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The Best Games for a Casino-Themed Birthday Party

If you want to inject a touch of glamor and pizzazz into an upcoming adult birthday party, you cannot go wrong with a casino-themed event.

However, you will need more than Las Vegas-style decorations if you want to wow your guests, as you can trust they expect to play various games that they would typically find in the likes of Sin City’s Bellagio or Mandalay Bay.

To ensure you don’t disappoint your guests, here are the best games to offer at a casino-themed birthday party.


If the birthday boy or girl can’t visit Sin City on their big day, why not bring it to them by hosting a glamorous casino-themed birthday party? With more than 42.9 million visiting Southern Nevada every year, it is fair to say every guest would jump at the chance to attend a Vegas-style adult birthday party.

And though you could offer a wide variety of fun casino games that keep your guests entertained, there is one game every guest expects at the party, and that is poker. However, consider the different variations to choose from, such as Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha Hi-Lo or Seven-card stud — or set up different tables to ensure your guests don’t have to wait in line for their turn.

You would also be wise to encourage guests to brush up on the basic poker rules so they will have a greater chance of winning at a table.


Blackjack is another staple card game every guest expects to find at a casino-themed birthday party. It is a firm favorite with gamblers, as players reportedly have a statistical average over the house. Plus, it is a game that requires every player to battle against the dealer, instead of each other. You can guarantee disappointed guests if you don’t provide this fun card game at a glamorous casino party.

To play blackjack, you will need to beat the dealer by receiving a hand that is as close to 21 as possible but not over. You also rely on the dealer to go bust or place down a lower hand than yours on the table.


Shot Roulette

If you want to ensure your guests have a considerable amount of fun at a casino-themed birthday party, you should look no further than shot roulette. It is a fun twist on the classic game of roulette that you would find in the world-famous casinos. However, rather than winning money, your guests spin the wheel, and whichever number their ball lands in, they need to drink an associated shot.

Follow these tips to play shot roulette as an example:

  1. Fill shot glasses with different alcoholic drinks.
  2. Spin the wheel.
  3. Drop a roulette ball onto the spinning wheel.
  4. Once a ball lands on a number, a player needs to drink the associated shot.
  5. If a shot glass is empty, they are lucky enough to miss a turn.

It is a fun game that ensures everyone laughs aloud throughout the party.


While the likes of blackjack and poker require a great deal of skill, craps, also known as table craps or casino craps, is a game based on sheer luck. As a result, those who aren’t afraid to take a few risks at a casino are likely to jump at the chance to play a game of craps, with the hope of rolling a lucky number seven. Craps aren’t only great for players, either, as onlookers should also be free to place wagers against each other.

Chase the Ace

While you will not find Chase the Ace at most casinos, it is a fun game that is ideal for those who lack next-to-no skills when playing card games. As a result, it’s a fun, easy game to play for those who don’t feel brave enough to tackle the likes of blackjack or Texas Hold ‘em poker at a table.

To master the game, you need to move the ace-card around the table to ensure you are not left with the lowest card, as aces are low, and kings are high. There will be plenty of thrills along the way, as there will always be a risk of encountering the ace each time you change your card.


No casino-themed party is complete until you have played a game of baccarat, which is one of the oldest games featured in casinos across the world. It is also James Bond’s favorite card game, too, as probably remember seeing it in “Casino Royale,” “Dr. No” and “GoldenEye.” Thanks to Bond’s preference for baccarat, it is now one of the most popular card games in the world and can add a touch of class and style to any casino-themed event, including a birthday bash.

However, you need more luck than skill to master the iconic game, as it is a game based on chance. Baccarat is also a little similar to blackjack, as the winning hand needs to have the closest value to nine, and every card will have a specific value.

As the game centers on luck alone, and it is impossible to predict the hand dealt, it has become popular with many high rollers who rely solely on their instinct to win big.

If you’re planning a cool casino-themed party this year, you would be smart to incorporate the above card games into an event, which ensures every guest has a fun, exciting time from start to finish.

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