation wording & poems:

A bun is in the oven, a new bundle of joy
The baking will soon be over, be it a girl or a boy!

My thoughts:

Many invitations are closely related to a theme. This invite would be an exception, as a ‘bun in the oven’ theme would is relatively uncommon. We consider this a great invite for a shower without a theme.


Baby bottle invitations

Who wants to be ordinary, anyways? Send them in a baby bottle!

Do your guests deserve more than an invitation stuffed in an envelope? Then send theirs in a baby bottle. This unique invite will certainly to make a splash on the scene.

This is as simple as it sounds. An invitation is placed in a baby bottle. The baby bottle is then addressed and stamped. Of course, you’ll want to give your invite a little pizzazz. Decorative ribbon can accompany the invitation inside the bottle. Consider finding bottle with a pink or blue lid if you know the baby’s gender.
Creating the invitation:

You’ll need to purchase a clear baby bottle for every invite, adhesive labels, stamps, and decorative ribbon. Using a clear bottle will ensure your guests understand there is a message inside. You’ll need to create 8 inches by 5-inch invitations. Roll them into tight curls, tie them with ribbon and slide into the bottle. You’ll need to print the addresses on printing labels (such as Avery labels). Make sure to purchase adhesive postal stamps since the lickable kind may not adhere to the bottle.


Since your honoree has the best use of the bottles, find games where the invites are encouraged to bring the bottle back to the shower. Curl the game pieces along with the invitation.

Invitation wording & poems:

We can’t keep it bottled up any longer
[Mother’s NAME] is having a baby!
Please join us!
[Date] and [time]

My thoughts:

A baby bottle invitation is a great idea and will tell your guests that the party will also be great.


Rubber duck invitations

Having a rubber duck invite your guests is sure to generate excitement.

Your guests will never forget the day they receive this invite in the mail. You’ll generate plenty of excitement when inviting your guests with a Rubber Duck invitation.

A 2-3 inch yellow rubber duck is sent in a padded mailer. Attached to the duck’s neck is an invitation to the baby shower.
Creating the invitation:

You’ll need to purchase a small 2 inch to 3-inch rubber duck and a padded mailer for every guest in attendance. If you are having a duck themed party, you’ll probably want to purchase more ducks to decorate your party place. Punch a hole in the corner of your invitation and attach it to the duck’s head.


You can adapt this invitation for many themes. For example, a hostess throwing a sports themed shower may dress the duck in mom’s favorite team colors.

Invitation wording & poems:

To [mom’s name] this duck invites you,
friends and fun await to excite you.
We hope to see you on this baby shower date,
Paddle on over, don’t hesitate!

My thoughts:

This invite is perfect for a ducky baby shower. Make sure the message is firmly attached to the duck’s neck, so it is not lost during packaging, shipping, or unwrapping.


Baby girl invitations

If your lil honoree is known to be a girl, consider sending these specific invitations to announce the baby’s gender. Here’s a great baby girl showers invitation.

Chances are, your guests will be women. Delve into all things feminine and create something lacy, pink, frilly and lovely!
Creating the invitation:

Many items will make your invitation scream “girl.” Try decorating a blank invitation with lace, glitter, ribbon, lip prints, hearts, ballerinas, princesses or unicorns. Stick with pinks, purples, and reds.


The color scheme of pink and black is surprisingly feminine.

Invitation wording & poems:

We love the expression – “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.”

My thoughts:

This invitation goes well with our princess theme.


Trial sample invitations

Guests receive an invitation and a foretaste of the theme when they receive trial sample invitations.

This invitation idea is perfect for many themes. Get guests in the partying mood with a taste of the party!

Trial size samples of products closely related to a particular theme are attached to the shower invitations. Examples of themes and a closely-related trial size include:
  • Baby diaper shower theme – a packet of diaper ointment
  • Baby bath shower theme – a hotel-sized bath soap
  • Cookie theme – a small pack of Famous Amos cookies.
Creating the invitation:

Using a hot glue gun, attach your trial sample onto any invitation. It’s that easy to make a big impression! You’ll want to send your invitations in bubble wrapped envelopes.


For larger trial samples, create your invitation on a scroll and attach to the product with decorative ribbon.

Invitation wording & poems:

Here’s a small sample, it’s just a taste you can see.
We hope you can make it, to [mom-to-be’s name] baby shower party!

My thoughts:

You’ll want to avoid trial samples that have excessive advertising. And keep the price of postage in mind. You wouldn’t want to blow all of your budget on invitations!


Classic white invitations

If you prefer a straight to the point, no-frills invitation, consider this chic invitation idea.

The high-quality paper marked with calligraphy is used for this chic invite. You’ll be inviting your guests in style!
Creating the invitation:

Buy blank invitation-sized note cards. To make these invites stand out, have a calligrapher print your shower information onto the card.


Use a word processor to print your invites in any variety of handwritten fonts (also called ‘script’ fonts). There are many font options available in Microsoft Word. You’ll find one you’ll love.

Invitation wording & poems:

Too many words will lessen the impact of your calligraphy or font. Stick to basic information to eliminate excess wording. Focus on the beautiful paper.

My thoughts:

Sometimes less is more. We love the simplicity of this invitation.


Clothesline invitations

Onesies hang on a clothesline, each containing a message for your shower guests.

This invitation idea is cute for any shower, but ideal for those using a clothesline baby shower theme.

A cute baby onesie, cut out from white tag board, dangles from a yarn ‘clothes line’. The shower details are written on the onesie. The background for the clothes line is light blue poster board or paper printed with clouds.
Creating the invitation:

Find paper printed with clouds or light blue paper. Glue a piece of yarn across the width of the paper. Cut the silhouette of a onesie from white poster board. Write the shower details on your onesie. Glue this onesie to the yarn. Cut out rectangular strips in the shape of clothes pins and ‘pin’ your onesie to the clothes line!


Just ‘pinning’ a sheet of paper to your clothes line will be just as cute. And it will be a time saver!

Invitation wording & poems:

A ‘clothes line’ baby shower is being thrown in [Mother’s NAME] honor!

Join us in helping her put baby clothes on the clothes line
[Date] and [time]

My thoughts:

The design maternity clothes activity is also fitting for this shower. Pin your creations on the clothes line!


Ribbon invitations

Creating beautiful and simple invitations from ribbon will mark the event with grandeur.

Ribbons are stylish and classic. Decorating your invitation with ribbons will create a sophisticated and classy invite. This invite weaves a strand of ribbon into the card creating a unique invite with exceptional eye appeal.
Creating the invitation:

You’ll need a plain invitation on high-quality paper, thin ribbon in your choice of color (no more than 1/2 inch wide) and an Exacto knife. Using the Exacto knife, make four vertical slits in which to weave the ribbon. The slits will need to be a bit longer than the width of your ribbon.

Starting on the inside of the invitation, weave the ribbon through the slits in your card. Apply a small amount of glue to the back of each ribbon end, attaching it to the paper.


A ribbon could be used to make a bow for the invitation. Simply punch two tiny holes in the card in which to tie the ribbon and bow.

Invitation wording & poems:

A baby shower with ribbons and bows
A beautiful bundle with ten fingers and toes.

My thoughts:

This very simple invitation idea looks harder to make than it is. Try it – you may surprise yourself!


Baby shower event tickets

It’s opening night for your mom to be. And the guests deserve nothing but the best invites for this event. Ticket invites are perfect for sports or theater themed showers.

There’s nothing like receiving tickets to your favorite event. Let your guests anticipate the upcoming shower by giving them shower invitations that look like event tickets!

Create an invitation similar to the type of ticket appearing at sporting and theater events.

These invitations are perfect for a Hollywood or a sports themed shower.

Creating the invitation:

An event ticket can be created with a basic level of graphic arts software, software like PhotoShop. A typical guest list will have plenty of Friends or family with this level of experience. The invite can also be created by sketching the ticket on paper and photocopying.


Good graphic artists could create a little oval and include a picture of the mom to be!

Invitation wording & poems:

Here is your ticket,
to a major event.
There’s a shower for [Mom’s name] upcoming baby,
You’ll be glad you went!

My thoughts:

This invite is one of our all-time favorites. It’s unique and will sure get everyone’s attention.


Teddy bear invitations

Teddy bears make great invitations, especially when your shower is themed with bears!

This invite has always been popular. Let this teddy bear tell your guests about your big event.

This invitation is typically your standard ‘invitation in an envelope’. The envelope can be stenciled with bear related items such as a bee hive with bees. The invitation itself can be cut in the contour of a bear.

Teddy bear invitations are relatively common and can be purchased at many of your larger party favor stores.

Creating the invitation:

If making these invitations yourself, you’ll need brown construction paper and a black pen or felt-tipped marker. Trace the contour of the bear onto the construction paper and cut into the silhouette of a bear. Then trace in the bear’s eyes and nose with the marker.


One can improve the invitation by attaching a small packet of honey to the invitation. These little packets can be obtained from many internet retailers.

Invitation wording & poems:

They’re expecting a baby, a new bundle of joy.
They can bear-ly wait, be it a girl or a boy!

My thoughts:

Since these invitations can commonly be found at a party store, they are the perfect invite for the hostess without much time for party planning.


Personalized postage stamps

Any invitation can be made a conversation piece when you create personalized postage stamps. And yes, they are real U.S. postage!

Throwing the perfect shower often lies in the smallest of details. One such detail is the postage put on your invitations. Creating postage stamps with the mug of your honoree is a sure-fire way to take your party to the next level. Let me give you the details.

About the postage stamps:

The postage stamp appears to be like any other. But wait, that isn’t a president or a famous American. That’s your honoree on the stamp! You won’t be able to find these stamps at your local post office!

Creating the invitation:

At a minimum, you will need a picture of your honoree, an internet connection and a credit card for this project. The image will need to be in an electronic format such as .jpg, .gif or .bmp format. There are many online sites which allow you to upload the photo. Once you’ve paid the nominal fee with your credit card, the services will create the stamps and mail them to you. Links to many of these sites can be found on this page.

Select a photo with a relatively close up of your mom-to-be. Remember that personalized postage stamps come in portrait or landscape sizes. Your photo selection and invitation may necessitate using either a portrait or landscape size.


For those having a theme, you may want to have a picture of your mom within this theme. Those having a ducky shower may want to have the expectant mother holding a plastic duck. If you are unable to secure a picture of the mother to be, you may simply want to use a picture of a rubber duck.

Invitation wording:

Since the size of the stamp is quite small, it is unlikely you’ll be able to fit any text onto it.

My thoughts:

Sending an invitation with personalized postage is the perfect way to spruce up an ordinary showers invite. Everyone will love this idea!


Music CD invitations

Your guests will be jamming to the same tunes before they arrive at your shower.

This invite requires more effort than most. But for devout audiophiles, this will be a labor of love.

In addition to paper shower invitations, include a music CD with songs for your guests to listen to as they commute to the party. Your guests will be whistling the same tune before they get to the baby shower!
Creating the invitation:

Find songs online or from your CD collection which will help establish your shower’s theme. Assemble a play order for your songs and burn your playlist onto a CD for every guest. Create a neat ‘baby shower’ CD jacket for the jewel case and your tunes are ready to be sent. Encourage guests to listen to the CD as they drive to the shower.


Play music outside your party location for guests to enjoy while parking their cars and approaching the party pad.

Invitation wording & poems:
  • This music CD will get you in the mood as you travel in your car.
  • A shower is being thrown in [mom-to-be’s name] honor
  • Friends and family will be visiting from afar.
My thoughts:

The best baby showers establish a mood and theme at the earliest possible time. This music CD invitation idea sets the mood before your guests arrive!


Plastic egg shower invitations

We’d love to meet the ducks, geese or chickens that lay these plastic egg shower invitations.

Party details are printed out, folded and placed in a plastic egg. This is the perfect invite for a Mother Goose or farm animal theme.
Creating the invitation:

You’ll simply need to pick up plastic eggs at your nearest party supply or craft store. Print out invitations and fold into a small rectangle. Stuff your egg into a padded envelope, including a bit of green plastic grass to nest your egg.


Write the shower details, the address and attach a stamp to a real chicken egg. Place in a mailbox. (Okay, we’re kidding)

Invitation wording & poems:

This little egg announces
An upcoming bundle of joy.
Come help [mom-to-be’s name] celebrate
Her arriving girl or boy.

My thoughts:

It’s not everyday one receives a plastic egg invitation in the mail. You will get your guest’s attention!


Vintage photo invitations

There’s something nostalgic and alluring about vintage photography. Generate a great invitation by using some of your favorite old pics of family or friends.

This invitation combines old with new. Vintage photographs are set on decorative paper.
Creating the invitation:

Scour antique or vintage shops, estate or auction sales for old photos for vintage baby pictures. Or consider getting out the family photo albums to find pictures of mom and dad. Make copies of a single image or use different pictures for each invitation. Fold the paper in halves or fourths, and attach the photo.


Create a vintage looking card and use a modern photograph of pregnant mom or something within the shower theme.

Invitation wording & poems:

Include a retro saying on the inside of the invitation. Consider “Golly, what a lovely day – a baby is on the way!” or “Dick and Jane are having a baby!”

My thoughts:

Make new memories with these beautiful reminders of the past. We love the idea of using mom and dad’s baby pictures in the invitation.


Baby boy invitations

If you’re welcoming a baby boy into the world, do it up right and create a delightfully boyish invitation.

It combines all the typical baby boy themes of the color blue, toys, animals, and mischief!
Creating the invitation:

One shade of blue paper will be layered and attached to the other. The top sheet of blue paper will need to be 1/2 inch narrower on each side, so cut accordingly.

Next, browse your favorite children’s storybooks for pictures of boys, animals or toys. Make color copies of your favorite pages. Paste these images to your invitation.

Some of our favorite storybook boys are Christopher Robbin, Peter Pan, and Mowgli from the Jungle Book. We also love the classic Little Golden Books series (The Poky Little Puppy, Pat the Bunny, The Shy Little Kitten, etc.)


A cartoon baby face could be drawn or sketched, color copied and attached to the invite.

Invitation wording & poems:

Snakes, snails, and puppy-dog tails – we’re celebrating a new baby boy!

My thoughts:

Stick with the invitation theme and decorate your shower space similarly.


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